Different armory slots for bounties (bosses and the rest)

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Tue, 12/03/2019 - 03:48 #1

Hi Guys!
I love your work. The functionality with the armory for different tasks is great. Since I can bot rifts as a multi-shot DH with gold gear + breath-set and GR as Impale, the DH has become even stronger in my eyes as Bot-Char.

However, it lacks a bit with the bounties. As impale the trash does not have enough HP and the impale is very quickly helpless without resources. The multi-shot, however, often loses against the bosses, because there is no gold dropped and thus the required tenacity is gone.

Could you program the bot to do the five act bosses as impale (armory slot x) and the rest as multi shot (slot y) in bounties? This would allow all classes to use a single-target build for the bosses and a quick build for the rest, and efficiency in bounties would likely skyrocket.
Greetings from Germany