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CRUSADER by bergkurdi
End Game Pickit Including Ancients and Dis BlackT by Thunder79
Ancients + Materials + Gems by Warraybe
Pick it Focus, Restraint, Amu (Community) by Nightcrush
픽잇 by blessid
GR88+ DMO Wizard by someirishfellow
Ancients ONLY + Crafts + [2.4] by dannyvoid
2.4 조뚜 아죠씨 by Edangtko
seb [WB] Endgame ~ v1.06+ D3Patch 2.3 [UPDATED 11/02/15] by sébastien dubois
Skul's End Game Loot by Skultrocity323
법사 by kwonchulhee
all by Bandzior1980
쌍노메것 by hoony0008
DH ENDGAME 2.4 by mrkoq
Barbarian by ceyonur
Barb furious charge build by Neekbeen
Snap_DH by snapism
Banditters pickit by Slidtbandit
Select legs + Ancients by techdawg667
Invoker by Barricade1985