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beacuse it repeatedly comes to many lacks of clarity/questions regarding to the Fast Mode Settings in the Forum, I would like try to finally clarify it. So that really everybody understand how it works.
Most simply use copy and paste from the individual Custom Scripts but do not reflect that their Chars have other stats and then they wonder why the Bot not runs as they want.

IMPORTANT: Free Key User have their Fast Mode Settings saved LOCAL on your PC.
                     Master Profile (Premium Key) Users have their Fast Mode Settings ONLINE.

Free User:   LOCAL Profil

Premium User:   ONLINE Profil

Now we come to the basics:

Minimum duration = 500            -  the time in ms that the bot will wait before going back into FAST mode
Fast mode tolerance = 0             - The smaller the value the longer the bot waits with attack to free himself when he stuck.
Life limit = 50                              - % of Life that the Bot will go back to normal mode (attack all mobs).
Scan range = 50                          - Range that will be scanned to check the Density limit.
Density limit = 40                      - the Limit that must be reached to Stop Fast Mode and start attacking. = L
Elite weight = 40                        - Value for an Elite Monster    = A
Warden weight = 40                  - Value for an Warden   = B
Goblin weight = 40                    - Value for an Goblin  = C
Normal monster weight = 1        - Value for an Normal Monster   = D

A+B+C+D = X

If X < L than the Fast Mode is still active and the Bot keeps running and running.
If X > L than the Fast Mode stopped and the Bot starts fighting.

In the Ex. above the bot attacks every Elites, Warden and Goblin but he ignores the Normal Monsters until they are 40+ in the Scan Range Area.


Density limit = 10
Elite weight = 0
Warden weight = 10
Goblin weight = 10
Normal monster weight = 1

With this Settings the Bot ignores all Elite Monster and Normal Monster will only attacked if they are more than 10.


Density limit = 10
Elite weight = 10
Warden weight = 10
Goblin weight = 10
Normal monster weight = 0

With this Settings the Bot ignores all Normal Monsters and and hunts/kills only Elites, Goblins & Wardens.


If you want that the Bot kills Elites, you should avoid that the Elite weight is less than the limit weight.
Because with

Density limit = 10
Elite weight = 5
Warden weight = 10
Goblin weight = 10
Normal monster weight = 1

The Bot would ignore the last Elite Monster
Also the Warden weight shouldn't be less than the Limit weight, otherwise it can happen that the Bot ignores the Warden.


Here you can find a detailed description/explanation for the Density Concept.

If you have any Questions or suggestions to Improve this Guide, feel free to contact me.

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thanks a lot any chance to do this for the Avoidance as well? 

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​thank you for this really good explanation, really helpfull for me!


kind regards





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Hello, This does not seem to be functioning at all for me.

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Sat, 09/17/2016 - 12:50

I set it up as to "With this Settings the Bot ignores all Normal Monsters and and hunts/kills only Elites, Goblins & Wardens." ... and it won't go after goblins :( keeps skipping over the blue ones and goblin packs :(

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Fri, 11/25/2016 - 12:20 (Reply to #5)

You'll need to increase the goblin density and look into your avoidence settings.

Try checking the box that says "Goblins are elites" as well. Also, check the script you are using, each skill has density limits.

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Sat, 01/20/2018 - 22:01

Is it really worth it using ?

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fucking awesome !!! +1

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Nice and clear Thx

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What about minions? Should that be set too zero as well as the normals for Elite Hunting??

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Mon, 06/25/2018 - 17:30

If you use the in-geom weapon, you need to kill the minions and the elite to trigger the in-geom effect. So you would want minnions not to be zero.

If you aren't using in-geom, then you can set minions to zero.

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hi,this is very helpful to me,but i am a chinese,my english is not good enough,i didnt understand all clearly,how to contact you pal?i have some questions,my email adress is [email protected],thanks!

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guess that you play impale build. pretty strong against elites. if i stop killing all mobs, i clear my gr between 7 and 10 minutes. If i kill only elites, i clear my gr between 4 and 7 minutes. Faster gr means more drops and more drops means more primals. As simple as that ;) more exp too and faster level up of legendary gems

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Density concept pdf link is broken. Links to a 404 error.

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what is the range of  tolerance? If I set to 10,what is the different of 0?

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Mon, 02/08/2021 - 10:19

in one skill script, chose Density settings - Type - Circular, and then fill in Distance Min/Max and Calculation min/max param, here these two set of radial param, how to responds to Scan range in the fast mode.