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Wed, 03/24/2021 - 04:51 #1


As you may have read here (Ownedcore / TurboHUD Discussions), KillerJohn is handing the THUD project over to us
An outstanding tool, that we all use from time to time ! We love the plugins system and the fantastic overlay.

He really wanted to the project to be continued. We agred that the RoS-BoT team has a green light to modifiy and market THUD to its will.

We will not merge both tools; their use do not match and it would imply tons of work. 
We will probably write some THUD plugin for RoS-BoT, with RoS-BoT publishing some information for THUD to use, allow the compilation of plugins with some mouse/keyboard macros.
We also plan to host plugins here on probably not on the form of a single forum section.

More on the topic should be announced in some close future
Edited: for further details, please join this discord server: TurboHUD community:

The RoS-BoT team