Rainbow Goblins - Cosmic Wings

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Rainbow Goblins Hunt sequence

Rainbow Goblins Hunt sequence, is just a loop of 3 locations known to have good chances of spawning goblins. Nothing else.
It does not mean:

  • Will attack goblins
  • Will enter rainbow portal
  • Will attack elites
  • Will pickup Cosmic Wings

All these actions are controlled by other settings so if you want to, feel free to use Bounty/Adventure Mode sequences instead if you think that will help your luck of finding the Rainbow goblins.


Attack Goblins

  • Set Goblins' weight to equal or higher than the Density Limit in your Fastmode settings, for bot to actually stop running from A to B and pass priority over to the script's attack actions.
  • Make sure you've enabled FastHunt in Rainbow Goblin Hunt sequence Configuration for it to be able to skip things you don't want to waste time on attacking, like normal mobs and/or minions.
  • Script needs to have attack actions that does not skip Goblins. Depending on the script it may be enough to enable GoblinsAreElite=True in Settings, to start attacking Goblins. If not, you’ll have to edit your current script, or try another script.
  • Caching Goblins make bot remember to run back to them if fighting other things dragged it away. If you’re using Local Profile, this is ON by default. If using a Master Profile, this is changed in the Cache settings of your MP.


Enter Rainbow portal

  • BreakOnWhimsydale=True in Global Settings will make bot stop doing whatever it’s doing and enter the portal, when a Rainbow goblin is killed.
  • Bot will not return and continue after running Whimsydale, it will remake a new game. If running Bounties, as an example.
  • There is the rare occasion of bot not recognizing the fact that there is a portal open and runs away. It should be a rare thing, and nothing you can do anything about.


Target Elites

  • This is necessary if you want the bot to attack the mobs that actually drop those fancy Wings. Follows the same logic as “Attack Goblins” when it comes to Fastmode settings.


Pickup Wings

  • Make sure you run a pickit that picks up and keeps “Item Type: Miscellaneous”.


More info

If you need help understanding concepts like Pickits, Fastmode or Cache settings, check out these other guides:


That's it. Good luck.


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Mon, 10/15/2018 - 14:36

Another usefull guide. Good job

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Thu, 05/23/2019 - 10:14

the routes should be updated in the bot... there are a lot more RBG-Places... 
see my suggestion :)


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Wed, 08/28/2019 - 04:22

Hi all
For people who have done this sequence , how many runs did it take ?

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Sat, 09/07/2019 - 14:56 (Reply to #4)

Ive been doing RBG runs for the past two weeks and no cosmic wings yet.
A few new pets, though...