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Condemn Sader

How to Sader like a pro.


Condemn Sader is* the most OP build in the game, bar none.

It’s the most effective build for most of the end-game content, making it not only the strongest, but most versatile as well.

This guide aims to lead you through the process of switching from whatever cool but weak build/class you are currently running, to the king of xp/paragon farming.
* Do note though, this was for 2018 D3 Patch 2.6.1, but the build is not changed for Akkhan Sader and the guide still relevant.
Fire Condemn (see D3Planner link) is recommended, and since D3 Patch 2.6.4, LoN Condemn Sader the top Sader build.





How to get started

The first thing you need, obviously, is a Crusader that is lvl 70. The quickest way of going from lvl 1 to lvl 70, is to have someone power lvl you. There are in-game communities for this, so ask in in-game chat for this service and very likely someone will respond. Block them afterwards, you don’t want someone seeing you online 24/7 in their friends-list.

Secondly, you need the correct gear, with the proper stat rolls. The Akkhan set bonus is built around you having 100% uptime on the skill Akarat’s Champion.


This requires minimum 56% CDR, and is your main priority on all items where it is possible, except for the Akkhan set amulet.


Next comes the weapon and shield, the second part of the puzzle and equally important, together with a supporting cast of Belt, Bracers and Pants to round it all out.
More on this in the next section.


Gear & Skills



  • Head - Helm of Akkhan - Prio: STR > CHC > VIT

  • Chest - Breastplate of Akkhan - Prio: STR > Condemn% > AR or EliteDMG reduction

  • Belt - Vigilante Belt - Prio: CDR > STR > AR (Resistance to all) > VIT

  • Pants - Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan - Prio: STR > AR > VIT

  • Boots - Sabatons of Akkhan - Prio: STR > AR > VIT

  • Shoulders - Pauldrons of Akkhan - Prio: CDR > Condemn% > STR > AR

  • Gloves - Gauntlets of Akkhan - Prio: CDR > CHC > CHD > STR

  • Bracers - Nemesis & Strongarms - Prio: Holy % > CHC > STR > AR

  • Amulet - Talisman of Akkhan - Prio: Socket > Holy % > CHC > CHD

  • Rings - Focus & Restraint - Prio: Socket > CDR > CHC > CHD

  • Weapons - Blade of Prophecy & Akkhan’s Addendum - Prio: CDR > DMG% > STR

  • Shield - Frydehr’s Wrath - Prio: Secondary ~800% > CDR > CHC > Condemn% > Elite DMG reduction > STR

Note on armor; If a piece does not have AR (Resistance to all), then aim for having resistance to either fire or physical as a secondary stat.

Note on weapons; You will most likely cube the Blade of Prophecy until you find a primal one, to get the full 800% Condemn bonus from it. Akkhan’s Addendum - the 2-handed flail - is slightly easier to get by upgrading rares and doesn’t have a secondary you have to get lucky with compared to the sword, so it is more likely to be the one you use in hand.


Start crafting/upgrading

First of all, gamble/craft shoulders until you have 7 Pauldrons of Akkhan. (Page 3 recipe in Cube). The reason for shoulders is that it’s 1/7 that you roll a piece of the Akkhan Set, compared to rolling Chest pieces (1/12) for example.
Pro tip! Use the CubeConverter.

Secondly, start Converting Set Items (Page 4 recipe in Cube) until you have the full set. Keep going until you have 8% CDR on Shoulders and Gloves, and then move on to the amulet until you hit one with - or one you can reroll to - Holy %DMG, CHC, CHD and a socket.

When that’s done, move back to upgrading rares again. This time:

  • 2-handed flails for Akkhan’s Addendum

  • 2-handed swords for Blade of Prophecy (Cube it)

  • Belts for Vigilante Belt

  • Bracers for Nemesis & Strongarms (Cube the one with the worst rolls which is most likely the Strongarms due to its 20-30% secondary)

  • Pants for Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan (Damage boost and resource regen)

  • Crusader Shields for Frydehr’s Wrath (For just starting out, be happy with a shield that has a secondary between 770-800% Condemn DMG and 8% CDR primary)

  • Rings primarily for Focus & Restraint, but also a Convention of Elements for the Cube

More detailed info on stats and secondary preferences, check the d3planner:

When all of the above is done and you emptied your resources hunting for the best versions possible, you are ready to gear up.


  • Diamond in Helm for the CDR.

  • Diamond in Chest and Pants for the AR.

  • Emerald in weapon.

  • Bane of the Trapped, Bane of the Powerful and Esoteric Alteration in jewelry.


  • Weapon: Blade of Prophecy (or Akkhan’s Addendum if you got lucky with BoP)

  • Gear: Strongarms Bracers (or Nemesis Bracers if you rolled really good Strongarms)

  • Jewelry: Convention of Elements for the extra damage


  • Akarat’s Champion - Rally rune. We get the more important Prophet rune and Embodiment of Power rune for free by using Akkhan’s Addendum.

  • Laws of Hope Wings of Angels rune. Gives us move speed, and prevents us from getting stuck.

