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07/15/2015 - 08:33 1.052j-bis

Same as 1.052j, but repacked to avoid antivirus false-positive

07/07/2015 - 05:10 1.052j

Fix xp counter.
Now paragon table is directly read from memory instead of copy/paste from innacurate sources on the web.

07/06/2015 - 08:09 1.052i

- fix login error (dll missing)
- Xp counter works until paragon 2000

Note: Any script written prior to 1.052h AND using move skills require an update

07/05/2015 - 15:03 1.052h

Warning: Keybdings have been refactored to allow auto detection. For now Set "Force Move" to "c"


Bounties: Fixed Old ruin, scavenger den
Ghom: Removed
Bounties: A4: OohTash has moved to Gardens of Hope 3
Whimsyshire: Deleted non functionnal setting (BreakOnUnique)
Whirmsyshire: FastMode is deactivated when waiting for the cow king to appear
Rift: Now has an MinGreaterRiftLevel option
Ubers: Realms runs have been reworked. Should now wait at least 2.5 seconds after it detected that there is no monster alive anymore
Uber: Keys: Now has a KeysChoice option
Rifts: Urshi: Way slower: If it doesn't fix it, change computer :O (known issue: from time to time, bot still selects the wrong gem)
Bounties: All acts: Engine now supports FastMode for Kill X/X monster type bounties (a2 appears to have some bugs about reading X/X from memory)
Bounties: Fixed putried waters, Garrach, Stanger In Need, Eastern Channel
Bounties: Better CP generation in southern highland

General :

Keybdings have been refactored to allow auto detection. For now Set "Force Move" to "c"
New mouse move DLL
Gizmo 2.2: Fixed an issue where you could die around a 2.2 gizmo and never revive
LocalRun: Fixed an issue leading to permanent LocalRun (around a cursed shrine/chest)
Salvage: Salvage all at once is back if you're going to salvage all blue/yellow/white items
Overlay: Statistics  redesign
Overlay: Reduced pointing line thickness and added a pointing circle (next step will be to display something better than a simple circle)
F5 is now used to stop the bot after the current run
Cursed shrines/chests are now handled with realtive patrol around them (doesn't work when FastMode is on)
Fixed low of hope
Bot now keeps rift keys + trial keys in inventory to prevent "there and back again" effect by Bilbot
Description: Fixed bounties A1, 2, 3 + Goblins are elite
Navigation: Improved straight line detection (used overall, expect smoother movement)
Corpses are not considered obstacles once interacted. Expect smoother movement (they actually don't break straight line algorithm any more)
Engine: Fixed a non CP generation after a cursed quest
Avoidance: Calculation is now made in a separate thread. Let us know if you notice any difference
AABB system: non clickable areas have been enlarged

Custom script:

Custom script: Added movement types. I.e: any custom scripts can now handle several "move" actions + each "move" action has a move type (Walk, Approach, Evade) and min/max distance settings. 

  • Walk = use for normal walk (no monster, nothing of interesting around, just moving)
  • Approach = use when approaching something of interest (monster, gizmo, item)
  • Evade = use when avoiding a danger

Skills casting: Click is maintained until the spell is effectively cast.
Strafe: Rework =>
Added script logs for moves


Gamling settings: fixed description for GambleShardsMin
Global settings: LootArchive is not an option anymore. It's forced to true
Global settings: Has now a debug option to toggle move actions display
Global settings: LootCorpses option
Global setting: RepairDurabilityPercernt: Fixed a typo


Fixed an issue leading to staff of cow to be wrongly classified as salvageable


FleeAwayFromFight: fixed an issue when trying to loot an item within the range of a  non visible monster would have the bot to wait forever
FleeAwayFromFight: fixed morlu meteors

Known issues:

FastModeTolerance is not working anymore like you're used to it

05/25/2015 - 12:04 1.052b

Compatiblity with patch 2.2.1

Known issues:
- one bounty at least act 4 is not targetting the correct map
- we've 2 maps that are not handled properly in rifts (one of them is based on Stinging winds maps)

05/04/2015 - 16:09 1.051g

General : Fixed WW skill interruption

05/04/2015 - 14:53 1.051f

This version mainly aims at trying to fix the problem at Urshi (double upgrade only)
It's a shot in the dark since we haven't been able to reproduce the problem. We hope it fixes it

Sequence: Bounties: A2: Fixed Eastern channel + Putried water
General: fixed law of hope
General: Fixed mouse clicks. This may fix the x2 upgrade only gem issue

Known issue: channelling skills may seem interrupted. We know where this is from and it had already been fixed for upcoming versions

04/26/2015 - 13:47 1.051e

General: Sequence: Rift: Fixed a GUI string still reffering to FastModeKillElites
General: Fixed an issue with Core of Arreat map
General: Supposely fixed an issue where fast moving builds (like dashing strike based builds) has an issue with teleporting back to town

Custom script: WW usage has been reworked

Pickit: Fixed Nat weapon issue + other issues leading to bot salvaging/selling the wrong way
Pickit: Added logs (logs now state which pickit filter has been used for each item)

04/22/2015 - 13:47 1.051d

Note: we recommend you delete your <My documents>/ros-bot folder before launching this new version

Compatible with patch 2.2
Implements new 2.2 bounties
Handles new 2.2 goblin types

Introduces v2 pickits
Introduces new density concepts

Overlay: Radial density actions are now displayed in the script box
Overlay: Name of the script is displayed on top of the script box
Overlay: Overlay: display
Overlay: Ellipses modification

General: Gambling: Removed the software cap of 500 bloodshards max.
General: Added new legendary gems for season 3
General: AABB: Fixed communities & friend list buttons
General: Now catching errors at startup (may help some "I can't launch ros-bot people)
General: Supposely fixed the naeloob crash
General: Added rainbow goblins
General: Fixed minimap marker bug (the one that made your char go back and forth when entering a rift/grift)

Sequence: Rift: Potentially fixed Urshi exception
Sequence: Rifts: fix permanent vendor loop while waiting for portal to close
Sequence: UberKeys: Bot now breaks when warden is detected as dead
Sequence: Rift: Added BreakAtRiftEnd option. Bot can now kill guardian, and keep going until it reaches the stone (tested in normal rifts only, needs feedback in grift)
Sequence: Rift: Fixed Urshi (this guy is a never-ending fix btw....)
Sequence: Rift: Bot is now able to handle scrolling at Urshi
Sequence: Rift: Set MaxTrialWave to 0 to have the bot TPs to town and get level 1 grfit keys
Sequence: Rift: Reworked the trial exit (once MaxTrialWave is reached, bot doesn't wait in the center but moves to the top of the map to hide and wait in a clean way the end of the trial)

Avoidance: FleeAwayFromFight: Fully reworked
Avoidance: Affixes: Added rift guardians special circles
Avoidance: avoidance get desactivated if shield pylon is active
Avoidance: FleeAwayFromFight: Fixed wrong danger classification
Avoidance: monsters avoidance distances are now extra margins (this is important. Now, for both avoidance algorithms, bot avoidance monsters radius is calculated as monster radius + your setting). Affixes still work like previously (i.e. avoidance radius = your setting)

02/10/2015 - 04:31 1.04c

- Fix crash if Urshi panel is closed while Urshi sequence is running
- Fix crash if town portal is not found in town