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We all love loot, but we don’t love all loot, right? The pickit is the instructions for the bot on what to pick up, keep, salvage or sell.
Even though this is a lengthy guide, pickits are really simple and it will serve you well to know how to setup and change/tighten one over time as your character evolves and certain items or stats becomes less interesting.
If you have a specific question or just want to learn how to make or tweak a pickit, the answer is probably in this guide somewhere.
Read on, fellow botter.



Structure, Order, Conflicts and Omissions      - Good-to-know basics
Create Your Own Pickit                                         - Steps by steps to create a simple Ancient/Primal-only pickit
Examples of Simple Pickits                                   - Links to various simple pickits to replicate and use/modify
Make Your Simple Pickit More Strict                 - Tighten your simple pickit
Filter With Item Properties                                  - Making your pickit even more strict
Different Pickits For Different Content            - One pickit for Rifts, one for Greater Rifts, one of Bounties, etc
Whimsydale / Whimsyshire                                 - Rainbow Goblins, Cosmic Wings, etc
Item Type Pickits - Another Approach              - Another way of doing pickits
What Bot Knows, And When It Knows It          - Can bot be set to only pickup primals? and similar questions
Known Bugs & Quirks                                           - Why is the bot still picking up gems? and similar questions





The #1 rule, top-down priority and how conflicts are handled

The order of the filters in the pickit is very important. The first filter (starting from the top) that applies to an item in your inventory wins. Remember that. Place “Keep” filters above “Salvage” filters.
There’s only one exception to this rule and that is the “Do not pick” checkbox. Any other filter that dictates an item to be picked up, will trump a “Do not pick” rule, despite order.

Omissions / Not handled / Misconfigured

If an item is picked up, but there’s no Keep or Salvage rule for it, it will be sold.
This is to be able to buy it back from the vendor in case you notice your mistake.

Example: You create a “Keep Ancients” rule, which means bot will have to pickup all Legendaries, non-ancients included. Without also adding a “Salvage Legendaries” filter non-ancient legendaries are not specifically handled in the pickit (i.e. omitted) which means the bot will default to selling these.

Example 2: You previously had a filter that said “Keep Ancients” but you’ve now edited this filter to only keep an ancient if it matches the name of - let’s say 10 - specific items. Suddenly all other Ancients are omitted and will be sold. You’ll need to add a “Salvage Ancient Legendaries” filter to your pickit, or edit and add Ancient Legendary to an existing Salvage filter.

So, if you notice bot sells things there’s simply a missing rule for that type/name/quality, and if you notice it salvaging things you wanted to keep, you probably didn’t place the “Salvage” rule below the “Keep” rule. Or, you overdid it using both Item Name and Item Type in the same filter which possibly created a non-existing combination.




Step by step guide creating a very simple but effective Ancients+Primals only pickit.


Make your way to your Pickit page under “My account” on the website.
Click the blue “Add new pickit” button. Name it whatever you want.


Pickit created - Add filters

In this example, we’ll make a Keep all Ancients simple pickit. Let’s start with the important stuff first, i.e. what to “Keep”.


This is all you need to do for this first filter. Name it, tick the “Filter on specific quality” checkbox and select “Ancient Legendary & Set (including primal) and scroll down and click the green “Create pickit filter” button. This pickit will now Stash / Keep all Ancient and Primal legendaries and set items.

Next we wanna add something all pickits should have in them, a filter for Crafting Materials and things like that. Click the Green “Add new pickit filter” button.


Crafting Materials includes:

  • Reusable Parts
  • Arcane Dust
  • Veiled Crystals
  • Forgotten Souls
  • Death Breaths
  • Bounty unique materials

Miscellaneous (or Misc as we usually call it) includes:

  • Infernal machines (from Key Guardians, for Uber Realm portals)
  • Cosmic Wings
  • Ramaladni’s Gifts

Moving on. Now we make a choice of whether we are going to pickup and salvage grey/white, blue and yellow items, or not pick them up at all. For this example let’s go with picking them up and salvaging them. Create yet another Pickit filter and name and configure it as shown to the image below.


