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09/19/2014 - 03:33 RoS BoT Beta 32


  • Rift: if below 5 rift key stones, bot triggers an error window and stops. Prevents the bot from noob-clicking the nephalem obelisk
  • Uber Keys Farming: new sequence available. Runs wardens for keys
  • Ghom: fixed the quest selection - hopefully - what a pain !
  • All sequences: Better documentation
  • Bounties: you can now run Act1 and Atc4 in the same game. Bots talks to Tyrael at the end of each act.
  • Act V: Added a parameter to make Battlefield visible in configuration


  • CustomSkill: Added documentation link. Description
  • CustomSkillCustomSkill : Added a usage BuffDensityAroundMe, and a DensityMinMob parameter for each skill
  • CustomSkillBarbarian_HoTa: Script updated with DistanceMonsterAttack. Should avoid not attacking big monsters
  • CustomSkillWitchDoctor_ColdSpiritBears. Script updated with radius concept. Should avoid not attacking big monsters
  • CustomSkillWitchDoctor_PoisonSpiritBears. Script updated with radius concept. Should avoid not attacking big monsters


  • Base: Updated learn_plan description (requires level 12 to work)


  • F12 no releases mouse clicks and keys states properly
  • After gambling Kadala, a whole vendor routine (stash + salvage + vendor) is launched
  • Check point timeout fixed. Had not been working for several versions now. Should lead to faster "We are stucked somewhere" detection
  • Pressing F11 now resets the cpTimeout
  • Items cache becomes a POI cache. Should result in better handling of cursed chests/shrines, better guardians/uniques detection
  • Settings: Added boting time parameter. Use to bot only for a specified number of hours
  • Global Settings: Added Description for shards minimum gamble amount. This value is now software capped at 400
  • Debug menu: Added force mouse move debug button (for people who do not have middle mouse and still wanne configure it)
  • Bot makes a check for vcredist installation
  • Affixes avoidance menu grayed out (until we implement it again)
  • File menu renamed into file menu (still to small?)
  • Slowed down the click speed while using world map
  • Assembly name changed to RoS-BoT

Known issues:

  • DemonHunter_Elemental is not up-to-date with monster radius. Will most probbly have difficulties breaking big corruption stuff in act 4
  • Ubers Keys Farming sequence: number of keys is wronly calculated if there are several piles of the same key type. Workaround: store all keys in first tab of the stash
  • After a run broke, we reset the POI cache even if on the same map. This leads to ground distant items loss in some cases (including possible legendaries)
  • Gambling shard detection minimum is bugged. Workaround: set it to 200 in global settings
  • Activated cursed chests/shrines are not properly added to the POI cache
09/19/2014 - 03:33 RoS BoT Beta 31b
  • Fix Kadala in Rift sequence
  • Kadala : weapon tab was not working
  • Add Ghom sequence ! (only for english Diablo III)
  • Improved VaultedBear script
  • Act 1 bounties improved
09/19/2014 - 03:33 RoS BoT Beta 31a
  • Krailen and Jezebel are now properly looked for in the Leoric Manor
  • Diablo bounty breaks on quest, not on dead body
  • Rokanoth quest is using fixed map now
  • Rift - Some statues were not seen as breakable. Now they are
  • Added CustomSkill script description (full documentation not available yet)
  • Improved GlobalSettings description
  • Show an error message in a notepad if the bot crash
  • Fix WitchDoctor Poison script
  • Known bug: Rift sequence is not considered adventure, and thus bot won't gamble at Kadala. Don''t let that 31a beta run too long in rift without being close to be able to stop it and gamble by hand
09/19/2014 - 03:32 RoS BoT Beta 31
  • Improved portal handling
  • Improved Act 1 bounties