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If you are looking for the Conditional version of this, it is here.

Hi! Welcome to my Barbarian WhirlRend Collection! Hopefully this provides the entire set of gear/builds/information for you to be confident to start botting this class - it used to be the top build and is still extremely fun! I've prepared a list of content below, as well as D3planners, MP content and further scripts above (depending on your intention). I hope you enjoy and please make sure to read this page if you have any questions! Without further ado...

So, lets get started! Barbarian isnt nearly as hard in general as Necromancer was, in nearly any aspect you want to measure it. That doesen't mean that there arent some common mistakes that can me made with the class; this page is to inform you about any potential issues you may run into, as well as a (fairly decent) repository of information about botting the Barbarian (read: barb). As before with The Suitethere are specific fastmodes, d3planners and cache/settings for each of the scripts; they are designed to improve the efficiencies of the various scripts... use them! Based on our current knowledge, the barb has a very limited evolution as you level up and get better gear - More on that later, for now, a brief collection of figures based on data we know:

Run Expectations?

GPH: ~24-25 for RFP~25+ for CFP, rifts should be as fast as possible, >30 (This number will vary based on the speed of your botting platform, the numbers shown are with a fast pc - if you have a VM or slower pc use your discretion and these figures as a guide to base your optimal GPH)
EPH: Well... that's a complicated question - read these guidelines below:

  • GR: Scale it so the barb consistently completes GR's in around 2 minutes 
  • Keys: Stacked, 1r3gr, Cow for Pool (CFP) there are a few options. Ideally when you start, 1r3gr is fine for the most part because of how your pools run out. However....
  • RFP: When you start this, a good guideline is to follow Keys Total/Looted - get this number into the negatives. It won't happen straight away, but...
    • Aiming for Keys Total/Looted as a negative number generally means you are getting decent experience for your run. As mentioned above, low levels wont see consistent negative numbers untill around 4k paragon or so, but as a general idea (for season and low levels) you want to start RFP as soon as you are comfortable, it builds keys quite easily!
  • CFP: Another strategy is to go stacked keys, stacked cow sticks (Bovine Bardiche) and run straight GR. If you do this, I'd advise to set the game difficulty to Normal to minimise deaths and to also run a purely speed build inside the cow rift.
  • Deaths/Fails - You are going to have this occasionally as you level and get better gear - ideally you want 0/0 but it's not always a guarantee that will happen. However, for non-season (and higher paragon Seasonal players using CFP), deaths kill eph. Higher paragon players need to stop these at all costs, especially when doing stacked runs. It is the single worst killer of EPH at that level, a death early on is going to cause you a significant loss in EPH for the run.

As a side note, there are better scripts for their sequences linked above, if you are looking for the "optimized" versions of things you will find them there. This is an attempt at amalgamating all of my previous scripts into one - this is designed to be the XP script.

Now, some good news. WhirlRend is very easy to gear, it has a lot of "bonuses" with passives and synergising gear to help out with progression and is overall very cushy compared to the Necromancer. The funky stuff that some people miss is as follows: 

- CDRThe most important stat, if you dont max this out you are going to die a lot ESPECIALLY with crimsons. Non-crimson is 46%, crimson is ~60.
- Resistances: This is an important roll to prioritize. Ideally, >1300 Allres is good, with peaks of ~1800 fire and/or physical resistance (jury is still out on physical resistance)
- Secondaries: Ok, so you have proper rolls for all your gear; you have a perfect trifecta jewellery set and your EPH still sucks. Why? Check your secondaries: 

  • Pickup: Helm, Shoulders, Gloves, Chest, Belt, Pants, Boots, Bracers (16)
  • Damage Reduction: Amulet, Chest, (14 melee/ranged, 11 elite damage reduction*)
  • Elemental Resistances: Amulet, Gloves, Rings, Helmet
  • Life After Kill: Weapons, Rings

*Damage reduction on chest is very hard to get, dont prioritize this untill you have a very good reduction/allres/pickup chestpiece and you are decently high (5k+) paragon

So, to recap:

  1. Normal gear rolls - Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Average Damage etc
  2. CDR - 46%, 60% (Crimsons)(RCR stacking as well for Crimsons)
  3. Allres - >1300, ~1800 fire/physical*
  4. Pickup - ~14-16
  5. Reduction - 21 melee/ranged, 11 elite*

Another anecdotal point because a lot of users either see it and ignore it or don't realise the significance of it - some of the scripts have requirements for skill placement, use them, they are intended to be in that order. The main offender is not having Rend on LMB, and making the mistake of putting Charge or WOTB on LMB.

