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Thu, 03/02/2017 - 16:10 #1

Good evening,

Our trial keys were manually handled. It was taking a while, and there was a quite limited number of keys per day
On top of that, we may have missed a few of your requests in the past. Our apologies for that

Starting today, the trial key system will change.

You are now able to immediately claim a 7-days premium key in your bot/license page (there is a "Get a trial key button" blue button for that)

Once you claimed a key, the button will be grayed out.
It will be ungrayed each time there is an early access period, thus allowing anyone to reclaim a 2-days premium trial key

Note: 7/4/2017: users abusing the trial key system by creating several accounts thus claiming several trial keys will have any trial they may claim made ineffective
Note: 7/17/2017: this news' comments were mostly about "can I get a key please?". Yes you can, just follow the link above. I have made comments hidden, because really, they were of no interest, consisting only in a long list of "can I get a key please?" posts

We hope that this system will match your needs better
Ros-Bot Team