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Do not open grifts/rifts just enter

I'd like to see a option, to just join open rifts/grifts in game.
So it doesnt open its own grifts, but join if a party member opens it.


Do not stash gems and gift

Add option to have bot not stash gems and ramaladli gift in your inventory.

Only 1/100 games will have an item that matches a strict pickit worth stashing. However, the bot will spend a trip between the vendor and stash after every game to stash a couple gems. This can add up to...


Necromancer needs to be available on free licenses

It's been enough time don't you think? Why can't you make the only character that requires a premium license available on the free accounts now.


Have a "Drop in town" option for destination.

Pretty much the title. So you can set up the bot to drop certain items on the ground, instead of salvaging or stashing them.



LevelUp legendary gems

The idea is to create another option to level up gems you selected, like "All, exept", so it will prevent to level up that gems with cap limit, so it will improve user experience to manage their profiles.


Follow Another Player

It would be amazing if we could set it to follow another player still launches attack routines but stays within a certain distance of another chosen player.


Sell it

An option to just sell stuff and then the bot stops so we can easily clear out inventory.


Multiple Suggestions for Bot Improvement

1. Please add toggle key(may be some Function key on keyboard) to switch between normal and full overlay on the fly.
2. Please add toggle button on the ROS website for the pickit items, so that we can turn them off and on without needing to delete the line items and again add them with...


Stop cache of progress globes once Warden has arrived

seems pretty common sense
also: clear cache after Warden died ie my bot still zipping around opening doors