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1. Instalacja

Nie ma zadnej procedury instalacyjnej, link z instalka znajdziesz tutaj  download it here. zawierajacy jeden plik instalacyjny o nazwie Ros-Bot.exe
Bot wymaga nastepujace programiki zeby byly z aktualne bo inaczej nie bedzie chulal::
Net Framework akutualizacja link znajdziesz tutaj. Download from Microsoft here.
Visual C++ Redist x86 jak nie mie to zainstalowac, link znajdziesz tutaj  Download x86 version from Microsoft here.  prosze nie instalowac versi x64 tylko versje x86


2. Wymagane Ustawienia Diablo 3

Video mode

opcje > Video 
Wszystkie rozdzielczosci sa obslugiwane
Fullscreen windowed and Windowed
Polecamy odpalanie gry w 40 FPS+. Make sure Letterbox is UNchecked (not used)
NIE zmieniac rozmiaru okna za pomoca myszy kiedy bot juz chodzi

Key binding mode

Od versji  1.053, bot ma automatyczne wykrywanie ustawien klawiszy
klawisze yzwane przez bota sa with pierwszej kolumnie z lewej storny pod "KEY1"

Nie ktorey ustawnia beda musialy byc zmienione do klawisza na klawiatuze ( nie ustawiac klawiszy na myszy!)

Options > Key Bindings > General Toggle World Map
Options > Key Bindings > General Toggle Map
Options > Key Bindings > Gameplay Force move
Options > Key Bindings > General Force stand still
Options > Key Bindings > Gameplay Close all open windows

3. First launch

Make sure that your Diablo 3 download is complete.

Make sure that Diablo 3 is not running for this step.

Double-clic the Ros-bot executable. Windows 8 users have to run the executable as administrators

On first launch, scene files are going to be extracted. Scene files are used to navigate the d3 world. Just wait for the operation to complete (may take up to 2 minutes on slow computers).

The main GUI will finally show up.

4. Global settings

Global setting can be accessed through the File menu (top left of the bot interface). Filling them is compulsory; it will take you 2 minutes.


Global settings dialog box  

Please fill the following settings. Let the others to their default values for now. Once you get used to the bot, you can start chaging defaults values to adapt the bot.


D3PasswordYour D3Password. If you don't fill the field, the bot will run, but won't be able to handle reconnection.
KeyYour Ros-bot key. Just copy/paste it from the website.
You can find your key under My account > Licenses

5. Launching your bot session

Select a script

Select your script using the script section listbox. When a script is selected, you can check the character build associated by clicking “link to the skills”.
Make sure your boting character skills match the script build.

Note: on order to see scripts in the left listbox, you need to have selected some in the scripts database on this website

A short description is available. Read it and make sure you match potential requirements.
  Script selection listbox
Each script comes with configuration settings available via the script section “configure” button. Click and customize the script behaviour according to your preferences. All script configurations come with description.

CustomSkill script allows user to handle any type of build. More information about CustomSkill configuration.

Select a pickit

A pickit is an item filter, that allows you to choose which items to stash, salvage or sell. Select your pickit using the pickit section listbox. Selected pickit is briefly described.

Pickits come with configuration settings available via the pickit section “configure” button. Click and customize the pickit according to your preferences. All pickit configurations come with description.

Note: Base pickit sells all items picked that are neither stashed nor salvaged.

Select a sequence

Last but not least, one has to pick a sequence to run. A sequence consists in a list of maps. Select your sequence, and make sure to read its description.
Make sure you selected the right mode (campaign or adventure) and eventually the specified quest in Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls to have the bot work properly.
  Sequence selection listbox
Configure which maps you want to run using the "Configure" sequence section button.

Log in into Diablo 3, if not already logged. Make sure you selected the right quest/mode, according to the sequence you want to run.

Leave your character in the lobby, and click on "Start". Enjoy !
Note: Pressing F7 stops the bot, F6 pauses it

Following videos are courtesy of PiroxTester.