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About Ros-bot

What is Ros-bot ?

Ros-bot is a bot that plays Diablo 3 Reaper of souls for you

Any affiliation to Activision Blizzard ?

This site is not affiliated to Activision Blizzard

Will I get banned for using Ros-bot ?

No bot is safe. Don't believe anyone saying so. Use at your own risk

Does Ros-bot use injection or memory write ?

No memory write. Ros-bot process is hidden through limited user's creation method

How does Ros-bot work ?

It reads memory and moves the mouse to perform actions

Where to start from?

Where should I start from to use Ros-bot ?

Answer is always the same: RTFM ! Getting Started is the way to start

Typical errors

Ros-bot is not launching properly

Make sure .NET framework is intalled and up-to-date: Getting Started

Getting errors with Rcdw32.Navigation.VirtualWorld

Make sure your Diablo 3 download is complete and that you installed x86 version of C++ Redist (and not x64): Getting Started

My character doesn't move

Configure your "Force move" keybinding: Getting Started

Typical newcomer questions

I can't do anything else whith my mouse once Ros-bot is launched

Expected behavior. Due to no-injection, you can't. Use a virtual machine if you want to

I don't find any information about how to fill bot .ini files

DO NOT edit them directly. Everything is GUI-editable

I still want to know where Ros-bot stores configuration files on my computer

My Documents > Ros-bot