ros bot is not starting d3. getting this error text:

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Tue, 12/10/2019 - 13:47 #1

Der Index lag außerhalb des Bereichs. Er darf nicht negativ und kleiner als die Sammlung sein. -> translates into: " The Index is outside the area. HE can't be negativ and smaller than the collection."
Parametername: index
   bei System.Collections.ArrayList.get_Item(Int32 index)
   bei System.Diagnostics.ProcessThreadCollection.get_Item(Int32 index)
   bei [email protected]=?2PJ"}\.6w>R>;T'\*\\~".⾳⾭⾬⿎⿅⾶⾸⿅⿍⾸⿈⾶⾽⾱⿃⾼⾿⾿⾹⿆⾮⾰⿇⾵⿂⾽⿏⿍⾳⾳⾹⾭‮()
   bei \[P5|gR5-\]Jk6?VUG9K$ZT<{I#.⾸⿋⾯⿁⾼⾸⾿⾻⾺⾾⾹⾶⿌⿎⾬⿀⿁⿈⾸⾳⿉⾳⿎⿍⾳⾭⿏⾿⿋⿃⾻‮(UInt32 , Boolean )
   bei ⿃⾹⾿⾯⿅⾬⾷⿂⿄⾿⾰⾹⾻⿋⿃⾰⾬⿇⿄⾲⿂⾬⿇⿎⾳⿁⿈⿄⾷⿄⾼‮.⾽⾺⿏⾼⾾⾯⾷⾻⿆⾽⾶⾼⾲⿅⾰⿉⿍⾰⿏⾻⾼⿏⿊⾭⾲⾭⿈⿋⾶⿊⾶‮()
   bei ⿃⾹⾿⾯⿅⾬⾷⿂⿄⾿⾰⾹⾻⿋⿃⾰⾬⿇⿄⾲⿂⾬⿇⿎⾳⿁⿈⿄⾷⿄⾼‮.⾾⾻⿃⾮⿏⾵⿌⿂⾿⿄⾮⾹⿊⿇⿆⾵⾯⿀⾹⾬⾶⾮⾻⾻⿃⿎⾴⿌⾰⿃⿌‮(Boolean )
   bei ⿇⿏⿄⾽⾬⿌⾭⿂⾽⿁⾳⾮⿋⾰⿂⾷⿃⿂⾰⾯⿀⾯⿆⾸⾵⾿⿏⿂⿍⿍⿌‮.⾯⾰⾭⾸⿋⾽⿉⿈⾳⾭⿋⿌⿍⾱⾽⾺⾹⾵⾴⾸⿃⾷⾻⾴⾹⾼⾹⿀⿎⿂⾲‮.⾶⾳⾼⿉⾬⿈⾭⾺⾺⿅⾹⾾⾭⾻⾲⿂⾻⾭⾻⾶⾿⾴⿂⾷⿆⾼⿈⿎⾭⿅⿇‮()
   bei System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Execute()

The correct file path is known. It used to work for past 2 weeks without problem. I deinstalled Avast weeks ago. No History of Windows Defender actions. Basically RoS-Bot is not starting d3 when I start the program. And when I click start botting it's still not running d3 and I get this error txt. Thanks in advance for your help!

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