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So, tired of looking around for a good LoN Necro script? Good! You have this now.... enjoy!

Quick links:
| Seasonal Unity | GR Season 20 | NS COE | NS Squirts (wip) | T16 Starter | T16 Seasonal | T16 NS | T16 NS CS | T16 Seasonal Boosted | GR Season 20 Boosted |

**Updated for Season 20, use GR Season 20 and T16 Seasonal**

Edit: There are now updated versions of both Season 20 scripts, try them out here!

This page is not a script - you need to read this and get the one you want

Before I get started, many thanks to all my VigLoN beta testers who helped in the last month leading up to the release:

In order of appearance (Discord handles)....

  • Binsu (The og script daddy - this man was the brain behind the start of VigLoN, give him props)
  • thezed (Also a longtime tester, he was with me for months helping out, a good portion of the design ideas came from him)
  • HOTT (Bruh, thanks man; your data and input on the little things sped the process up significantly - also formatting!)
  • Anders -Toxic (Hey! Now you dont have to wait and help for beta; its all here! I appreciate your help man)
  • dasOp (Another huge help..helper...heh...Anyway, this guy spent long hours theorycrafting and discussing with me, kudos to him)
  • Sara (How many times did you tell me the pickit broke :) A little bit of everything I worked on went through this gal, massive help, let her know!)
  • Tuhwin (This man's advice turned the script from a noob's attempt into something that might resemble something good someday, very grateful)
  • lifo2 (One of the first "higher" paragon testers, gave me a good insight into what I needed to change for some of the NS scripts)
  • LordSidious (this guy LUL what a classic bro, nobody has gotten a 62.5x buff to their eph before, what a god... thanks man)
  • NinjaDaddy (I hope you get your deserved eph now bro, you earned it)
  • » Ĝ ħ ó ŝ Ť ʕ•̬͡•ʔ (Another big boi, helped me work out what I needed for the Squirts and high para COE scripts)
  • DustyOne (Amazing writeups man, thanks for all your analysis on the issues that you had, they helped iron out a lot)
  • Antidot (Similarly to lifo, this guy provided a lot of data for me to go through - good stuff)
  • Sunblood (This guy came along when NS testing was in full swing, the control runs he did for me helped me out incredibly. Thanks!)
  • Holycow (Another big boi, testing on NS COE+ Squirts, helping out with avoids/fastmode/scripting, big help man)
  • Natu (NS eph is good stuff isnt it? Thanks for the Squirts testing)
  • Cyp (VSSWINTA sound familiar? You all know him, thanks for the insight on lower geared options)
  • Benny (You can't really test something without pushing the upper bounds of its capability - thats where this guy comes in. Thanks man!)


General Information about stuff

One of the biggest mistakes I see people do is to not read and understand their class. I'm already taking a liberty about not detailing the specifics of how Mages play - that's something you should know if you are wanting to bot it. However, what does need to be known is just how all the little pieces fit in with each other. When you click on the Suite, you will see specific avoidances and fastmodes for each script - they are important to use, they have been designed to work for that level range and type of script. A 9k nonseasonal necro shouldn't be using some seasonal Unity avoids, for example. In doing so however, there are some small levelling gaps (like the change from Unity to COE, and the avoids associated with that upper realm of levels for Unity) that you can tinker with, and you most likely will notice when you start. It's a big game of Jenga really - chop and change your builds and pull stuff out as much as you can to make it the most efficient without having it all collapse on you; thats the whole fun of it!

Run Expectations

GPH: ~20 for most scripts, rifts should be as fast as possible, >22
EPH: Again, as high as possible, this is influenced by a few things such as...
GR: You want something that will ideally never go over 3 minutes unless it's a real stinker
Keys: Stacked, 1r3gr, there are a few options. Ideally when you start, 1r3gr is fine for the most part because of how your pools run out. However....
RFP: When you start this, a good guideline is to follow Keys Total/Looted - get this number into the negatives. It won't happen straight away, but...
- Having this into the negatives means that your Pool RNG is very good - that's what we want for RFP!
Deaths/Fails - You are going to have this regardless if you are a seasonal player - ideally you want 0/0 but it's not going to happen. However, for non-season, deaths kill eph. Higher paragon players need to stop these at all costs, especially when doing stacked runs. It is the single worst killer of EPH at that level, a death early on is going to cause you a significant chunk of EPH later on.