If you don’t want to pick them up, just tick the last checkbox “Do not pick off the ground”.
A rule is still needed, since blues and yellows also makes their way into your inventory from spending blood shards at Kadala, as well as the occasional misclick/accidental pickup.

That’s the stuff we want to keep. Now we got to have a filter to take care of the stuff we don’t want to keep, or bot will just sell it instead of salvaging.

Remember, our first rule was about Keeping Ancients and Primals, so we’ve yet to make a rule for normal legendaries.
Add yet another filter to the pickit by clicking the green “Add new pickit filter” button, and configure it to salvage Legendaries.


There’s also some general Pickit settings to do at the bottom.


No need to change Item Scan range for now, keep it at 75.

Gold is handled by our equipped pet, so put 1000000 (1 million) in the gold box to tell bot to only actively go pickup gold if one single pile is that large (which will never happen).

Tick the gems you want the bot to pickup, as well as if you want the bot to care about Health Globes and how far it’s allowed to stray to get them.
A few yards above your characters pickup range should suffice and not waste too much time going after the globes.

If it’s a new season you may want the bot to automatically go “Learn” all the blacksmith and jewelry plans it picks up. The last 2 checkboxes for rift keys and identifying is something you don’t have to care about at this point.

Click the blue Save button at the bottom, and that’s it. Your first simple “Keep ancients and primals” pickit is done!


If you are using a Local Profile in bot, click the “Reload data from Website” button to have this new pickit show up in your Pickit selection drop-down menu in the bot GUI, select it and you’re set!

If you are using a Master Profile, this pickit will be available to select when you create/edit the master profile.




CMR is short for Common, Magic and Rare, i.e. grey/white, blue and yellow items.
L is short for Legendary and A is short for Ancient.
(If you choose to use any of these, Replicate them and do not Link them, so you can edit them in the future)

Keep Primal Only + No CMR Pickup

Keep Primal Only + Pick up/Salvage CMRLA

Keep Ancient and Above + No CMR Pickup

Keep Ancient and Above + Pick up/Salvage CMRL

Keep Legendary and Above + No CMR Pickup

Keep Legendary and Above + Pick up/Salvage CMR

Pick Only Crafting Material

Pick Nothing (except Greater Rift keys)

*Change of Cache settings:
Changing Cache settings can only be done with a Master Profile.
The cache is the bots memory. What to run back to if fighting pulled it away from it before bot had time to take care of it.
If we are not going to pick up legendaries by using one of the last 2 pickits in the list, we need to make sure bot doesn’t run back to them only to discover the pickit says to not pick them. It will create a ping-pong action of running back and forth over and over.

  • Edit the Cache profile as you would edit any other parts of the master profile. Tick the “No legendary items” and "No legendary primal items" checkboxes to skip Caching them.




At a later point you will probably get annoyed by the bot stashing every single Ancient, and want to make your pickit more strict. We’ll use your earlier created pickit as a starting point.

Filter with Item Names to exclude unwanted Ancients

Your first filter in the pickit you created earlier was configured to keep all Ancients and Primals. Edit your pickit, and click Edit on that first filter. Tick the “Filter on specific legendary items” checkbox and start adding the items of the only Ancient and Primal items you want to keep. Use the search next to the list of items to find them faster, as well as filter on a set by name. I’ll use “Akkhan” and then add the items from that set.


After that, keep adding all relevant items. Check script’s linked d3planner to see which items it is you need and want.
You may also rename the filter from “Keep all ancients” to “Keep these ancients” just so it accurately reflects its actual function. When all are done, save the filter.

Do note with this change, there’s now a lot of unwanted items with Ancient (incl primal) quality that we aren’t handling in the pickit. We've changed the only rule in the pickit regarding Ancients to now only cover the specific Items in the image above, leaving the rest of the Ancients omitted/unhandled. So, you’ll have to go edit that last Salvage filter in the pickit, and include "Item Quality: Ancient legendaries & Set Items (incl. primal)" to it, so that these now unwanted Ancients are in included in the Salvage filter, or they will be sold instead which is a loss of Forgotten Souls, a valuable crafting material.

