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wave of light


Hi! Welcome to the WOL Monk Rift script! This should be the fastest script on the website for pure Torment farming (as of 2021); I hope you enjoy the script and its speed! But first, a forewarning: It is designed to run VERY fast - this requires pretty decent gear. Make sure to check the D3planner and confirm you have the right rolls! This build will also struggle with a low paragon (<2000) character, if you need a rift setup that works out of the box regardless of paragon check out my VigDH Rifts script. I have also provided two further rift scripts above - my Strafe script and my Mages script. If you are too low paragon I advise to run the Strafe script first; it works extremely well!

Many thanks to RapDuck, without his help VigMonk wouldn't be around, his insight into some tricks with the bot is what allows this script to be so speedy! Furthermore, the guys listed below are also pretty heavily invested into this script, so give them kudos!

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  • Ghost
  • RavensReaper
  • enemyoflife
  • Viga
  • loghost
  • ANDY
  • mmuniz

Update: With the advent of the Follower Update, this build has now unlocked its full potential - it is outrageously fast and, even better, it can be run at low paragon now too! Enjoy!

- At least 55% CDR, you need rolls on both weapons and shoulders! this is very important!
- You need at least 2 rolls of Attack Speed to reach the breakpoint required for Wave of Light to work properly 
- Pickup is essential! Having 16 pickup is a huge difference and will increase your GPH/KPH by a wide margin 

- "I'm getting armory problems when using this, how do i fix this?"
  • Follow the planners and make sure your skills are in the exact order as I have placed them (this goes for all builds, follow the planners)
- "The bot is getting stuck at pylon/portal/vendor! What's going wrong?"
  • ​Follow the planner....
- "I'm ping-ponging on the spot! what's wrong with the script?
  • Remove your pet, the bot thinks it is an enemy.

While you are reading this, why not add a like to the script? Likes raise scripts on the main script page so it helps your fellow botters out with finding and using scripts like these - if you enjoyed this then surely others will too!

Lastly, if you feel like doing so, buy me a coffee! Everything helps and I'm very grateful for any support you guys think I deserve:


Devbuild 1: 22.4.20
- Start of VigMonk WOL!
- Grabbed a chinese script and english-ify'd it, went through and cut out ~90% of the rules and redesigned the rest to fit my vision
- Also added some Breath of Heaven rules 

Devbuild 2: 22.4.20
- Adjusted WOL rules to cast closer to the user, adjusted order on the script
- Adjusted Dash rules to have a long/short + approach rule, tinkered with some buff rules as well

Devbuild 3: 23.4.20
- Removed Dash - Short Move and adjusted Long Move and Combat Move to replace the shortfall
- split WOL rules into a density+attack and a density+buff rule and adjusted ranges to fit better with dash Approach
- Adjusted all buffs to have density requirements to cast better and therefore last longer

Devbuild 4: 24.4.20
- Adjusted WOL - Close and changed it to a surrounding rule, removed WOL - Trash 2
- Removed Mantra - Elites, BOH - Elites, Sweeping Wind - Stack Refresh and Dash - Approach
- Adjusted WOL surrounding rules slightly more to keep with the remaining Dash rules and added Epiphany - Ingeom
- Adjusted GMDS and re-ordered the script

Devbuild 5: 25.4.20
- Further adjusted WOL and Dash rules, optimized Town rules and adjusted some deprecated fields
- Changed WOL - Close back to a buff rule to test
- Removed Dash - Close and replaced it with Dash - Approach
- Changed D3planner and updated fastmode, cache and removed all vestigal backend avoids
- Adjusted timers on all Dash rules to cast faster

Devbuild 6: 29.4.20
- Finalised Dash rules, changed WOL - Close to a surrounding "buff" rule 
- Finalised Town routine and fixed buff rules further
- Adjusted GMDS and density weights to make them prettier

Devbuild 7: 3.7.20
- Completely overhauled the script, optimized it as to the best of my ability (I don't think there is much left, maybe 0.1gph or so, its really close to perfect)
- Adjusted WOL rules, Dash rules, and buffs
- changed GMDS
- Adjusted MP
- Changed timers for nearly every rule and adjusted density limits for nearly all rules

Devbuild 8: 21.2.21
- Gave the script a facelift!
- Updated D3planners

Devbuild 9: 1.4.21
- Updated D3planners for Season 23 + Follower

Season 20 ~6.2k paragon nopick/noshard

Season 20 ~6.2k paragon fullpick

My Other Scripts:

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Thu, 07/09/2020 - 08:43

I like the script, but had to clone it to make some modifications.
There is no fallback attack when there is not enough density. This is weird when the bot is stopping fast mode to attack goblins, but then has nothing to attack them with. So I added WoL attack without any other modifiers near the bottom of the skills. Is this on purpose?

I'm aware that in the linked master profile the bot is not attacking goblins. I think there are other cases where having a regular attack would help, e.g. when getting blocked while moving by a single mob.

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Thu, 07/09/2020 - 10:05

to fix the goblin setting go into the mp and check goblins are elites = true

if you are running into problems with resource/density/stuck the majority of the problems are due to damage (build is pretty much dead in the water for low paragon - id use DH instead even though monk is the king of keys at high para) or incorrect application (skill positioning/keybinds/resolution etc)

usually if it gets stuck and it cant itl take a few seconds to "unstick" itself and if monsters are present itl buff itself with the Density Buff rule right up the top (attack limit 0, itl activate for literally everything within 15 yards) 

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Thu, 07/09/2020 - 10:06

when i made the script i was going for the absolute balls-to-the-wall speed, killing gobbos and stuff is actually a gph loss (myself and others tested it for about 2-3 weeks straight) 

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Fri, 09/04/2020 - 15:49

i realize this is an old post, but im building a monk for bounty farming...For some reason when i use this script my monk acts strange.. It moves one step, then uses WoL, one step, WoL, step, Wol...over and over, without enemies around. Any ideas why this is?

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Tue, 09/08/2020 - 08:35 (Reply to #5)

I'm having the same issue. Wonder why...

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Fri, 09/11/2020 - 22:40

ive heard this a few times, if one of you can grab a video showing the bot (with the full overlay enabled in global settings -> debuglevel) and show me i can try to fix, but my current guess is the 0 density limit on WOL not working properly with bounties - i don't have a monk anymore as that account was banned but if you guys can provide me with some content to work with ill take a shot

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Sat, 09/19/2020 - 11:13

might have fixed it with the new bot update, let me know if there are any further issues

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