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04/01/2021 - 08:38

Under Early Access until 30th of April, 2021

  • Handle the new item: Bonds of C'Lena
  • Conditional casting updated to work with the new powerIds
03/31/2021 - 03:09
03/25/2021 - 16:55 3.910
  • Fix issue swapping a setting from False to True (when using localizaton AND after having pressed F7 to stop the bot)
  • Prevent user to make use of empty scripts (an empty script is a script that contains 0 action)
  • Refresh MP, script, pickit lists after reloading data from the website
  • Implement ChargeCount(Power) condition, returning the count of charges for a power. Typical use: ChargeCount(X1_Monk_DashingStrike) >= 1
  • Display number of days left for premium license when starting the bot
  • Add version label to main UI
  • Change casting validation (expect faster and better spellcasting)

Known issue: local profile avoidance parameters become untranslated after pressing F7
03/07/2021 - 17:23 3.900

Under Early Access until 22nd of March, 2021

  • Support for conditional casting
  • (Premium only) Bot client localization (French, German, Korean). By default, the translation is based on your operating system current language. A global setting option allows you to opt for English instead of "Operating system" if you prefer English.
  • Client English wording review
  • Remove adventure Act 1 to Act 5 sequences

With the support of client localization, some settings get lost when switching to this version (sequence, current script (local profile) and pickit). Make sure to select them again
02/20/2021 - 05:43 3.850
02/15/2021 - 05:04 3.842
  • Rework the shard detection to avoid conflicts while opening bounties caches
02/08/2021 - 05:36 3.841
  • Sell items ordering improved
  • Fix inventory full event whenopening bouties caches being full shards while running a no blood shards configuration
  • Gems and blood shards are not picked anymore by pickit filters targeting 'common' items
  • Fix inventory analysis for 'junk' items
12/08/2020 - 02:17 3.840

Under Early Access until 11th of December, 2020

  • Fix out of bound error when starting the bot
  • Compatibility with patch
11/23/2020 - 17:15 3.831

Under Early Access until 11th of December, 2020

  • Better grim scythe support
  • No blood shard mode support (set limit to 0 and bloodshard picking + kadala gambling get disabled)
  • Better tempest rush support
11/18/2020 - 23:18 3.830

Under Early Access until 11th of December, 2020

  • Compatibility with patch
  • Fix the inventory window not closing after identifying items with Book of Cain
  • Add 3 new pickit attribute filter:
    • Grym Scythe Damage %
    • Corpse Explosion Damage %
    • Bone Spear Damage %