So, you want some juice, that sweet EPH, that paragon, right? Great - you can find most of the stuff you need down below. Take a look at the rough guides for the levels and gear requirements in each script, they have D3planners for each script as well, but for a general reference guide:

Necro Script Paragon Roadmap:

  1. 0-2500: T16 Starter, Seasonal Unity
  2. 2500-6000: T16 Seasonal, Seasonal COE*
  3. 6000-8000: T16 NS, NS COE
  4. 8000-9000: NS COE**, T16 CS***
  5. >9000: NS Squirts, T16 CS 

* Ideally you run Unity to about ~3.5k-4k paragon, then when you begin RFP you switch to COE
** NS COE has better fastmode and avoid settings for higher paragon
*** T16 CS is especially difficult if you don't have very good gear; it's ok to drop down to T16 NS while you get more damage


The Scripts:

Ok, now we get to the fun stuff. I've tried to make it as easy as possible to have a singular hub for all the needs you would want for a necro, from 0 to >10,000 paragon. For ease of access, I split the scripts into Seasonal and Non-seasonal, but they are not exclusive to those. Use the levelling roadmap above to find your rough match and go from there!

All Season | All Non-season | 0-2500 | 2500-6000 | 6000-8000 | 8000-9000 | 9000+

VigLoN SuiteGR
VigLoN SuiteRift

Pick your MP from the level range and try it out! Some specific level ranges may be a bit strange, such as:

  1. ~3000 paragon: When you start your RFP runs, swap to COE
  2. ~2000 paragon (Rifts): You may find that you have good gear and you can brute force the Messer builds. Go for it!
  3. ~8000 paragon (Rifts): NS CS is a very brutally hard script without good gear... but try it!
  4. ~9000 paragon: Squirts is similar - you won't have good results unless you have very good gear.


The Gear:

Now, for gear there are several considerations to take in mind. If you are coming across from the Wiz side of things, one thing you need to make sure is very clear is that Necro is very gear-dependent. You won't get better results rushing higher and higher in the GR ladder, consistency and safety is the name of the game for most of the time you are on this class. With that in mind, some key stats need to be highlighted:

- CDR. This is the be all and end all of the builds; they rely on it, they function properly with it, and if you don't have it, you dont have EPH. This stat needs to be prioritized after you get your gear pieces ancient and ready to go.
- Essence: Another sleeper stat. It's not as insane as a 10% damage roll on a weapon, but missing points here and there will kill your DPS in a similar fashion. This is something to watch out for - it doesen't come up in stats, it's a D3planner one (check it out there for proper dmg rolls)
- Secondaries: Ok, so you have proper rolls for all your gear; you have a perfect trifecta jewellery set and your EPH still sucks. What gives? You are missing your secondary rolls! While not as important during the start of the Necro's lifecycle, they do add up and they have a measurable impact on your performance at higher levels. What are they?

  • Pickup: Helm, Shoulders, Gloves, Chest, Belt, Pants, Boots, Bracers (16)
  • Control Impairing: Rings (up to 80) Why? Affixes freeze/damage/stun/move your mages around....that's bad.
  • Damage Reduction: Amulet, Chest, (Enchantress*) Bracers** (7 melee, 7 ranged, 11 elite damage reduction)

Higher Paragon:Yes, gear changes as time goes on, some things are better than others. What are they?

  • Armor (This keeps you alive suprisingly well, you can get it on Shoulders, Chest, Belt, Pants, Boots - with your rubies you are aiming for 11-12k)
  • Area damage (Yes, pets do proc this, it's just another damage padder but it works, you want it on your shoulders and your offhand)
    • A general rule of thumb is to roll off Vitality when you can as well (9k+ paragon) Stuff like Chest and Shoulders are a good example of this.

Life Rolls: So, you have gear that you can roll to %life.... but you are 3000 paragon. First of all, the goal of %life is to boost your max life with ease rather than dumping points into it in your paragon. So, when you approach this stat, make sure you actually have a good vitality base on your gear before you roll %life (like the aforementioned 3k, no vitality on chest? Do we run life? no, we run vitality)

So, to recap:

  1. Normal gear rolls - Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Attack speed etc
  2. Proper base toughness rolls - no  %life stacking without proper vitality!
  3. CDR - 63%
  4. Essence - 330
  5. Pickup - 16
  6. Armor - 11k+
  7. Control - 80%
  8. Area Damage - 40% (for the big boys)
  9. Reduction - 7 melee*, 7 ranged, 11 elite
    • ​​Melee roll conflicts with pickup on bracers so its at your discretion - you can pick it up on ammy too


The Skills:

