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Furious Charge shennannigans?! How much better can it get!

...maybe a little?

Quick links: Vigbarb GR | VigBarb Rift/Cow | Vigbarb MP Standard | Vigbarb Crimson (BETA) | 

This page is not a script - you need to read this and get the one you want

If you have seen my VigLoN Necromancer script, you know this was a collaborative project, including:

  • Berserk
  • Guigs
  • dasOp
  • Viga
  • MoistPotato
  • Sunblood
  • HOTT
  • Spongey
  • Tuhwin
  • Wezman
  • Cyp
  • » Ĝ ħ ó ŝ Ť ʕ•̬͡•ʔ «
  • OneMoreDay
  • lifo2
  • NinjaDaddy
  • RapDuck
  • Benny
  • Sara
  • loghost

A lot of these guys are active in the RoS-BoT Discord, if you see them around, let them know how well of a job they did!

General Information about stuff

So, lets get started! Barbarian isnt nearly as hard in general as Necromancer was, in nearly any aspect you want to measure it. That doesen't mean that there arent some common mistakes that can me made with the class; this page is to inform you about any potential issues you may run into, as well as a (fairly decent) repository of information about botting the Barbarian (read: barb). As before with VigLoN, there are specific fastmodes and cache/settings for each of the scripts; they are designed to improve the efficiencies of the various scripts... use them! Based on our current knowledge, the barb has a very limited evolution as you level up and get better gear - there are only two real builds: Standard (normal charge with 6pc), and Crimson (ingeom, 5pc wastes and 2pc crimson + rorg) and they have different playstyles. I will try and make the differences pretty abundant in this guide, but generally there is a set level (around 6k or so) before you want to start looking to swap. More on that later, for now, a brief collection of figures based on data we know:

Run Expectations?

GPH: ~22-23 for RFP, ~23+ for CFP, rifts should be as fast as possible, >25 (This number will vary based on the speed of your botting platform, the numbers shown are with a fast pc - if you have a VM or slower pc use your discretion and these figures as a guide to base your optimal GPH)
EPH: Well... that's a complicated question - read these guidelines below:

  • GR: Scale it so the barb consistently completes GR's in around 2 minutes 
  • Keys: Stacked, 1r3gr, Cow for Pool (CFP) there are a few options. Ideally when you start, 1r3gr is fine for the most part because of how your pools run out. However....
  • RFP: When you start this, a good guideline is to follow Keys Total/Looted - get this number into the negatives. It won't happen straight away, but...
    • Aiming for Keys Total/Looted as a negative number generally means you are getting decent experience for your run. As mentioned above, low levels wont see consistent negative numbers untill around 4k paragon or so, but as a general idea (for season and low levels) you want to start RFP as soon as you are comfortable, it builds keys quite easily!
  • CFP: Another strategy is to go stacked keys, stacked cow sticks (Bovine Bardiche) and run straight GR. If you do this, I'd advise to set the game difficulty to Normal to minimise deaths and to also run a purely speed build inside the cow rift.
  • Deaths/Fails - You are going to have this occasionally as you level and get better gear - ideally you want 0/0 but it's not always a guarantee that will happen. However, for non-season (and higher paragon Seasonal players using CFP), deaths kill eph. Higher paragon players need to stop these at all costs, especially when doing stacked runs. It is the single worst killer of EPH at that level, a death early on is going to cause you a significant loss in EPH for the run.

The Scripts:

The good thing (for me, less work) is that the barb is pretty simple this early on in our knowledge, there are only a few setups needed. As such, there are only a few scripts needed!

