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Different Bot Profiles

Status: Done

This suggestion is about Different Bot Profiles!

Ever botted with another char?
Then those are the things you painfully changed manually:

  • Changed the Global Settings (because you needed for example change the
  • ...
498 votes

​Last chance to Multibot

Status: Won't do

In the past Ros Bot Devs was highly motivated to inplement the new Multibot feature but they realise how much work it is and in addition donations went down imo because a lot of people dont know how powerful this feature could be...


458 votes

Human mode (simple parameters)

Status: Duplicated

In addition of the stop bot after X hours, can you add a simple parameters that activate a simili human mode.

I explain.

Each 3 hours (+10 minutes / -1 hour) make a break of 5 minutes (+1 minute / -3 minutes). So we can pee or smoke some weed :p.
I think it's not so...

379 votes

Positive Stats Filter

Status: Done

Before voting read Negative Stats Filter too and only vote for one of them

Maybe it wont climp the suggestion ladder but anyways, Devs are interested in inplementing a Stats Filter. The structure already...

375 votes

Make bot dodge explosions, arcane missiles, thunderstorms etc

Status: Done

Thats the only reason im not running t5 or t6 right now bot dies alot from explosions and such he just stay stationed or looting stuff on explosions :/

297 votes

2.1 - Treasure Goblin farming for "The Vault"

Status: Won't do

The new Treasure realm Vault seems pretty lucrative to me since you can make 100-300m gold depending on gold find gear.

The Treasure Goblin Farming routine should do the following:

- Teleport to Old Ruins Halls of Agony Level 2
- Kill Treasure Goblin...

254 votes

Legendary Blacklist / Salvagelist

Status: Done

Follow this order when playing a new Account:
Basic List (20-60h)
Advanced List (60-300h)

235 votes

Better (more accurate) Legendary Gem Choices

Status: Done

Choices for Legendary Gems to upgrade are currently limited to:
a) All
b) AllEquipped
c) single specific Gem from a static list
These choices are very limited and confusing to some.

Considering that new Seasons are mentioned to be shorter...

227 votes

a "Follow party leader" option

Status: Duplicated

me and my friend were testing to see if we could both use it during a rift, it works...but we split up, which means we could potentially lose out on legendary stuff... having an option to follow the party leader would be pretty awesome so you could setup mutliplayer rift bot runs

212 votes

Conduit pylon -> Run around

Status: Done

This may not be an issue for melee characters and those with short to medium range, but for long range builds it can be. Your character finds a conduit pylon, activates it, and as soon as it gets near an enemy it starts attacking as usual. It would be better if characters, on receiving the...

210 votes