There is quite a few mechanics underlying WhirlRend - chief of which is the importance of Rend in your skillset. Rend has quite a few different multipliers, but the main ones you should be concerned with (that comes after your normal gearing rolls) is making sure that your highest damage weapon (usually Ambos) is in the left slot. Rend scales off the damage number under the big number (the black damage), or, the average damage range. This is especially important as it directly impacts your rend bleed and will significantly impact your EPH. To reiterate, the following must be present in a good script:

  • The ability to manually cast Rend (this will use the damage above, if you do not cast this then you get the base Ambos effect and deal a lot less damage)
  • Casting Rend multiple times (as it "stacks")
  • Whirlwinding before and after casting Rend (as this also "stacks") 

Doing these things was tried and proven to be the best marker for burst damage possible for the barb. If you don't decide to use this script, take a look at the rules on other scripts - these things must be present or I suggest to skip them.


The best way to go forward with this build is to both stack CDR and RCR. The inherent damage reduction from RCR is the only reason we can run this build, given we lose band of might. Stacking this is a priority to run it effectively. Rolling Life Per Kill on your weapons is also very good to save those scary moments when you get hit by a molten explosion, they provide great burst heals. At Higher paragon, stacking Life per Second on rolls that are available, as well as rolling off all non-1000 point rolls of Vitality to All-Resistance or Area Damage is also used. Depending on your paragon (ideally >9000), you can also start to take off RCR rolls on your gear and replace them with other stats such as said Area Damage or Elite Damage on your In-geom. Furthermore, you can start to drop your avoidances to everything except Molten and Grotesque explosions, improving your GPH and EPH if you can survive. Some of the information about these "off-meta" builds is explained below.

Various "off-meta" builds

There are some other rolls on gear that may or may not help with your user experience, they are very situational and can impact runs positively and negatively. For starters:
Life Per Hit: Rolling this on bracers can keep you alive against Voracity slightly longer if you have a nightmare run
Resistances: Stacking poison resistance and cold resistance also helps out against Voracity and Vesalius namely, however I'd still go with fire.


- Barb go fast kill stuff good
- Make sure gear rolls proper to go fast kill good
- Dont use stuff you shouldnt that makes Barb not kill fast no good
- Read gear guides to optimise go fast kill good speed
- If you have any questions about making Barb go faster and kill gooder I'll be in Discord (vigd)

- "Why are you using Echoing Fury over Doombringer/Sun Keeper?"
  • Echoing Fury doesen't really tell you what it does - it increases Attack Speed and Movement Speed - the latter of which is very important. Over Season 18-20 extensive tests were taken and they all show Echoing Fury to be far superior for XP. However, this is not the case for absolute damage (while sacrificing speed)  - if you are looking for that the only reason I would think you would need that for is for pushing your gems and you can find a script for that here.
- "What HP should I run for this setup?"
  • If you are following the D3planner, you will have roughly 500k life - this is perfectly fine and will keep you alive if you are doing the "correct" gr level (measured in GPH, ~23-24 as of the new patch)
- "I don't see rend casting at all, why?"
  • Rend is a very fast casting skill, the bot will use it pretty much 100% of the time more than once on elite packs and the RG if there is another monster present. It is seen by the little red swirl around the barb when he gets in close; you can also see this if you turn the bot overlay onto Full and take a look at the script actions. It is very important to keep Rend on LMB. the same goes for all other rules in the d3planner for other builds as well.
- "The bot runs out of fury often at the start of a GR, is this normal?"
  • The way Fury works is that it starts at 0, is replenished by skills and damage, and slowly degenerates (unless you use Unforgiving). This means that you will naturally have low Fury in town. Some notable exceptions are coming back from a rift, restarting after a cow portal (fury carries over between menu). Generally you will have enough fury to whirlwind for a few seconds while Furious Charge has time to drop its cooldown and charge a monster, then there will be no problem. 
- "I'm getting armory problems when using this script, how do i fix this?"
  • Follow the planners and make sure your skills are in the exact order as I have placed them (this goes for all builds, follow the planners)
- "I'm ping-ponging on the spot! what's wrong with the script?
  • Remove your pet, the bot thinks it is an enemy.

If this information helped you in any way, please like the script! This is the #1 way to show that this works - RoS-BoT is a popularity contest after all! Help your fellow botters out! If you feel inclined to donate, my PayPal link is below, but please don't feel inclined especially in these times (although it is extremely appreciated!)


And, of course, the boys (and girls!) who made this script work originally:

  • Berserk
  • Guigs
  • dasOp
  • Viga
  • MoistPotato
  • Sunblood
  • HOTT
  • Spongey
  • Tuhwin
  • Wezman
  • Cyp
  • » Ĝ ħ ó ŝ Ť ʕ•̬͡•ʔ «
  • OneMoreDay
  • lifo2
  • NinjaDaddy
  • RapDuck
  • Benny
  • Sara
  • loghost

Vigbarb Push

  • RavensReaper
  • ANDY
  • MMuniz
  • Nbfd
  • Enemyoflife
  • DustyOne
  • lifo2
  • Tuhwin

A lot of these guys are active in the RoS-BoT Discord, if you see them around, let them know how well of a job they did!

