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As mentioned in our last 2015’s news, is changing. We would like to have more time to develop new features for the bot, improve the website and develop this community further. Bot will remain free-to-use except for a one-month period after each major patch. A Premium option will be introduced, granting (among others features) access to the bot within this paid-period.

Premium VS free-to-use versions

Features Free license Premium license
Basic features (scripts, sequences, pickits) Yes Yes
Early access (1) No Yes
LootArchive listing Limited to 2 hours Up-to 2 days
Statistics listing (2) Limited to 2 hours Up-to 2 days
LootArchive and Statistics export (2) No Yes
Duration Unlimited (*) 1 month
Public bounties sequence No Yes
Necromancer class support No Yes
Upcoming features To be determined Yes

(1)  “early access” is the ability to access and use the bot after each major patch (3 to 4 times a year usually)
(2) Statistics module is currently under development, thus not yet available
(*) Free licenses do auto renew every month

  • You can subscribe to the premium option anytime, by spending coins (460/month) in My Account > Bot Licenses
  • You can buy coins from us anytime (PayPal supported, PaysafeCard and Alipay should be supported soon)

Also, some limitations have been implemented to prevent resellers’ abuses:

  • Any user can claim up to 2 free licenses,
  • Running multiple bots concurrently with the same license won’t be possible anymore.

The number of Premium licenses is not limited.

Past donations rewards

We received donations over the years, and would like to thank people that supported us:

  • Our top donators (over 50 dollars since the very start of the site) shall be granted one 1-year premium license.
  • People that donated very recently (since December 2015) shall receive the entire amount of their donations (4) as coins (3).
  • People that donated recently (from 06/01/2015 to 11/30/2015) shall receive a partial value of their donation as coins (3), based on the following table:
Donation amount (4) Percentage of donation granted as coins
Up to 5 20 %
5 to 9 25%
10 to 14 30%
15 to 19 50%
20 to 29 75%
30 and over 100%

(3)  Rate is 1000 coins = 10€
(4)  In US dollars

Beta program reverted to initial focus

Beta program will reset to its original purpose: have active users run beta versions and report issues.  All beta tester tags have thus been removed, and it is required for people wanting to enrole in the beta program to apply here. Users with the beta tester tag will be able to access the beta program subforum and will be granted one premium license. We reserve the right to remove beta tester tag to any user at any time (most probably due to inactivity inside the beta program).

Ros-bot Team