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Scripts and Pickits Clean up!

We decided to start a cleanup program of the outdated scripts and pickits.
We will soon delete the content that has not been used or edited in the last 6 months to keep the website clean and tidy.

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Edit: turned into beta 34a. We had forgotten to commit last witch doctor modifications

Beta 34 is available:
We need testers for act 1. Please report here:


Added a Whirmsyshire sequence
Adventure: Fixed Tower of damned lvl 2. Should not get stucked anymore on this one
Boutnies: Act 4. Fixed path for Izual
Boutnies: Act 1. Fixed portal detection. Fixed NPC interactions.
Added a BountyAndRift. Runs rifts if possible, boutnies if not enough keys
Rift: fixed portal discovery and rift reverse issue
Re-added Ghom (you know what we think of boting Ghom...)


Base: added the hellish staff of herding to items to keep in inventory
Base: fixed bloodshard id. Base now pick shards properly
Base: added an option do stash legendaries unidentified


HoTa Barbarian: Fixed hota attack range
WitchDoctor_ColdSpiritBears: Fixed issues. Been tested in rifts, a4 bounties and a1 bounties
Re-added DemonHunter_Ghom


Navigation: if only one checkpoint left, move close to it in order to force load D3 map into memory. Fixes an early map-aborted issue in riftsince map was not loaded into D3 memory
Mode pause now pauses CheckBackground threads, so that no buff is casted while in pause
Added book piles to ignore list

Oh, and by the way. No need to try accessing urls for versions in advance :)
Thanks for support also. Appreciate it.

Hope you enjoy it.
Ros-bot Team

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Could You add the nemesis bracers to items to keep in inventory?????
if so what about swapping just before and after using shrine ???:D

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You guys are awesome, thanks for the update!

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i only can download 33a? 

/edit well somehow now it works q.q