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Linked pickit rules

Linked pick rules.
Large pickits are slow to edit/update and is overall cumbersome when they get to big.
Sure, it's not something you do every day but it would be awesome if we could create a "base" pickit with all the default stuff and then prepend that list with other pickits....





Kanai's Cube - Extract Legendary Powers before salvaging items

Learn the power before salvaging unknown items.  

Use Kanai's cube to autoextract each item in your inventory not on your save pickit list assuming you have the extract legendary powers recipe items (e.g., Khandram Rune x1, Caldeum Nithshadec x1, Arreat War Tapestry x1, Corrupted Angle...


Gem upgrades - attempting to upgrade gems with 0% chance


I see bot tries to upgrade lvl 150gems sometimes when doing speeds (110), even if low lvl gems are available. This must be a bug :)


Do you have any plan to add Virtual mouse/keyboard support to Windows 10 builds 1909

Do you have any plan to add Virtual mouse/keyboard support to Windows 10 builds  1909


Armory: Include cubed items in checking algorithm

Currently, it seems ros-bot only changes armory when there is a physical EQ piece different. It does not seem to care about cube affixes.
Would be cool to integrate that!


Add a targeting option for targeting nearest density match or farthest

Right now density/circular and other density settings are base on finding the furthest most "sum value" of mob weights.

It would be really nice if there were a density option to target the closest density match instead of the furthest.

I know of partial workarounds that have to...


Create an option for "Only use in Fast Mode"

Often I'd like to run bounties with the fear movement speed +60% ring to run right to the correct destination.  However, if it's used in fast mode, mobs tend to run and hide in the corners where the bot doesn't seem to look for them, causing failed bounty runs.

There are other cases as...


Virtual mouse/keyboard support

Do you have any plan to add Virtual mouse/keyboard support to Windows 10 Version 2004?


Set Dungeons And Legendary Gems

Hello! was wondering if Set dungeons would be a thing that could be added in the list
could be a cool thing too be added to get the '' Set '' wings :)

Also that you can change to level up specific gems insteed of all/equiped
for exampel 3 other gems not equiped.