All Standard | All Crimson

Pick your MP and go for it - in terms of level ranges, as above, are very limited:

  1. 0-6000ish paragon: Standard Charge
  2. 6000+ paragon: Crimsons


The Gear:

Now, some good news. The standard charge Barb is very easy to gear, it has a lot of "bonuses" with passives and synergising gear to help out with progression and is overall very cushy compared to the Necromancer. The funky stuff that some people miss is as follows: 

- CDRThe most important stat, if you dont max this out you are going to die a lot ESPECIALLY with crimsons. Standard is 46%, crimson is ~60.
- Resistances: This is an important roll to prioritize. Ideally, >1300 Allres is good, with peaks of ~1800 fire and/or physical resistance (jury is still out on physical resistance)
- Secondaries: Ok, so you have proper rolls for all your gear; you have a perfect trifecta jewellery set and your EPH still sucks. Why? Check your secondaries: 

  • Pickup: Helm, Shoulders, Gloves, Chest, Belt, Pants, Boots (14)
  • Damage Reduction: Amulet, Chest, (21 melee/ranged, 11 elite damage reduction*)
  • Elemental Resistances: Amulet, Gloves, Rings, Helmet
  • Life After Kill: Weapons, Rings

*Damage reduction on chest is very hard to get, dont prioritize this untill you have a very good reduction/allres/pickup chestpiece and you are decently high (5k+) paragon

Crimson In-geom:

Now, when you reach Crimsons, there is a bit of a shake-up. The best way to go forward with this build is to both stack CDR and RCR. The inherent damage reduction from RCR is the only reason we can run this build, given we lose band of might. Stacking this is a priority to run it effectively. Rolling Life Per Kill on your weapons is also very good to save those scary moments when you get hit by a molten explosion, they provide great burst heals.
*(This section is subject to be expanded on when I actually get to personally testing Vigbarb Crimson)

Various "off-meta" builds

There are some other rolls on gear that may or may not help with your user experience, they are very situational and can impact runs positively and negatively. For starters:
Life Per Hit: Rolling this on bracers can keep you alive against Voracity slightly longer if you have a nightmare run
Resistances: Stacking poison resistance and cold resistance also helps out against Voracity and Vesalius namely, however I'd still go with fire.
Gems: So far, the best setup has been Bane of the Powerful with St. Archews Gage in low paragon levels (with standard charge) and Gizzard for Crimson, however that doesen't mean that specific situational changes can be made depending on gear. Mixing and matching is the name of the game, some people have reported that they get better experience with Gizzard at low paragon levels running weird setups... so if it works, it works. I don't D3planner these builds but they are out there and you are more than welcome asking about them on Discord.


So, there arent really any noticeable differences in followers untill you get into the higher paragon ranges, where Enchantress and Scoundrel really start to shine. However, for low paragon, Templar is fine. He provides a great stunlock to the RG to stop you from dying a lot, and you can outfit him with various items to debuff and amplify your damage. He runs the standard Dovu/Wyrdward/Thunderfury combo.

So, to recap:

  1. Normal gear rolls - Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Average Damage etc
  2. CDR - 46%, 60% (Crimsons) (RCR stacking as well for Crimsons)
  3. Allres - >1300, ~1800 fire/physical*
  4. Pickup - ~14-16
  5. Reduction - 21 melee/ranged, 11 elite*

Another anecdotal point because a lot of users either see it and ignore it or don't realise the significance of it - some of the scripts have requirements for skill placement, use them, they are intended to be in that order. The two main offenders are:

  • VigBarb Rifts must have War Cry on LMB
  • ​VigBarb GR can't have a movement skill on LMB, use Rend


Closing Statements

If you have any questions I am around on the RoS-BoT Discord, feel free to pm or tag me about any questions (I go by Vigd). As always, if you have any issues you can comment here, on scripts, wherever and I should see them. 


- Barb go fast kill stuff good
- Make sure gear rolls proper to go fast kill good
- Dont use stuff you shouldnt that makes Barb not kill fast no good
- Read gear guides to optimise go fast kill good speed
- If you have any questions about making Barb go faster and kill gooder I'll be in Discord (vigd)

If you feel like doing so, buy me a coffee! Everything helps and I'm very grateful for any support you guys think I deserve:



  • 5.1 - First iteration of VigBarb! Stay tuned.....
  • ​30.1 - Released VigBarb!