Ok, so there are a few crucial things to know about the skills in these scripts:

  • For some rifting scripts (T16 NS, T16 CS) there are no devour rules. You must use Devour Aura for them to work.
  • Similarly, there are exact setups needed. If you don't like this you will need to change the script, but as for the specifics:
    • LOTD: Right mouse button. No arguments - it removes the armory bug.
    • Bone Armor: Left mouse button. Again, this is hardcoded into the script, it wont work as well without this on LMB


The Science:

For any of you that want to go the extra mile, or don't yet know about how the mages work, I have a few sources that detail a few things you can't really find on sites like DiabloFans or IcyVeins. To start with:
- What buffs Mage damage? 
- Why do we roll damage reduction, what is most effective?
- I have 50% Tasker and Theos, there are definitely breakpoints, why don't you talk about them? Oh really?
          - You reach the only relevant breakpoint simply by wearing Taskers, you recieve pure damage buffs from attack rolls on your gear (think %damage)

Closing Statements

Well, just a bit of a read - all this information is meant in good faith though. If you have any questions I am around on the discord, feel free to pm or tag me about any questions (I go by Vigd). As always, if you have any issues you can comment here, on scripts, wherever and I should see them. I'm especially interested to hear how better it is than other scripts (if it is) - feel free to spread this and let people know about it if it works well! Other than that, happy farming!


- Mage go fast kill stuff good
- Make sure gear rolls proper to go fast kill good
- Dont use stuff you shouldnt that makes Mages not kill fast no good
- Read gear guides to optimise go fast kill good speed
- If you have any questions about making Mage go faster and kill gooder I'll be in Discord (vigd)

If you feel like doing so, buy me a coffee! Everything helps and I'm very grateful for any support you guys think I deserve:



  • 18.11 - Updated d3planners, general tidy, checkup on scripts and profiles to make them more pretty. Also released VigLoN!
  • 21.11 - Season Starter Update - tidied up the seasonal starter scripts, optimised both T16 and GR builds. Full changelog here
  • 6.12 - Seasonal Update - optimised all the seasonal scripts, buffed fastmodes, avoids, and pickits, roughly 20% EPH boost. Full changelog here
  • 18.3.20 - Season 20 Update - Changed various builds to work better with Messerschmidts Reaver procs, also optimized T16
  • 26.03.20 - Season 20 Update 1.1 - Slightly updated T16 script and GR script for more speed for enthusiasts 
  • 6.4.20 - Season 20 Update 1.2 - Published GR Boosted script for Season 20!


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Not just nice, f*cking awesome :-). Ofcourse no final figures, but seems to give me a 25% (!!) boost compared to my "old" script. Thanks for your work vigd and sharing with us.

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Tue, 11/19/2019 - 16:02

Really nice work. Before running gr92 17-18 grh and now gr96 18-20 grh. Paragon 3K+

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Great job. When I get ill run her hard

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I'm 8k paragon and I'm getting this:

6h and not even 1.6T/h with pool stack. A lot of deaths and failed runs.
I think this is unacceptable witth my gear and 1.3mil hp:

What can I do? Please help.

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What a fantastic script!
GREAT JOB, InvicTuz!

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Mon, 11/25/2019 - 04:21

What pickit is good  for T16 starter?

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hey boys, sorry i've been a bit inactive there are a lot of fires. Thanks to all that have been using it, let me know on discord how it is! 
@mephisto26 take a look at your legendary rolls on gear, 84% on chest is a lot of essence AND life regen missing, and you are missing 10% on your krysbyn (im looking at that planner which is 2.8k or so.... could be different)

gearing necro is very....VERY gear dependent, the little things DO matter. its a very hard task to realise what is the best to roll first, what legendary rolls are worth taking a "dps loss" for, and what to save. For reference I was doing ~1.3T/h rfp with stacked keys at 2.4k paragon this season (season 19) 

@dpkrn I used general pickits on the site, then swapped to a slightly more streamlined pickit that focused on just getting necro gear. there is no point having a very strict pickit, you may miss out on upgrades you didn't think you needed

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Wed, 03/18/2020 - 04:49

Hello vigd,
the planners aren't updated for Season 20

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Sat, 03/21/2020 - 19:12

Updated script for season 20 a few days ago, there are a few options you can go...

- drop HV and use squirts

- drop unity and use squirts and coe (best eph but a lot of deaths for me, maybe not this till high para >5k in season)

- wear unity, drop nailuj and wear both (again this is something i think ill come back to, it requires some agressive mage cast scripting)