Devbuild 1: 9.1.20
- Start of VigBarb Rifts!
- Changed some things around from base script (Thanks Andy!)
- Optimised various timings and density weights
- Added Furious Charge rules to optimise pack-to-pack movement, also added a Resource rule to attempt to alleviate some of the issues that the current scripts have (no movement between density)

Devbuild 1: 10.1.20
- Adjusted Furious Charge - Fury Generator to cast according to longer density paramaters
- Added slightly longer timers to Furious Charge - Town and Furious Charge - Explore
- Added back position calculation to some WW rules
- Changed WW - Elites/Champs to an experimental ruleset to see if it works
- Added a rule for Battle Rage to keep perma uptime (buff rule drops it for a very small amount of time) nope
- Slightly adjusted Mob Hop and Elite density paramaters to charge on more dense groups and increased the timer slightly
- Adjusted some WW max calculation and min params to cast more situationally on stuff

Devbuild 2: 11.1.20
- Changed WW - Move min distance so it doesen't ww between picking up items at Urshi
- Changed Mob Hop: Added position calculation back, changed timer (850) to 1650, min param (0,3) max param (20, 18) weights (6,15,1,-100,0,1 -> 7,4,1,-100,0,1) 
- Changed Elites/Champions: timer (1750) to 1800, distance min (0, 7), elite weight (15, 25), monster weight (0, -2)
- Changed Fury Generator: buff resource (10, 25, distance max and param (10, 30), weights (1, 2)
- Changed various min/max distances on attack, move, and density ranges on most WW and Charge rules to accomodate better Fastmode drop-out utilization
- Changed Town rules to cast better on Act 2 portals, now it charges the long distance
- Added a backup Rift Start Buff for Charge so that it always casts at the beginning of the rift and....
- Also added Charge - Keep Buff so that it doesen't proc out of charge on some maps that take a while to walk to mobs

Devbuild 3: 12.1.20
- Changed timers on Charge - Elites, Mob Hop and Fury Generator (1800 -> 2100 500 -> 2750)
- Adjusted min distances on Mob Hop min param (20 -> 35)
- Changed WW - Elites back to an attack rule and adjusted channel distance back to 20
- Further adjusted Mob Hop to not overlap when elites are nearby, causing more ping-pong action
- Added a new skill: Charge - Facetank, this will cast when the character is right up against the elite (it helps squirts from dropping)
- Updated Fury Generator and Low HP max distance to charge
- did a whole lot of other tweaks, cant really remember them will get back to them later, replicating at this stage

Devbuild 4: 13.1.20
- Adjusted Mob Hop to furtther cast solely for mobs while no elites are present (-4 -> -9), also adjusted some other weights
- Increased Facetank timer slightly (1000 -> 1500) and adjusted a lot of weights 
- Changed Mob Hop - Resource timer (3750 -> 750)

Devbuild 5: 14.1.20
- Redesigned script, went back to vanilla.... the path the script was taking was "safe" but too hard to implement

Devbuild 6: 17.1.20
- Slightly adjusted timings and limits on some things..... we are getting close!

Devbuild 7: 20.1.20
- screwing around with charge/bom/explore distances

Devbuild 8: 23.1.20
- Slightly adjusted approach and density rules

Devbuild 9: 31.1.20 pre-release
- Ported across best VigBarb configuration, set the script for release!

Devbuild 10: 28.6.20
- Overhauled entire script to better match 3.8, and modern barbarian scripts. Nearly everything was tweaked or changed so treat this as just a new script basically. 

Devbuild 11: 6.10.20
- Updated script to work better with rosbot version 3.813

Devbuild 12: 05.1.21
Revamped script in 2021, added script rules to convert this script into the "Standard" script and updated the information to modern botting standards

Devbuild 13: 17.1.21
- Updated the rules slightly more, fixed some timers and generally was more thorough in copying old rules
- The script should work close to what it did before the various channelling updates that RB has had over the year or so since this came out

Devbuild 14: 19.2.21
- Updated script with better info + D3planner content
- Added a Bounties planner for people wishing to use this
- Fixed a lot of dead links

Devbuild 15: 21.2.21
- Gave the script a facelift!
- Updated d3planners

Devbuild 16: 1.4.21
- Updated D3planners for Season 23 + Follower

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Hi,do you have a master profile on this script?

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click the big "master profile" button

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great script as usual. however your <6000 bounty planner lists squirts both cubed and worn

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yep, rushed out planners before vacation, will comb through them properly when im back

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Always loved and preferred ur collection over the others cuz its just so much smoother. I was using the DH collection and what I loved most about it is its efficiency in public bounties. I feel like bounties need to be optimized a bit more for this one. Some quests it completely ignores certain objectives and gets stuck. Or going back and forth with an archer and not able to kill.

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so 99.9% of bugs with bounties are the engine itself. cant really fix that for melee classes that rely on attacking things straight up - try hurricane to suck them in!

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nice script so far
but the bot randomly leaves the game , have it happend 2 times now at 98% completion and when the Rift guardian was at 2% health
it just went to town , repaired and insta left and restarted

this normal?

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check your run timeout

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