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We decided to start a cleanup program of the outdated scripts and pickits.
We will soon delete the content that has not been used or edited in the last 6 months to keep the website clean and tidy.

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【V2.128_03.28】16赛季 [猎魔人] 专用拾取保存规则 (多重.三刀) <完全修改完毕,测试阶段ing... ...> by ewj1102
[Null Gate] 赛季三光蛮子魂法拾取,会留牛斧+极品词缀全能斯奎特时光 by zhoukaituo
Primal Only by Thol
[angewei] All Class Ultimate Seasonal StartGame Pickit Keep ALL Legendary for Cube*** by angewei
范氏专用 保留太/远古 拾取/分解蓝白 不捡黄装 by w153015977
Condemn Crusader S14 by fischkopf
全职业存远/太古带属性过滤 by [email protected]
【P.N】悬赏超速(气息+孔器) by xmen9898
[Crusader] 2.4 End-Game Invoker/LoN/Farm Pickit by widds
공유-모든(고대이상) + 악세도 고대이상 무조건 보관 by audgmlsk
HC存储列表---by jurkey91:死疫套,拉斯玛套,猴子套,奶僧套,乌莲娜,不洁套,天谴套,蕾蔻套,不死鸟套 by jurkey91
[성전사][규탄] 주요 고대 + 모든 원시고대 by chacker
【YD】【高级许可】存太古及高属性装备 by yedsky
【半夏-赛季中期002】【V2.6.1 2018.10.05】 - 圣教军.魔猎人.武僧.魔法师.野蛮人套装物品保存规则<正在更新中... >非赛与赛季末 by 半夏
«WD» All Items + Puzzle & Bovine by ninjache
New2 Danireds Pickits All Classes - Ancients + Primals only + Craftingmaterials + Imp Gems + Misc by danired1000
【20181012】 秋刀鱼君 - 圣教军.魔猎人.武僧.死灵.魔法师套装物品保存规则 by 3v2fucer
[올클래스] 고대,원시(쓰레기분해),일반아이템줍기 by timejjj3
[huo]保留所有太古远古 机械 宝石 材料 打孔器 by huo593244661
CYJ_ 基于【非赛与赛季末 - 圣教军.魔猎人.武僧.死灵.魔法师.野蛮人套装物品保存规则】改造 by [email protected]