There will be performing a major maintenance operation on friday night (Europe time).
It is planned so that bots keep running, but clearly the site will be taken down for a few hours.


This means no script edition, no coins purchase, no forum, no license renew etc... for a few hours.


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ive noticed that the bot doesnt go into the circle that the occulus leaves on the ground for added damage


Scripts Improvements

Would you consider making a new system for the scripts?
Maybe being able to create the script from the bot client, and making the changes on the fly avoiding to go to the website eache time you want to modify the script in order to save time and see the changes the fastest way possible....


Bounty Quest exclution

Hey my suggestion for a (in my eyes great) feature would be:

To make it possible for me to exclude some bountys for the bot - like to add it to a "blacklist". For example I would like to add "kill malthael" to that list so that if i let do the bot A5 Bountys it would leave the game...


HUD suggestion

Any way to make that new and much improved info tab under your character icon either stay on after bot stops or maybe store that info here or locally? I run my bot at either 6 or 8 hour clips (because playing 12 or 16 hours a day is more realistic to Blizz than 24 <sarcasm> ) and would...


Farm Bounty mats equal to the highest amount

Mostly we miss out on a5 bounty's when running all 25 bounty's solo. Could be nice that it could act like hellfire amulet Mats that we get equal mats. Example: when act 1/2/3/4 got 88 mats and act 5 got 44 that it does 2 finished games of act 5 to make the mats equal.


XP Pool meter in ui

Could it be possible to get a pool meter in the ui? Could be nice for season/lower para to see what's the best gr is.

example: 1 GR equals 0,34% pool. This way we know it's the best gr for season to do 1/3's

also for high para it could be nice to see after how much games the pools...


Pickit deleting

Can you somehow make it easier to delete Pickits and other thins suc has avoidances settings and so on,

It would be nice to make the account management a bit easier


win not run ros(3.403)........................ please fix.

win7 not run ros(3.403)........................ please fix.
win7 not run ros(3.403)........................ please fix.


F1-F8 functions keys invalid

Some times, i execute rosBot application,  after i press this start key, it does work ,but other keys are invalided


WIN7 64位使用不了

WIN7 64位使用不了