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Hello there,

with every Diablo 3 patch and RosBots' downtime that comes with it, there are common themes merging that should be addressed.

1. What does Diablo 3 update mean for RosBot

Every time there's an update - be that large or small - there are potential changes introduced. Maybe it's a simple hotfix, perhaps there was security methods added, was there any code changed, removed, added, new functions introduced or old ones removed, perhaps even new features for the game itself?

All this needs to be investigated by developers. Then the situation assessed and if need be - RosBot adapted to the new changes. 
If there are changes made that developers deem important, there's a closed beta group who test the new RosBot version(s).
Betas then report any issues, notes or simple praise to the developers, who then assess the situation again and introduce further changes or if situation warrants it - release a public version of the bot for every user.

The situational analogy would be that you receive a mysterious case from IKEA. IKEA sends a note that says "Here's our newest piece of furniture. VÄRY VÄGUE".
Further instructions read that there are various pieces of shape and form and some pieces maybe not needed, some pieces maybe needed and some pieces are missing. IKEA has failed to ship tools to compile this new piece of furniture.
So you rely on your knowledge, hope that you get it right and you test the new piece of modern art decor furniture once assembled and you can only hope that you didn't mess up along the way.
And if you messed up it can maim you, cause injuries and financial loss. You will then proceed to send angry letters to IKEA and call them turds. IKEA will be sad.

2. Why is there no ETA provided? 

In simple layman terms: It's not an oil change. 
Diablo 3 IP is owned by Blizzard Activision and any patches are usually released with detailed or vague patch notes. 

They do not however release the source code publicly, they do not provide a list of backend changes for easy viewing and they definitely do not support bots or bot developers to circumvent what they have done. So everything has to be looked at and discovered by developers and there is no set amount of time how long that could take.
While Diablo 3 developers team might have worked on the patch for a long time - they certainly do not warn anyone of it beforehand and thus the timing might be simply inopportune for RosBot developers. 
Giving a rough ballpark idea of 2 days to 2 months wouldn't suffice and perhaps it takes longer than 2 months? This would defeat the purpose of ETA. Not a good form.

Rest assured however that no one is intentionally dragging their feet. 

3. RosBot received an update - is it safe to use or can I get banned?

Nobody can guarantee 100% safety from a ban.
Whilst every precaution is taken - it is simply unknown how Blizzard Activision chooses it's targets. 
While they might not be able to detect the use of bot or any third party program itself, they certainly have a lot of data available due to it being an always online game.
They can and most probably collect and log data about your time spent "playing", what do you prefer to do, what items you receive, are you a solo player, group or public player, your chat, clan, leaderboards position - they know everything about your account.
We however can only speculate what they know and how do they decide to use the this information. 
There are handful of bans reported each year, but current common theme looks like this: 
Seasonal player.
Usually in top solo 50 position in leaderboards. 
May or may not have used other third party software. 
Has very high level positions in group leaderboards status. Usually in the top 20 or higher position.

Does this have any bearing or just a coincidence? We simply can not tell you as we do not have any proof, but these are something we have found in common. 

Bot knowing that you might lose the account you use for botting. 

4. I have paid for Premium License and now my time is about to expire! Will I receive compensation?

Premium License owners whose license was active during bot downtime will receive extension on their license(s) expiry date.
Premium license lasts for 30 days upon purchase. Date of RosBot coins purchase does not affect the Premium License purchase duration.

Few examples to better illustrate the point.

Example #1
You bought a premium license on the first of January, 2019 and the expiry date is set on 30th of January.
You botted happily until 20th of January until Blizzard released a surprise patch that caused RosBot to be inoperable for 5 days. 
Your Premium License will be extended by 5 days and thus the new expiry date is now 4th of February, 2019.

Example #2
You bought a premium license on the first of January, 2019 and the expiry date is set on 30th of January.
You botted happily until 20th of January until Blizzard released a surprise patch that caused RosBot to be inoperable for 15 days. 
Your Premium License will be extended by 10 days and thus the new expiry date is now 14th of February, 2019.

Note: There are 31 days in January of 2019.

5. Common dos and donts!

5.1 Why RosBot ceases to work with new Diablo 3 updates?

There's a check performed upon starting RosBot - what version it is designed for and what version of Diablo 3 has been opened. If not a match - it doesn't allow operation of RosBot.
It is the same if you start up Battle.net and it auto-updates your Diablo 3. Battle.net just checks what version of the game you are running and what is the latest known version. 

5.2 Diablo 3 was updated and no one has created a thread about it on the forums. Let me be first!

While we appreciate the enthusiasm to report - may I suggest you turn your sights unto our Discord server
Most likely it is already known or has been reported for immediate attention, but it doesn't hurt to check in Discords #announcements channel.
Forums are great beasts of the old and Discord is the new, hip kid on the street with instant group messaging, self-help system and support from your peers. 

5.3 Wait, it's been 5 days and no new information about RosBot update. I best ask or make a forum thread!

​Just simply don't.
All relevant information is shared on Discord #announcements channel or on forum information panel. If there hasn't been any update in some time - simply means there is nothing to update users about.
Repeatedly asking about ETA does not actually make anyone work faster, think smarter or RosBot update come faster.

5.4 TurboHUD, Enigma MapHack, D3Helper and <insert name of the tool> I like to use has been updated. Why isn't RosBot?!

While some of the programs do have similarities in some of the functions between them, it does not actually mean that RosBot is affiliated with other programs available. It is up to each developer of their respective program to update and release it - if they see fit to do so. Drawing parallels does not help.

5.5 I have paid for a Premium License! This should give me entitelment and right to rabble-rabble-rabble!

While we all enjoy a good rabble-rabble-rabble.... paying for a Premium License is still subject to Terms of Service that you accepted while you entered and browsed this forum or if you purchased the license/used the bot at any shape or form. 

5.6 How long does bot update usually take?

While previous durations of bot update process have no bearing in any future updates - the time taken has been as little as few hours up to 30 days.
Each update is reviewed, assessed and tested upon case-by-case basis.

​5.7 I have more questions that aren't listed here!

Great! Come join us in Discord and ask away!

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Get'R updated fam! Gotta get them paragons and still pay the mortgage :D
Thanks again!

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Is there a way to bypass the check to use the bot anyway, of course at our own liability? For such a minor update it would be nice to just bypass the check for a couple days until the update is out, especially as I monitor all play time anyway.