POI Cache Settings Brief Guide

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POI (Points of Interest) cache contains a list of objects along with their world coordinates that Ros-Bot needs to handle before proceding to the next runstep. These objects include monsters (e.g., elites, goblins, normal monsters in kill-all bounties), items for pickup, rift progression globes, gizmo (e.g., shrine/pylon, pool of reflection), and objectives to be achieved for the completion of a runstep. The items in POI cache can be viewed in the debug overlay when full debug mode is enabled in global settings:


POI Cache

The Cache Settings in bot profiles include the following parameters that can be configured:

  1. Close clean Distance: this is an important parameter that controls the distance that bot needs to move to the target object in order to remove/clean the object from the POI cache. The default distance in local cache settings is 30 yards. A minimum distance of 12 yards is required. If close clean distance is smaller than this value, bot will not be able to clean certain objectives in bounties (mostly in Act 4) or Uber Key runs (in Act 2).

  2. Elites and Goblins: if these monsters are enabled in POI cache, bot will always attack and kill them despite FastMode settings. The purpose for doing this is to avoid skipping these monsters accidentally (e.g., elite monsters in speed rifts).

  3. GRift/Rift progress globes: these settings should always be enabled for speeding up the rift progress.

  4. No Legendary items: can be enabled for speed runs (e.g, certain Conquests) so bot does not need to pick up legendary items.

Known issues:

  1. The POI cache should not be cleared at the time of town portal for inventory cleaning. However, this is not always the case. If inventory is full at the end of a normal rift before the rift keys are picked up, the POI cache is always cleared after a town portal. This may result in a failure of picking up rift keys if their loot location is far away from the location where the town portal is casted.

  2. Shrines/pylons and pools of reflection can occasionally be accessed again (i.e., bot running back) after they have been accessed and thus cleaned from the POI cache a moment ago.

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thanks for the clear explanation ! i was goin to put whatever ^^

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