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NUMBERzero by Cuculo
pickitslolslols by fadesta
[All Classes][Patch 2.3] Farm set by dante
Witch Doctor Set by DopeEx
Over lvl 70 by DopeEx
Ancients + F/R by ale2104
Songsters Endgame DMO Pickit by dsslayer1210
Non ancients i want to keep by mcdoubleswag
울리수도 by khansang
mylife45 by mylife45
Mia84's Pickit Settings by mia84
Legs by myzael
설정 by misskorea84
Dex Pickit by dexg
Wrayth Modified Monk pickit 2.3 with Ancients by wrayth
Uliana Monk by xtinct22
my list by dumbass