Beta 33 is available - compatible

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Beta 33 is available:
It is compatible with patch

Edit: check your minor patch revision. Since all servers are not patched with the same
If your patch version happens to be different, the bot won't work. Not much you can do for now, except waiting
Edit 2: seems that beta 33 is anyway not working for windows 8. We're working on this

Nothing special about intalling it. Just copy/paste the executable wherever you want.
Old settings should be retrieved.


Bounties > Act I: vast majority fixed. We should be a way more efficient in regards to getting caches. Run with AllowUncompleteAct set to false
Bounty > Act I: Besieged farm: still to be tested. Please report on forum.
Bounty > Act I: Gharbad: Fixed totems type
Ghom: sequence made unavailable, since nerfed + bad idea to loop on games


DemonHunter_Elemental script: made unavailable (too specific)
CustomSkill: Fixed furious charge
DemonHunter_GhomBears: made unavailable


Base: Potions are now counted from the inventory and not from the equiped potion


Fixed: we were not gambling if over 400 shards
Fixed: bot should not try to relaunch TakeTPFromMap routine right after entering a map
Potentially fixed a click outside of d3 window
Fixed: POI Cache now stores items even with inventory full
Fixed: WP misclick while trying to talk to Tyrael
Fixed: double talk to Tyrael for cache (a4)
Potentially fixed: Release keys after F12 
Updated parangon XP table
Fixed: POI cache now stores cursed events (chests and shrines)
Fixed: RunStepFailed now properly breaks a run (we can't go to next step if current step failed)
Compatible with 2.0.5 patch
POI cache: Added interactible guardians (appearing guardians still go to cache as well)
Changed GUI window title

Known issues

Navigation sotimes breaks badly on some maps (e.g some butcher's map, or on the way to Lyceum). Bot then tries to go straight into walls, which doesn't work softly.

Report on forum for bugs; we don't expect this to be bug-free...
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Its say it's available, but the download is the beta32, not 33.

edit: now it's the right download, but it's not working ( diablo 3 version); i got the

edit2: oh ok it was windows 8 ! great job guys.


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Hi. To let you know not works fine windows 8.1 64bit. Running bounties with wiz. What did you experience as issues when testing?

-One issue I've found on bounties it doesn't salvage items. Otherwise bounty runs seem to be fine.

-Second issue. Kazda den bounty. Bot keeps getting stuck in map before reaching kazra den.

Now testing 33b.