nylle shotgun 134 | improved rosauto

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Thu, 01/02/2020 - 19:45 #1

ez guide for 134 crus gr's

you should be at least P4500 (on season) to even consider doing 134's.


fixed elite prio (shouldnt attack minions as often or at all anymore)
changed shield glare prio
changed fist of heavens on RG
added 129 or below build

it wouldnt hurt if you had done 129's before to get the gems that you need for this up to 145, every bit helps

I've taken rosautos script as a baseline cause i just remembered his condemn script from s12 or whenever being really good. however this shotgun needed a lot of work on timers to even get to the 3 stacks Aegis of Fury and to properly keep it.

its by far not 100% perfect ( nothing ever is ) but its good enough to just run and not care

credits to rosauto for a good baseline script


134 Planner
129 Planner

script and misc



  • if youre running 129's Bane of the Powerful or Zeis will do just fine, no need for stricken imo.
    if you are using pony instead of judgement for lower GR's you want immobolize on boots, stun on gloves and the enchantress follower with sultan of the blinding sand, attack speed rolls on follower rings and necklace
  • getting a nice shield is hard but 29% or more would be really good.
  • i prefer using the teleport potion but this one is totally up to you.
  • pay attentiion to the skill placement in the planner - whats on keys and whats where on your mouse.
  • the amount vitality is close to what i am running, having 830k life really helps to stay alive. having more doesnt really do anything for me except losing damage - so 830k to 850k is what i would run.
  • you want 1 piece with life per hit, i prefer bracers.
  • i was pretty lucky with a 30% shield - even tho it doesnt have WPS - and 399% bracers. i run around 7M sheet damage. get as much damage as you can because the timer will be tight on some rifts. it will always look tight af in the beginning of a rift but in the end it finished in time for me, every time except once where the RG spawned and it was only 10 seconds left on the timer.
  • ofc there might be failed runs here and there but in the past 12h with this it only happened once.
  • make sure to adjust your RBA Timeout to 18-21 minutes.
  • you can run stone gauntlets in cube but i prefer the chest, even tho it is almost never up on RG's, its completly possible to facetank voracity for the entire duration of the fight in 1 Spot.
  • RG Fights last 25seconds to a Minute on good guardians, there are some exceptions like infernal maiden where you will end up wrath starved but what do you care, stricken stacks either way and at some point the boss will die in time. just dont watch during that fight :).

some screenshots


rip season :(



good run but no condi :(


first time i did this was with 41xx para on january 4th and BoP instead of stricken, was pretty lucky and for sure not "stable"


good luck :)

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Tue, 02/04/2020 - 22:36

Im use rosauto push crusader script im testing yours, regards!

Joined: 12/14/2019 - 08:12
Wed, 02/05/2020 - 10:18

Great Script! Running 130 in less than 9 min sometimes :)

Joined: 08/22/2019 - 21:22
Fri, 02/07/2020 - 15:04

works for nonseason too, 55xx running 129's, doesnt ALWAYS finish but enough that i'd say its working.  more para and slightly better gear will fill in the gap and it'll be tight.