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We decided to start a cleanup program of the outdated scripts and pickits.
We will soon delete the content that has not been used or edited in the last 6 months to keep the website clean and tidy.

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[All Classes][Patch 2.6.1] Ancients + Primals only + Craftingmaterials + Imp Gems [****Updated****] by Fudge
원시고대 + 고대전설만 보관 [고수용] by 원구리
원시고대만보관하기 [초고수용] by 월량
일반전설 + 재료탬 + 고대전설 + 원시고대전설[초보용] by 원구리
[V3.008_09.15]18赛季 - 全职业保存规则 <更新进度43.6%... ...>(End of the 18th Season - Full Occupational Storage Rules) by ewj1102
[WB] Endgame ~ v1.06+ D3Patch 2.3 [UPDATED 11/02/15] by WindyBuns
【武王】21赛季保留冰吞和三刀,三光,魂淡,魂法,旋风蛮(不鉴定) by 武王
[WB] Gearing up Pickit D3 Patch 2.4.2 Safe [LATEST] by WindyBuns
[angewei] All Class Ultimate EndGame Pickit with Properties Filtering by angewei
[angewei] All Class Seasonal StartGame Pickit Always Updated Version (2.6.9) by angewei
【大勇】坏男人全职业2.6.9版本(21赛季)拾取规则-20/07/14更新 by zy_1995
[V2.113_05.26]17赛季初 - 全职业拾取规则 <更新中... ...>(Start of the 17th Season - Full Occupational Storage Rules <Updating... ...>) by ewj1102
【全职业套装物品/传奇首饰保存规则】 存太古/远古 拾取帝国宝石/材料/配方/宠物/头像/翅膀 by JR.unit
(Korean) 2.3 패치(전설코어+고대+보석+재료(레어제외)) by yjw1902
【猫大哥】[1.0.1]拾取规则(圣教军天谴流专用) by iamnickzeng
【德发】通用拾取-不鉴定(保留所有太古远古)Q群:168522969 by elleluinous
일반전설 + 고대 전설 + 원시고대 보관 [초보용] by ksko
1.052(All characters apply pickup tools.Translation completed)롱맨 by joo6545
2.4.1 Wizard - Strict! by rek
전직업 고대전설 : 보관 by brusej1005