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Mode to level toons 1-70

Status: Under review

Would be cool if there was a mode (and builds for them) specifically to level characters from 1-70


summary on shut down

Status: Under development

Simple summary of stats like # of stuck, deaths, legendaries, kadala, bounty/rift completed, etc. that I believe show up in the overlay but also placed in the log file when the bot is shut down for people who don't/can't run the overlay.


1.000.000 Crafting Materials in 5 days


Using a new Sequence for Templar Quest farming Weapon Racks

Here is a video explaining everything:


RoS BOT Modern UI Update

Hello, I am a professional UX designer for a big gaming company (not Blizzard), and regularly design products and services, as well as their interfaces, for use by millions of customers.

I love RoS BOT so much, that I...


Scheduled Botting

Status: Under review

Being able to schedule tasks would be a nice addition to the bot.

For instance, you could set the bot to cycle three different tasks and set the number of games it would complete for each task before moving onto the next task, and be able to set a break time between tasks.



Option to upgrade every Rare Gambled Item

A simple checkbox in Gambling Settings: "Upgrade every Rare Gambled Item" using Cube Recipe 3/7 "Upgrade Rare Item" would be nice



Send an alert when a private message comes in

I'd like to recieve an alert when a private message comes in. Some examples of the types of alerts I'd like to be able to recieve include an: audable alert, email message, text message, pushover notification and goto web link. From there I'd like a web API to write a message back and / or...


Prioritize Pylons in Greater Rifts

As it is right now bot will fight mobs, even if there is a power pylon (or any other for that mater) in a middle of the group, and only once he cleared surrounding mobs he will grab the pylon, what is a complete waste.

Make bot prioritize Pylons


SingleHit - New Usage Type for Custom Scripts

I would like to see a Usage Type where the Bot checks if a monster is hit by a specific skill or not
Hit = Ignore this Monster for e.G. 20 seconds (does not work on Rift Guardians)

The main reason for this is to proc (6) Firebird Set (Wizard) and leave them alone, they will take...


One suggestion to avoid them all !!

Status: Under development

Edit 16/04/2015 : crossed Rime circles, please comments if you see other new avoidances.
Edit 20/11/2014 : Added some more traps ...
Edit 9/11/2014 : Added those nasty blood pools from Path of the Drowned in Act V.