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01/21/2015 - 13:24 1.0.4a

General: Gambling: Fixed a bug where bot would loop on Kadala (due to items being more expensive than earlier). Gambling is now capped between 100 and 400 shards
LootArchive: crafting mats are not displayed anymore in LootArchive

01/20/2015 - 17:31 Ros-Bot 1.04

Compatible with patch 2.1.2
- 2.1.2: New path to heretic abode (ubers' door)
- 2.1.2: New resurection in rift
- 2.1.2: Sentries are now considered charge skill
- 2.1.2: Added new goblins to goblins list
- 2.1.2: Pickits now have an ancient items section

- Scripts : Deprecated scripts have been deleted. Use custom scripts
- Fix: Bot should work at very low level (even if your char can't have a full spell bar)
- Greater rift: Urshi rework
- Greater rifts: Added gem BoonOfTheHoarder
- General: Added legacy puzzle ring goblins
- General: Comented bounty shrine of Rakanishu
- Fix: Fixed minimap markers: should work better for french users (and some others)
- General: Custom script uses action title in debug/log
- Fix: Added furious charge as charge skill

10/30/2014 - 06:50 Ros-Bot 1.03

Avoidance: Added thunderstorms, plague, mortar, creep mob arms. Added display categories 
Avoidance: FleeAwayFromFlight: better behavior when close to a mob. Global better design 
Avoidance: FleeAwayFromFight: Affixes are avoided even if in FastMode

Custom script: "Ignore position calculation" option added 
Custom script: Added "Max channelling locking distance" option (issue 18295) 
Custom script: Added "Min ressource channelling" option (issue 18295) 
Custom script: fixes usages attack+buff, density+buff, elite+buff. Should now cast properly even if monster is big

Custom pickit: Added. Implements legedenray filter (issue # 14873)

Sequence: UbersKeysAndRealms: Better description 
Sequence: Added: Ubers Keys And Realms. Sequence for farming ubers organs (issue # 15886) 
Sequence: Rift: Added a FastRift option  
Sequence: Uber Realms: Fixed inventory closing after having used a machine 
Sequence: Rift: Fixed MaxGreaterRiftLevel 
Sequence: Rift: Added TrialMaxLevel 
Sequence: Rift: Bot TPs to A2 after any rift to talk to Orek

General: Overlay: Legenday count renamed into "Stashed  
General: Fixed issue 16758 (GUI resizing is not allowed anymore) 
General: Fixed skills with charge 
General: GlobalSettings: GoblinsAreElites. Check this to consider gobelins as elites 
General: GlobalSetting: LootArchive default value is TRUE 
General: FastMode: Added a life limit option  
General: Fixed and issue with telport-like spells when casting them close to a portal (dashing strike, teleport...)  
General: New mouse move strategy 
General: Closing paragon panel (and other panels) faster 
General: Overlay: New debug info in overlay when pressing F1 
General: Fixed a bug (like in Hall of agony 3 and some other maps) where bot would keep walking around the same point 
General: Fixed a bug with password. Bot was using ****** (issue #28524)

09/26/2014 - 12:53 Ros-Bot 1.02f is available

A few fixes mostly due to 2.1.1

Close Usrhi screen if player is still looting items
Fix: trials. Bot is now able to re-enter a previously opened trial
Fix: custom script. Some nullable errors

09/25/2014 - 13:15 Ros-Bot 1.02e

Compatible with patch 2.1.1

09/19/2014 - 03:45 RoS BoT 1.02d


  • Fix: issue with timeout
  • Fix: issue with Urshi
  • Fix: issue with positioning for melle char when attacking with a distance of 0 yard
  • Fix: global settings: password field is now displayed with ***
  • Kind of a fix: extract scene file only from necessary mpq (multiple languages shouldn't lead to an issue
  • Fix: resurrect at bosses
09/19/2014 - 03:44 RoS BoT 1.02b

Hotfix :

The bot should not click on already operated gizmo anymore.

General :

Fullscreen is handled, but overlay will be deactivated.

09/19/2014 - 03:43 RoS BoT 1.02a


  • Positioning improve

Custom Script:

  • Fix shift hold


  • Already known receipe should be stashed now
  • Fix stack of trial key (100 instead of 1000)
09/19/2014 - 03:43 RoS BoT 1.02


  • Rift: re-work of part of the logic
  • Rift: Added a DoTrial option


  • Custom script: fix: unused spells are properly discarded if not found in game: (bot shouldn't say: casting XXX if XXX is not a spell you have in game)


  • All: Fix: Legendaries potions are not considered autopickable anymore (should solve some issue while picking them)
  • Pickit: Free: Added horadric caches AND RiftKeys to the list bot cannot sell
  • All: fix: plans don't stack (bot knows it now)


  • Fix: red armor and TPSafe
  • Avoidance: Flee and Stay: optimization
  • Fix: index error that was preventing new users to run the bot
  • Fix cptimeout for breakables
  • Fix wp coords in A5 (miss click on map while trying to interact with vendor)
  • Fix error if key exception
  • General: bot now checks some of your game settings to make sure they are as stated in the Getting Started guide
09/19/2014 - 03:43 RoS BoT 1.01


  • Custom scripts: Now handles moving to monster according in accordance to dangers (bot shouln't move to monster straight line, but turn around the monster for example)
  • Custom scripts: Fix: now attacking properly (monster center and not on feet)
  • Custom scripts: new usage option for buffs: Force recast: Spell is recast as soon as not in cooldown (use that for skills you wanna see always active)
  • All handwritten scripts are considered deprecated
  • All: scripts can now used beyond the screen limits attack ranges (bot attack as soon as possible)


  • Rift sequence is back. It handles normal rifts, trials and greater rifts


  • A few modifications not to sell, salvage new 2.1 items


  • Bot is now looting items using items label.
  • Avoidance: Now has life limit options
  • FastMode: Fix: loops
  • Removed some wrongly classified monsters (pools, a4 pillars...)
  • Salvage now uses mass salvage buttons
  • Gold timeout is now an XP timeout
  • Overlay: now displays dangers only when entering a danger zone
  • Navigation: Fix: Exception while entering a map (please report if you experience it)