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자작 by kim si
abulice by abulice
[19季末/S19 EndGame]天譴/Condemn & 召魔者/Invoker & 祝福之盾/Blessed Shield & 祝福之槌/Blessed Hammer & 英勇三光/Valor Fury & 英勇天拳/Valor Fist & 維爾棒棒糖/Vyr+Chantodo& 多重箭/Multishot & 三刀/Imple & 娜5掠3/N5M3 & 魂法/Skeletal Mage by greentea5566
[S17][2.6.5] Complete Necro LoN Rat/Thorns/BK [+Mats, Puzzle rings &Salvage] by niilsen
19/9/24 [180+][2.6.6]绝无用装备分解 [拾取分解蓝白] [保留]宝戒/牛刀 【已精简】 by Saduers
[2.4.2]시즌 3단계(집자+수수+왕실+고대+재료템줍기) by yjw1901
LIST V2 by ledmage
2.6.4 Ultimate [All Classes] [Endgame] Pickit (with Stats) by PiroxTester
【德发】悬赏专用拾取 by elleluinous
전직업 원시고대전설 : 보관수정 by wisd90
[2.6.4] theM3aty's Ultimate End Game META pickit by them3aty
保留所有远古+旅者罗盘+对戒+天谴盾+法戒+牛斧机械+职业套装项链 +40散件+辅助散件 by Noreiki
[2.6.4][子龍】DH用存机械'牛斧三刀箭袋太古远古 by wuxu
[TJ's Pickit]保留:远古+旅者套+全能+对剑+对戒+克戒+法师冰奥戒指+国家队套装手 [Thanks for Fudges Sharing] by lengyanjure
【蜜蜂】小米魂法专用及其他(鉴定&留极品&不捡五色宝石) by [email protected]
General high end by Tyranokhan by tyranokhan1234
[STARTER] All Class Ultimate Seasonal StartGame Pickit (Necro Added) by nasioc
[V1.109.01] 巫医.死灵.魔法师 散件职业装拾取规则 - 18赛季 (the 18th Season - Non-suit < Witch Doctor. Necromancer. Wizard > Pick-up Rules) by ewj1102
2.3 Pickit (keeps puzzle rings, bovine bardiche) by crono211982
[2.6] Ancient Core & Materials by soul by wwwsoulcom