  • Iron Skin - Flash rune. Gives us move speed, and prevents us from getting stuck.

  • Provoke - Too Scared To Run rune. Debuffs enemies, but most importantly gives us resource. Can be changed to Hit Me for self-buff instead.

  • Slash - Guard rune. Increase our armor even further.

  • Condemn - Vacuum rune. Draws the mobs in as well as triggering Strongarm Bracers.


  • Heavenly Strength - To be able to wield a 2-handed weapon in 1 hand.

  • Finery - Increase strength & armor even further.

  • Long Arm of the Law - Let us keep the extra movespeed from Laws of Hope up for longer.

  • Holy Cause / Indestructable - Extra damage and healing or a second “cheat death” effect.


  • Chaos potion - Will most likely get you out of stacked molten explosions when the first one hit.

  • Armor potion - Gets better the higher paragon you are, since STR gives armor. Getting a 20% armor increase is huge when armor numbers are as high as they are with Sader.



Build variants and purpose

Included in the d3planner are 6 builds:

  • Speed GRs - The most effective XP/Paragon farming build.

  • Speed GRs (alternative) - A slightly inferior version using Leoric’s Crown in Cube instead of Strongarm Bracers that can be useful if you didn’t manage to get enough CDR on gear to reach the mandatory 56%.

  • Push GRs - A build focusing on clearing higher rifts, but slower and consequently less XP/hour. Its main purpose is running lvl 100+ GRs for gem-ups.

  • Push GRs (alternative) - Just an alternative build.

  • T13 Keyfarming build - Referred to as the Fear build. It’s a really fast build for farming rift keys based around the fear mechanic. Can also be used for running Bounties effectively.

  • T13 Keyfarming build - Alternate version. Slightly less damage, but higher CDR thanks to Fervor passive.




When you finally have your Condemn Sader ready to rock, it’s time to move to RoS-Bot.

If you haven’t already, take the time to read the Getting Started guide, it will probably save you some time later on.

For Premium accounts, time to create your Master Profile. For local accounts, manually copy each and every setting into bot.

  • Script

  • Starter Pickit

    • Link

    • Picks up everything.

    • Keeps Ancient Legendaries/Set items (including Primals).

    • Salvage the rest for materials.

  • Master Profile


How to create a Master Profile with the content you just made available:

  1. Go to My account -> Bot profiles Click 90tkO7N3xu1CRFy4dQY_cllqELAF2bQ0TmMY7C0O and fill out all fields according to the Rake’s Condemn, Master Profile.

  2. Save the Master profile and go back to bot, Master profile tab, click “Reload data from website”.

  3. Select a Sequence, Rift for example, Configure if needed and then hit “Start botting”.
    If everything is done correctly, you should be able to speed run GR 80-85s without much trouble, if any at all.

There's also alternative top-tier scripts to use, but may have less strict avoidances putting you at higher risk unless you can survive a couple of molten explosions.
Cyp's VSSWINTA script is one well trusted and worth considering when shopping for other scripts to test.


Discord & Misc Terminology

Come say Hi. We are a friendly bunch.
Join the Discord server!


Some terminology that we frequently use:

  • eph, xp/hr, xp/h - Experience per hour. The value we are referring to is shown as “XP Earned” and specifically the value in (), in the bot overlay.

  • gph, g/hr, g/h - Games per hour. 12-14 is usually the sweet spot for maximum XP gain.

  • 1r2gr - 1 Rift 2 Greater Rifts. When bot runs GRs but run out of keys, it will run 1 Rift to gain keys and then switch back to GRs, rinse repeat. Effective way to keep XP pools up as well as farm crafting materials, while farming XP/Paragons.

  • Stacked, pre-stacked - Running only GRs, by stacking up on keys & XP pools beforehand. Usually with SFP / RFP (Search for Pools / Rift for Pools).

  • AR - All resist / Resistance to all

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This guide made me so much exp thanks!

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I notice no AD on this build.
I was wondering if AD on shoulder/gloves/weapon are of any use.
Maybe not useful for a bot.



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Well this is very nice, and put together superb thank you for sharing my friend!!!!


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I notice alot of people use "The Furnace" instead of Akkhans Addendum.. is this viable?

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My bot continues to move my character back and forth constantly! It cannot decide between moving to the Orange circle on the overlay or the Green circle of the overlay. I am not sure what is going on.

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thanks nice guide! My sadder is destroying the 80 gr, doing it preatty fast. However it is having problems with the boss, it always dies (I have Indestructable passive). I have put all paragons into vitality and that helped a bit, but still.
Sometimes the bot dies so much that it just leave the grift, even if it still hat lots of time (is there a way to change that?)

Also I couldnt get a good amulet and dropped CHD for Holy%, do you think is worth? (i still have chc on the ammy)

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keeping hexing active i'd image, that's BY DESIGN

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thanks this thing is a beast! would you be able to add a follower section to the guide? what follower and best gear to look for?

keep up the good work

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Script mentioned in guide is removed by the looks of it, might wanna update that. Other than that, great guide!

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