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Bug-fix: Missing "Bone Spirit Damage %" on PickIt Filter Dropdown Menus

PickIt Bug-fix opportunity!

PickIt Filters Properties Dropdowns are missing some values.

Current Behavior:

PickIt > Filter(s) > (Required/Optional) Properties Dropdown Menu > Missing Skill: "Bone Spirit Damage %"



Show Which Settings are Being Used in Master Profiles

On the bot profiles tab in the sidebar, it'd be kinda helpful to have a way to see which cache/global/fast/avoidance settings are being used in a master profile on your account.
Would make it easier to clean up, and only keep the ones that I actually need.


send AUTOMATIC BUG REPORT if X happens

i want to send report bugs, but it is very TEDIOUS to fill all boxes over and over and over because there are many bugs not just a few
please make it easier to send logs, the process could to be waaaaaay smoother
every time user presses F7 take a screenshot, whilst respecting the...


Hit Pylon ASAP

Is there a possibility to configure the BOT so that the character hits the Pylon as soon as it is in his field of view?

I searched all the settings; but I couldn't find it.





Add Transalations

I suggest to start adding more languages such as Spanish, I would help make the translations if this gets approved. Some web pages make an excel for translations and make people work on it (idea)


Bot leveling Paragon automaticly


i'd love to have a feature where i can say "Bot should level X Stats in Tier1, X Stats in Tier2" ect with priority. So my bot buffs himself up every level up. Your thought?


Bounty hunting issues. (Very repetitive)

Hi, I am a Korean gamer.
ROS-bot is a very good program. But there are some problems.
There are several bugs in the bounty hunt.

Although not all confirmed, there is an error that occurs repeatedly.

1. If you run all of Acts 1 through 5, you leave the room...

Instead Of Rift For Pools

Instead of having bot doing rift for pools, if I have a bunch of keys stacked up I think it would be very convenient for the bot to either use cow sticks, or craft them then use with cow sticks having a promised amount of 2 pools.



   在 (Object )
   在 ⾷⾹⾮⿐⾴⿐⾵⿅⾼⾹⿁⿐⾷⾿⾬⾶⿒⿁⾳⾸⾬⾷⾷⿓⿄⿏⿄⾮⿄⾰‮.⿊⿊⿒⿃⾵⾰⾵⿑⿏⿀⿉⾯⾻⿓⾸⾸⾶⾮⾿⿍⿁⾬⿃⿃⾿⾯⿅⿐⾰⾱‮(⿊⿀⿅⾳⾯⿄⾯⿎⿎⾲⿎⾭⿄⾯⿓⿅⾷⾱⾺⾿⾮⾯⾯⾮⿌⾳⾬⿑⿌⾺‮ , ⾱⾿⿐⿏⿇⿑⾸⿋⾼⾴⾵⾹⿏⿅⾿⾵⾬⾿⿃⿆⿔⾸⿉⿐⾯⾱⾲⿐⿂⾶‮ )
   在 ⿐⾲⿏⾵⿎⿃⿅⿃⿈⾯⿍⿂⿅⾬⾻⾭⾴⾵⾰⿅⾳⾲⿓⾭⿀⾿⿂⾷⾻⿑‮.⾶⿑⾻⾯⿆⿀⿑⿑⾷⿀⿃⿃⿍⿒⾶⿒⾮⾬⿇⾱⾳⾵⾳⿍⾮⾱⾵⾮⾻⾯‮.⾰⿋⾽⾬⾸⿇⾹⿑⿐⾽⾱⿁⾯⿐⿍⾵⾽⿁⾺⾴⿃⾰⿍⾯⿋⿃⿇⾴⾳⾸‮()...