Save it, and that’s it! You’ve now made your pickit only keep the ancient or primal items you want, and salvage the rest whichever quality they have.





Must have Identifying enabled in pickit. This is what enables us to make the strictest of pickits. It lets you look at each and every item’s stat rolls / properties. Have it automatically salvage an item just because it didn’t roll good enough.
Let’s take a Condemn Crusader Helmet as an example. The rolls you want are: Strength / Vitality / Critical Hit Chance. For this, we need to forgo the method of using 1 filter for ancients named X Y and Z, and make individual filters per item name (singular),
or names if they share Item Type. Here’s an example:


It looks a bit complicated, but it really isn’t. I’ll try to explain it as best I can.

A good helmet would be one with:

  • Strength
  • Vitality
  • Critical Hit Chance
  • Socket

That’s 4 stats / properties. So I’ve listed them all with “is present” as Optional properties. If we get a helmet with 3 of those, we know we can reroll the 4th to make it what we want,
so that’s why I specified that we only want to keep this Ancient or Primal Helm of Akkhan or Leoric’s Crown if it has at least 3 of them. Not that hard.
It will now Salvage other Ancient or Primal Helmets of Akkhan or Leoric’s Crowns that can’t be rerolled to what we want.

We can make it a bit more strict (and complicated) if we want to, by using other operators than “is present”, like “more than” and specify exactly how much strength/vitality/critical hit chance it must have at minimum,
for bot to keep it if we already have a good one and don’t care for low value ones.

And even more, we can add secondary stats requirements too, like Fire or Physical resistance and raise the minimum number of optionals required to 4.
This is super strict and would basically only Keep ancients and primals with near perfect rolls. Image below shows how that would look like.
It may take months before an item like that drops, so it’s really only for end-game upgrades when you already have awesome gear.


This is really just for the end-game upgrades, but when you are ready to make your pickit this strict, you know you can reopen this guide for guidance on how to achieve it.




Why have different pickits for different content?

Botters care about efficiency. Picking up items take time away from XP farming, or finishing those pesky bounties.
Just as a master profile allows you to have different Fast Modes and Avoidances for easy T16 rifts/bounties and really hard 110 GRs, you may want to skip certain items/item types when running T16 rifts for keyfarming or running bounties for the cache-rewards.
As an example, I skip gems, greys/whites, blues, yellows, in T16 content like rifts and bounties, but in GRs it may be good to just pickup everything after guardian is killed at the end, since that’s all in one pile anyhow and only takes a second.

When you are happy with your pickit, replicate/clone it to get a copy of it. Edit that one to not pickup gems and CMR for example, call it speed-pickit and use that for sequences like normal rifts and bounties.
It will require you to update more than 1 pickit when tightening/making it more strict, but in the end it’s worth it.

 [Premium only]
With a master profile you don't have to switch between pickits when you change what content bot is doing. You can pre-define which pickit to use for Rifts, which one for Greater Rifts and which one for Bounties, etc.





(Rainbow Goblins / Staff of Herding)

Commonly asked questions about what needs to be in pickit for these things to be picked up and saved.

Rainbow Portrait Frame

  • Keep Item Type: Commons

Cosmic Wings

  • Keep Item Type: Miscellaneous

Spectrum Sword Transmog

  • Any pickit that picks up Legendaries and salvages non-ancient or non-primal ones will get the transmog.
  • If you want to keep the actual item as well, you need to Keep Legendaries and Ancient legendaries (incl. primal) or a specific filter with Item Name.

Horadric Hamburger Transmog

  • Any pickit that picks up Legendaries and salvages non-ancient or non-primal ones will get the transmog.
  • If you want to keep the actual item as well, you need to Keep Legendaries and Ancient legendaries (incl. primal) or a specific filter with Item Name.




What’s been described so far in this guide is what’s the common way of doing pickits. But the normal way of doing pickits has one flaw, it picks up all legendaries, even if it’s an item type we might not want at all.
This is because bot doesn’t know much about the item until it has picked it up. Specifics on this in the next chapter, "What bot knows, and when it knows it".

