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This is a reasonably detailed guide on how to do some basic things botters and software users should learn and be familiar with. We all know the feeling of being super frustrated watching the Bot do something wrong, over and over again, and no matter what you do, you just can't seem to get it working the way everyone else seems to have it.

Follow the guide here, and you'll be able to not only help yourself troubleshoot a bit, but help the Dev team and the site helpers get to the bottom of your issue as soon as possible. Now, let's get started!

Step 1: Use the SEARCH function on the right side of the website, put a couple of keywords into the box and press the Magnifying Glass button. This will bring up any thread and post with that word(s) in it, which may answer your question before you ever have to do anything else! If there's a thread already started that covers your issue, use that thread to help solve your problem, or add to it and describe your issue.
VIDEO - Using Search

Step 2: Now, say you have searched for your issue and can't find it, or you think this is a brand new issue that needs its own thread. No Problem! Before you go and make a thread that says: THIS BOT SUX I HATE BEIBER, take a few moments to calm down a little bit, we're all here to help you! So, to make a new thread about your error/bug, make sure you are posting in the correct place, and not hijacking someone else's thread about butterflies with your bot issue.

This is your problem: The bot keeps just standing there in the rift not doing anything. You have already checked your keybindings and made sure Mouse3 is your ForceMove button, and checked that you have a current Custom Script(CS) set, with a working V2 PickIt. The bot is set to do normal T6 rifts, but only enters the rift and uses left mouse and right mouse, but nothing else. How Frustrating!

VIDEO - Making a correct Format thread, the easy way.

Step 3: Support Format is very important! It tells the Dev Team some very important information, and also makes sure their time is spent efficiently. Copy/Paste these next few lines, and edit what you need to for any thread you have to make.


Bot version: 1.051e
Sequence used: Rift
Sequence settings: Trial false, Greater false, Fastmode false, BreakatEnd true, BreakafterBoss true StayInGame 100
Custom script used: UE 2.2 Imoiran
FastMode settings: False
Avoidance settings: recommended on script
Any other settings you think related to your issue: No
Link to video: 
Link to full debug logs: 

Bug description:

Also please keep one report per bug in each topic.
Bold fields
 are mandatory

As you can read, there are mandatory fields for bug reporting, this isn't to make your life hard, its just that important. Now, lets make all those easy!

Bot Version: VIDEO- Getting Version+Build
Sequence used: VIDEO- Getting Sequence+settings
Sequence settings: VIDEO- Getting Sequence+settings
Custom Script used: VIDEO- Getting Custom Script
FastMode settings: VIDEO- Getting FastMode settings
Avoidance settings: VIDEO- Getting Avoidance settings
Any other settings: Your discretion
Link to Video: Step 4
Link to Debug logs: Step 5

Bug description: This is the problem in your own words, just do the best you can to explain what is happening.


Step 4: Making a Video! Making a video of anything you want on your computer screen is incredibly easy now, don't let it be tough. 
VIDEO- Getting Bandicam and Installation
Setting up Bandicam for use is very easy.
VIDEO- Setting up Bandicam
The free version of Bandicam can only record for 10 minutes per time you OPEN the program. So, if you want to buy it, you can record on one PC forever. Or, like me, you can just close it and re-open it, then splice the videos together using Windows Movie Maker, throw some cool music on there from YouTube, and completely bypass buying anything.
OK, now to upload! If you upload the video as-is, the quality may go down considerably, I suggest using Windows Movie Maker(free) to save the video for high quality rendering.
VIDEO- Saving with WMM for upload
Uploading! I personally use YouTube, but you can choose several different sites to upload a small video. I'll demonstrate YT here.
VIDEO- Uploading to YouTube
And there you go. Copy the link from your upload site, as shown in the Video, then paste it directly into the format list beside
Link to Video:

Very Important! Ensure you have full debugging on, when you record your game play!
VIDEO- Turning on Full Logging

Step 5: Uploading full logs(editing them first) This is a really great source of information for the Dev Team, and you should make it as easy as possible to read and follow. You want to grab the log of you gameplay in question(where the bug is) and find the general time in which the activity is taking place. If you have an 8 hour log, NOONE, including you, wants to sift through that to find the proper time, but I can assure you, the Dev Team has looked over HUNDREDS of logs to your 1.. so just do it for them.
VIDEO- Getting Logs and Uploading them
And now you have your log upoloaded and saved the link for it. Put it next to 
Link to Debug logs:


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This is a very good guide

NO support by private message.

Support must go through forums
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There is even a video telling you how to do search... lol

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Nice Job!

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