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Master Profile


- What is a Master Profile?
- What does it offer compared to a Local Profile?
- How do I set one up?
- How does cube upgrading work?

What is a Master Profile?

A Master Profile is a collection of settings that covers all sequence types and lets the bot switch automatically between settings when it switches between Rifts and Greater Rifts sequences
or you switch it from Rifts to Bounties for example.

In the above example the bot will change pickit, script, avoidance, fastmode, settings and load a specific armory gear loadout whenever it switches between a normal rift and a greater rift.
This allows you to min-max for effeciency per sequence, as well as getting access to additional features covered below.

What does it offer compared to a Local Profile?

  • Per sequence settings
  • Armory switching (switch equipped gear)
  • Better legendary gems upgrade control
  • Cube upgrading gambled rares from Kadala
  • Virtual Keyboard/Mouse - Use the computer while botting in the background

This means you can more efficiently run 1r3gr / rfp / sfp / cfp with specific gear / script / avoidances etc tailored to what the bot is actually doing; Rifts for xp pools/keys, greater rifts
for xp farming etc, instead of just 1 set of settings / gear for both rifts and greater rifts.

For more info on the different modes mentioned just above, checkout our #tags channel on the RoS-Bot discord server.



How do I set one up?

Here's a video showing the process, if the descriptions of the steps below are unclear to you. (open in a new tab)

Part 1 - Get the stuff
It all starts with the script you've decided to run. Every good script should have a master profile linked in its description, so go click on the script link to
open up its description and look for a link to the author's master profile. When you find it, click on it and you should see something like this:

The part above within the rectangle is all you have to care about right now. These are the "parts" you need to clone to your own account before building your own master profile with these "parts".
The blurred out parts will be covered further down in this guide.


- Replicate/Clone

In this master profile example, there are 2 unique ones in each of the the Pickit / Script / Avoidances columns, and 3 or more unique ones in the Fastmode / Settings / Cache columns.
And despite there being one named "WW/Rend Barb - T16" in both the Avoidances column and the Fastmode column, they are not the same as they are in different columns and you
would have to clone both.

Pickits and Scripts are a little bit different. Those you can choose to "Link" to your account instead of cloning if you want to, meaning they'll be run from the author's account
and any updates to them that the author makes will affect you too. It's a good idea to link Scripts -and you might have done that already for the one you chosen,
but check the Script column to see if there's more than one script like in the case above- but Pickit you should in general run your own or at the least clone it and not link it so
that you can edit it and tweak it to suit you.

So for each column; check how many unique profiles there are, then open each unique profile up in a new browser tab by either ctrl+left click or right-click -> Open in a new tab.
After that, go to each new browser tab you've opened, and click Replicate, then clone. 

Wait until the cloning is done for each, then close down those browser tabs until you only have the script author's master profile page open.


Step 2 - Build it
Open a new browser tab and go to your 'My Account' -> 'Bot profiles' page. You should see a bunch of profiles or "parts" added now.
Click the button to create a master profile.. get to this:

This is where the other browser tab with the script author's master profile that you didn't close comes in handy. Switch back and forth between the browser tabs as you fill this one out until they look the same.
The Armory column is up to you to either leave empty or match with how you have saved different gear loadouts in the in-game armory in town. 
Title name will be shown in the Master Profile drop-down menu in bot client. Name it whatever you want.


Step 3 - Rest of the settings
- Virtual Mouse/Keyboard

Pretty straight forward. If you want to be able to use your computer while botting, enable this. For more info on this feature, check out the vkbm tag in the #tags channel on the RoS-Bot discord.


- Gems

It will upgrade legendary gems in the order of top to bottom, until it hit the desired level for each and then move on to next one in the list.
When done with all gems specified, it falls back to default mode which is upgrading all gems you have, starting with the lowest.


- Bloodshard gambling at Kadala

It's up to you what you want to gamble, and the Shards limit should be set to 750 if gambling items that cost 25 bloodshards and take up 2-slots/squares in the inventory,
or to your maximum bloodshards carry limit minus how many bloodshards the specific GR level you are running drops if gambling anything else, like 1-slot/square items
or 2-slot/square items that costs more than 25 bloodshards. For more info on this feature, check out the efficienttown tag in the #tags channel on the RoS-Bot discord.
For the Cube upgrading rares part, it's covered further down in this guide.


- Town settings

Up to you, but these settings should work well for almost everyone.

For the bottom part of the Master Profile you can ignore it as it is about settings no longer used.

Replaced by "Minimum inventory space" in the previous image.



How does cube upgrading work?

This feature uses rares/yellows left over from Kadala Bloodshards gambling and uses the cube to upgrade them to legendaries, whenever all these 3 conditions are met:

  • Requires you to gamble the same thing at Kadala that you want to upgrade to legendary, obviously.
  • Having more materials than the limit you've specified.
  • The amount of materials you have is more than what's required to upgrade all the yellows in the inventory.

Since the upgrade costs half as many Death's Breaths than needed for each of the other three, it's a good rule to have a 1:2 ratio like above.
Set the limits for what you think is reasonable.



To get this new Master Profile to show up in the bot client's Master Profiles drop-down menu, click the 'Reload data from website' button in the bot client.
That's it. Once you've done this once you'll know that even though it's a bit tedious cloning part for part it's a pretty simple process. Get the parts, build the MP.

Remember! Always click 'Start botting' on the Master Profile tab in the bot client. It matters!



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how can i change the Licenz key, i started with a trail and now have a premium but the ros-bot client the buttons at master profile are grey and it says i have to change to premium, which i did.

Problem solved, thx anyway ;)