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                        关闭清除距离: 35yards                     
                        精英: 0   (悬赏)  (大小米为1)

                        哥布林: 1

                        大米进度球: 0   (大小米为1)

                        小秘进度球: 0   (大小米为1)

                        没有传奇物品: 1(大小米为0)


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needs an update:)

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Your Skrypt has one issue, you waste way too much of your Discipline, so you do very low damage after u empty it all.

I fixed it by setting minimum secondary ressource cost, to cast Vaults, Smoke Screen and Shadowpower to 60-65

Also, like ion angeweis Skrypt your d3 planner is far away from optimal Gearing and skills.

Beside theese small things, thank you for the Great Job, awesome skrypt, I am below Paragon 2000 and alrdy am very close to 1trill xp/h

Spoiler Alert: Tyrael is the true Villain behind the scenes - will be revealed Diablo 4 =)

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暗影之鍊的特效 使用刺穿後的 2 秒內,騰躍不會消耗任何能量

(1)射出3刀後, 多次騰躍不減戒律,能快速移動,機動性強,跑懸賞小米極快



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Okay First of all. 
DH without F/R like in this scrypt outshines any F/R build xp/h wise in GR below 100, GR 90-99 is where most people will find their sweet spot (game per hour wise).
You wear (mandatory) Nemesis Bracers instead of Wraps of Clarity. Tests with Primal Lacuni Prowlers resulted in less XP/h.

Your passives are AmbushBallisticsTactical Advantage(Cull of the Weak)Thrill of the Hunt.

I hope to discuss follwing TopicWhat ios the best xp-setup ?

We have 3x amulets, 4x rings, 2x CubeWeapons slots , 3x CubeArmory slots to choose from. 
And maybe one other Ring Combo which utilizes maximum MS through GR, which I adress lastly.

Our Amulets: Squirt's Necklace (SN) Flavour of Time (FoT) Star of Azkaranth (SoA)
Our Rings: 
Stone of Jordan (SoJ) Ring of Royal Grandeur (RoRG) Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac (OZ) Convention of Elemtens (CoE)
Our Weapons: Dawn (Dawn) Echoeing Fury (EF)      - havent tried Furnace (anyone?)
Our armory: 
Magefist (MF) Leoric's Crown (LC) Cindercoat (CC) Krelm's Buff Belt (KBB)

In case you wonder neither Beckon Sail nor Visage of Gunes are listed, as they are defensive options for GemUps, not for XP Farm.

So how we start. First of all SN and RoRG are mandatory either wear both or cube one of them.

Next we have to decide whether or not we want to use a FoT for doubletime on shrines or a SoA to remove all fire Avoidances (especially Molton) if we choose one of the amulets, we have to wear RoRG as a consequence and can combine it with OZ, COE, SoJ

Taking SN as our only Amulet opens up the possibility to use 3 Rings (for example RoRGSoJ and CoE) at the same time.

All this however depends on your Weapon and Armory Slot combination.

With Weapon slot EF your armory needs to be a CC to deal with the 75% higher attackspeed/Hatred consumption. An OZ helps to keep the 40% Vengeance Buff up. So a combination of EF CC OZ in Cube + RORG SOJ SN equipped is very strong. But the best ?

With Dawn you can pick a LC for more CDR, KBB for more MS or go with a MF for more fire% (still it is mitigating*)

and Ring wise SoJ, CoE, RorG


Compagnon and MS Skills 

other variables to take into accounbt are compagnons and MS skills 

To either go Wolf (15% damage), Bat (Hatred Household for EF builds) or Ferrets (10% MS)

And which 2 of 3 MS skills work best togther Smoke Screen, Vault , Shadow Power (3 options)
Taking all the above into account we have 72 Items combinations of Cubed items, equipped rings and Amulet.

96 if you consider a Furnace

For Skills: 9 different combinations of MS skills and Compagnon (for example Vault - Shadow Power - Ferret)


And Last but not Least there is a special combination. equipp SN, cube RoRG, equip Rechels Ring and Pandemonium Loop for a fear and 60% MS syngergy. I havent tested this but MS seems to be one key factor in XP Farm.


What are your thoughts which combinations do you play and where were your best results?  

I hope to discuss this a bit, I post this in both most played UE scripts to hopefully get some resonance.


Happy Botting and fingers crossed for Primal Yang's ! Cheers Maximoto

* Elemtal damage % :  Imagine you have 
20% Fire damage. you add 20% to 40% you do not gain 20% damage increase. Only 16.6%
40% Fire damage. you add 20% to 60% you do not gain 20% damage increase. Only 14.2%
60% Fire damage. you add 20% to 80% you do not gain 20% damage increase. Only 12.5%

This is important if you have 60% from amulet bracer SoJ and think of Armory MF. LC is much better in this case, as the increased CDR results more 15% Wolf Compagnon uptime, more Preparation (more dicipline = more Damage/MS). 



Spoiler Alert: Tyrael is the true Villain behind the scenes - will be revealed Diablo 4 =)

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怎么设置遇到金怪精英BOOS  100血量躲避 距离20   经常贴脸打  在哪里设置啊  
我的也是官网下的没有你说的我的文档内ros文件夹内RosBotCacheSettings  的文件夹

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일균에서는 상관 없는데 대균에선 붙어서 잡으니까 자꾸 죽는데 좀 떨어져서 잡게 설정할 순 없나요?

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so bad dh build so bad so bad multishotl, total zdp  build :D lol

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This is my customized UE Skript, took most from here and changed Discipline usage and made my own Fast mode, I set density down from 6 to 3, so bot always fires when some creeps are close, this leads to rockets kill trash behind first targets and you use Zei's stone better, as you dont face tank shoot, due to wrong fast mode setting.

as Follower I play windforce Scoundre with extra ChC. 

Cube Echoing Fury (NOT DAWN!!!) Cindercoat, RoRG, equip OZ and SoJ and SN Amulet.

Gems BotP BotT Zeis  (no Gizzard !! )


I run Gr 99 always above 1 Bil xp/h with Para 2500

Spoiler Alert: Tyrael is the true Villain behind the scenes - will be revealed Diablo 4 =)

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