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Sun, 10/07/2018 - 06:26 #1

with the recent season long buff to bounties the state of bounties has become more of a common topic. 
These are settings that I have found work the best to reduce the amount of failed games. I ran almost 8hrs today, testing all the acts and ended up getting 1 failed game total. Last picture is of act 5 only.

Act2. NeilDorfling/Papa                 Act3+4 Lusi                   Act5 - Cyp

Important tip: Do NOT run all acts at onceonce. Spread them out. Act1+2, Act 3+4, Act 5 separate. Or all separate.
Important links: Guides ; Pickits 

Script is down to individual preference, but all in all you will want speed, range and area of effect spell caster. Demon Hunter with Multishot is the ideal candidate for it.
I have made a handy script for Bounties and Rifts that can be found here: Click me! 
There is also one of the older scripts that has impressed some users: Click me! 

Generally try to avoid any build that has fear mechanics since you do not want to fear away the bounty mobs - not only will you chase them and spend time doing so, but this can also produce more fails when the mobs are feared too far away of the patrol areas/areas where bot will look for the mobs in question.

1) Proper setup of Diablo 3 and RosBot 

Start by reading this guide by Tuhwin/Iro how to set up your Diablo 3 screen setup for best performance and to reduce any issues with RosBot interacting with Diablo 3.

After that setup proper in-game settings pertaining looting.

  Set Item Label Display

  • Options > Gameplay > Item Label Display to Push to Toggle On/Off

Next up you will want to configure your bounty runs. So in Bot GUI you will select the correct Sequence of Bounties or Bounties Public.

2) Cache, Pickit and Timeouts 

Pickit Bible - Authored by Tuhwin/Iro
So next up you will want to set up a pickit that is rather minimal. You can still pick up crafting materials and legendary items, but I would refrain from specifically going after Common, Magic and Rare items themselves. Also, skipping gems and removing globe pick from your pickit is a good idea to speed things up.

Ideally you will not cache anything when it comes down to bounties. 
Local Profile users: can change caching in Documents\Rosbot\RosBotCacheSettings.ini Edit with Notepad.
CacheElites = False
CacheGoblins = False
DoNotCacheLegendaryItems = True
CacheRiftGlobes = False/True (Does not matter for Bounties)
CacheGreaterRiftGlobes = False/True (Does not matter for Bounties)
Ctrl+S to Save the document. 

NB: Note that Local Profile users will need to edit their cache settings if they choose to run Rifts and Greater Rifts. You most likely will want to Cache elites in those instances. Easy way to handle this is to just save one set of RosbotCache somewhere else and swap to the settings profile that you need.

Master Profile users: Edit their respective settings on by editing Cache rules and ticking the box that says: No Legendary Items and unticking every other box. 
Example: Click me!

You will want to set your timeouts lower when running bounties.Settings I use are:
Run Timeout 5 minutes (Run timeout is per bounty, not per act. No bounty should take more than 5 unless bot is stuck.)
Xp Timeout= 120 (This equals 2 minutes and if we haven't killed, maimed or slayed anything in 2 minutes it's because we are stuck)
CP Timeout= 120 (Again. 2 minute rule)
You can edit your timeouts in Global Settings
Local Profile users do it through BOT GUI - Global Settings
Master Profile users do it through - My Profiles - Global Settings
Now, this should alleviate some of the ping-pong issues where bot struggles to decide what to do or it will eliminate these sort of issues completely.

3) Wings, Portraits

Bounties is one good way to farm your Cosmic Wings and Portraits that you might be after from Whimsydale.
In order to do that all you need is to have:
1) Pickit that keeps Miscellaneous items
2) Set BreakOnWhimsydale=True in Bot GUI - > Global Settings

Special note: 
It seems there's a bug that happens quite randomly where bot will get into a loop of spamming a skill. I have yet to understand the cause of this, but with public and solo bounties it has surfaced more often. There's no set time when it can occur or no logic to it, but you will see it when bot likes to spam one or multiple skills and this will prevent Teleport or Clicking actions. Only known fix is to F7 twice (to completely stop the bot) and then to Start up bot again.
Known Issues: 
In case if you have bot set to open Horadric Caches, but you also have a pickit that has "Common" quality items set to "Keep" - bot will stash your Horadric Cache instead of opening it up.
With "Common" quality items set to Salvage - it will properly open the Horadric Caches. 

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Sun, 10/07/2018 - 06:52

Very thorough Bounty guide. Thanks

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Sun, 10/07/2018 - 07:37

awesome guide ty!

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Fri, 01/11/2019 - 13:18

Nice guide.
Sometimes it works good, like I've just ran act2,3,4,5 for the last few hours and had no failed runs. Sometimes it just skips an entire act if a bad bounty is present I assume? which saves wasted runs and failures.

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Tue, 06/25/2019 - 14:31

Nice Guide , Thank you very much .
Many Customers want the Bot to run Bounties while doing Greater Rifts for Gems-Up so doing one Act only is not an option.
I see many new Features comming up in new Versions but many Bounty Quests are still ignored by the Bot  (The last Babarian eg.)
Also the Bot tends to talk to Tyrael and turns in a Bounty in Act 3 accidentally.
Here with me 4 out 5 Bounty runs end up with at least 1 Quest not finished or not started. Since the last update there is a 20% chance he turned in a Bounty by accident.
While one can off course (using play time in group for that... not so good )run to whatever Lvl 2 cave to kill the remaining 3 mobs the bot simply didnt want to finish , a turned in Bounty is lost .


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Sun, 06/30/2019 - 09:14

system.diagnostics.process.kill 이건 뭘까요?

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Sun, 10/27/2019 - 11:14
please help ros-bot run

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Mon, 11/25/2019 - 10:52

Many thanks ! Very useful

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Thu, 04/09/2020 - 12:34

Great guide, thanks

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Thu, 05/07/2020 - 11:29

I have been able to get the bot to stop spamming a skill that prevents teleporting by opening map right before the bot is about to click the skill again.   Obviously not ideal and if you never watch your bot this does nothing for you.