What does "Stuck time detection" in Fast mode setting options?

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Joined: 02/20/2021 - 07:35
Thu, 02/25/2021 - 22:59 #1

I noticed that the number of "Stuck time detection" (in ms) in "FAST MODE SETTING" is often about between 200~500,
How does it influenct bot activity?  Is it relatived to stuck behaviors of a bot? 
My bot sometimes got stucked chosing paths between closely parallel narrow passages.
Does it helps in reducing stuck times in that topography when I set it larger?

Joined: 07/14/2015 - 05:09
Fri, 02/26/2021 - 12:00

the lower the ms, the quicker the bot will attempt to cast a spell/attack by turning off fast mode temporarily until it's unstuck and able to reach its next checkpoint.

250ms is a good place to be as it/s 1/4th of a second