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Sat, 01/25/2020 - 21:15 #1

Main Information Page for VigBarb
This script is the main Seasonal script for Furious Charge barbarians. 

CDR maxed on everything (gloves, shoulders, weapons)
- Next, focus on damage migitation rolls and damage rolls
- Focus on Pickup Radius after that

Devbuild 1: 9.1.20
- Start of VigBarb Rifts!
- Changed some things around from base script (Thanks Andy!)
- Optimised various timings and density weights
- Added Furious Charge rules to optimise pack-to-pack movement, also added a Resource rule to attempt to alleviate some of the issues that the current scripts have (no movement between density)

Devbuild 1: 10.1.20
- Adjusted Furious Charge - Fury Generator to cast according to longer density paramaters
- Added slightly longer timers to Furious Charge - Town and Furious Charge - Explore
- Added back position calculation to some WW rules
- Changed WW - Elites/Champs to an experimental ruleset to see if it works
- Added a rule for Battle Rage to keep perma uptime (buff rule drops it for a very small amount of time) nope
- Slightly adjusted Mob Hop and Elite density paramaters to charge on more dense groups and increased the timer slightly
- Adjusted some WW max calculation and min params to cast more situationally on stuff

Devbuild 2: 11.1.20
- Changed WW - Move min distance so it doesen't ww between picking up items at Urshi
- Changed Mob Hop: Added position calculation back, changed timer (850) to 1650, min param (0,3) max param (20, 18) weights (6,15,1,-100,0,1 -> 7,4,1,-100,0,1) 
- Changed Elites/Champions: timer (1750) to 1800, distance min (0, 7), elite weight (15, 25), monster weight (0, -2)
- Changed Fury Generator: buff resource (10, 25, distance max and param (10, 30), weights (1, 2)
- Changed various min/max distances on attack, move, and density ranges on most WW and Charge rules to accomodate better Fastmode drop-out utilization
- Changed Town rules to cast better on Act 2 portals, now it charges the long distance
- Added a backup Rift Start Buff for Charge so that it always casts at the beginning of the rift and....
- Also added Charge - Keep Buff so that it doesen't proc out of charge on some maps that take a while to walk to mobs

Devbuild 3: 12.1.20
- Changed timers on Charge - Elites, Mob Hop and Fury Generator (1800 -> 2100 500 -> 2750)
- Adjusted min distances on Mob Hop min param (20 -> 35)
- Changed WW - Elites back to an attack rule and adjusted channel distance back to 20
- Further adjusted Mob Hop to not overlap when elites are nearby, causing more ping-pong action
- Added a new skill: Charge - Facetank, this will cast when the character is right up against the elite (it helps squirts from dropping)
- Updated Fury Generator and Low HP max distance to charge
- did a whole lot of other tweaks, cant really remember them will get back to them later, replicating at this stage

Devbuild 4: 13.1.20
- Adjusted Mob Hop to furtther cast solely for mobs while no elites are present (-4 -> -9), also adjusted some other weights
- Increased Facetank timer slightly (1000 -> 1500) and adjusted a lot of weights 
- Changed Mob Hop - Resource timer (3750 -> 750)

Devbuild 5: 14.1.20
- Redesigned script, went back to vanilla.... the path the script was taking was "safe" but too hard to implement

Devbuild 6: 17.1.20
- Slightly adjusted timings and limits on some things..... we are getting close!

Devbuild 7: 20.1.20
- screwing around with charge/bom/explore distances

Devbuild 8: 23.1.20
- Slightly adjusted approach and density rules

Devbuild 9: 31.1.20 pre-release
- Ported across best VigBarb configuration, set the script for release!

Season 5.3k 110s cfp:

Season 5.4k 109s rfp:


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Wed, 02/05/2020 - 10:16

Hitting 3 T/h for the first time. Love this script.
Works perfectly :)

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Thu, 02/06/2020 - 15:55

vig for the WIN :D 


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Fri, 02/07/2020 - 23:30

always makes me happy that people enjoy the script ^^

happy botting!