The alternative way of doing pickits, is not by Item Name, but rather by Item Type. Type is one thing that bot do know before picking the item up, which means we can use this to skip picking up Helmets if we already have one that’s perfect.


Skip picking up some legendary items altogether, based on Item Type, while still picking up others, i.e. spend less time picking up things and more time killing stuff.

Cache setting "Do not cache legendaries"

Requires the Cache settings described earlier, to not run back to every Legendary on the ground and get stuck in a ping-pong loop of running back and forth.

Link to example of this kind of pickit

You can create separate filters for each specific item and use Optional Properties if you want to as long as they have Do Not Pick set to true and the filters are above the actual pick+salvage filter.




The bot learns about the item in different stages, you could say.

Before picking up

Before the bot picks up an item, it knows:

  • Item Type
    • Sword, Helmet, Wand, Bracers, etc
  • General Item Quality
    • Common
    • Magic
    • Rare
    • Legendary


After picking up

After the bot has picked up an item, it also knows:

  • Item Name
  • Specific Legendary Quality
    • Legendary
    • Ancient
    • Primal


After identifying

And after the bot has used Cain’s book for identifying, it also knows:

  • Specific Item Statistics
    • 10% Damage, 8% Cooldown Reduction, 650 Vitality, etc



The so far known pickup bugs and quirks.

Item Type bugs

  • The "equal" operator available to use in filters is buggy. It's better to use "more than 14.9" instead of "equal 15".
  • Common type pickup automatically picks these up as well despite other settings:
    • Reusable parts
    • Arcane Dust
    • Veiled Crystals
    • Marquise/Imperial Gems
    • Death's Breaths
    • Blood Shards
  • If Item Type: Common is set to Keep, Bounty Caches are stashed despite other settings.

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With much thanks!
Awesome guide.

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I changed a Pickit called nopick10 from a recent sorc script.
It does not identify items and salvage them directly.
I use very strict perfect gear filters, but I am wondering if the pickit will stash ancient trifecta rings for example, when it does not identify them?

Spoiler Alert: Tyrael is the true Villain behind the scenes - will be revealed Diablo 4 =)

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I can not find "Armor" under the list of optional properties, is it called something else?

[EDIT] Nevermind, just found it! For those wondering, it's called Bonus Armor. 

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Can you create a filter for a green set item with specific set or item names?

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I have set a filter that:
Cold Resistance is not present
Fire Resistance is not present
Lightning Resistance is not present
Poison Resistance is not present
Arcane Resistance is not present
Physical Resistance is not present

My intention is that it is possible for all resist to roll on the item, but it never seems to find anything.

One example is for Crown of the Invoker, the filters are:

Strength is present
Cold Resistance is not present
Fire Resistance is not present
Lightning Resistance is not present
Poison Resistance is not present
Arcane Resistance is not present
Physical Resistance is not present

Resistance to All
Amount of optional properties: 1

My intention is to save any Crown of the Invoker that can roll Strength, Vitality, and Resistance to All. Do I not have this setup properly?

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I dont want Common items to be picked up and no matter if i say do not pick up off ground, the script STILL Picks it UP! this is so confusing! i need help

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My sincere thanks for this amazing guide. Finally I learned how to make a Pickit after months of using the bot. Congratulations and thank you very much.

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Why is it not possible for Before pick up to identify Primal quality?
As per the sample image below, Primals have distinct color and Icon on the D3 client's interface.

I'd understand if this feature isn't available on ros-bot's code yet. But here's hoping that it'll be implemented as a feature.

Thank you

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I'm inside the pickit options and i can't seem to find the Item Type: Miscellaneous or anything at all with item type the option is gone from the whole program i guess

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Why recently when I click edit button, the page went stuck then crashed?
I've tried "edit" in scripts, pickits, It went crashed 8 out of 10 times, and in the remaining non-crashing condition, when I click the dropdown menu, the web page would immediately got stucked then crashed.
I even found once that the Page used 2GB memory after clicking "edit" button!!
I think there are some bugs in the web app JS scripts.