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Bounty bots for the main char

1. There should be an option like: Bot is waiting forever!

What is the maximum the bot is waiting in town? and has this anything to do with the CP Timeout and the XP Timeout? Cause it should not ;)
And to wait for me to pick up the bounties, the bot should move sometimes...


pay for licenses

is it possible to add iDEAL the is easyer because maybe i am the only one that has no creditcard but i would like it if i can pay for it with iDEAL 


Master Profile Copy

I'll suggest you could add to copy whole master profile at once. When someone link master profile you must copy every script/fm/pickit and settings your self.


Raibown Goblin Run on NoXpPoolDecision

I've found that doing Raibown Gob Runs the bot finds a good deal of XP Pools. So it would be great if we can use this option as a NoXpPoolDecision during rift runs. It would search for the Rainbow Gob and on it's way find some pools. 





Grifts and pools (expected XP in the next run)


It would be great if the bot could calculate the expected XP to the pool options. From time to time the bot starts a Grift even if its really sure the pool bonus is running out after killing a few mobs. That ruins the XP per hour statistic ;)

Thank you for your great work...