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This script is designed for fresh Necromancers who simply arent stronk enough for COE yet. Use this build for levelling and gearing your fresh Seasonal Necro.

- Paragon 0-3500
- CDR first, then flesh out your gear rolls properly. CDR is the most important stat, it influences eph the most.
- %life on everything you can get it on
- Aim for ~900k-1.2m
- Focus on getting your vitality into your paragon first to build to ~800k, then put points into intelligence.

Devbuild 1 14.11
- Imported COE script, this will be fun....
- Changed around some Blood Rush settings... Approach now works a bit differently 
- Removed Jigglestep
- Edited Mage rules to take better advantage of essence (low para, low life, go fest men)
- Changed Mage - Rift Guardian to modern settings

Devbuild 2 17.11
- Updated all settings for final release

Devbuild 3 21.11 
- Adjusted Mage casting to proper values (no more spam)
- Added two conditional buffs to force Blood Rush and Mage usage in low density areas when Fastmode turns on
- Adjusted Simulacrum and LOTD density settings
- Edited Blood Rush - Town to cast better (Thanks Guigs!)
- Edited Blood Rush - Fight Walk to cast further
- Edited Blood Rush - Fastmode Walk to better values
- Edited Blood Rush - Approach to capitalise on better movement
- Edited Bone Armor - Density density settings

1.9k 95s Simulated Week 1 gear

1.8k day 5 of Season results