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Dowload it here

  1. Make sure you read the last two lines of this changelog (at least)
  2. Install redist c++ 2013 x86
  3. Big up Dxp for the c++ navigation layer rework


  • Sequence: Ghom: shouldn't not end up in game trying to click on Game Settings button
  • Sequence: Rift: fixed a potential not seen disconnection
  • Sequence: Bounties: FastBounties option: Added (ignores as things as possible in non-interesting areas)
  • Sequence: CraftingMaterialsFarming: Added


  • Pickit: Free: Sells everything except potions, legendaries potions and the hellish staff of herding


  • Script: Wizard_WaveOfForce: Added an option to use teleport to move
  • Script: Wizard_WaveOfForce: Added an option to select armor type
  • Script: Barbarian_Hota: Fix: Furious charge density calculation on normal mobs is now fixed
  • Script: Barbarian_Hota: Fix: Added a parameter for the minimum density of normal monsters to use furious charge
  • Script: CustomSkill: fixed crusader law of justice


  • Refactored all bounties. Expect better interactions with NPCs
  • Modified Global Settings menu - you need to set all you global settings again (old ain't lost, not the same file used, so if needed to go down to beta 34a, no worries)
  • Added Gambling Settings menu. We handle now several types of items to be gambled
  • Gambling settings: MinShards is now software capped between 50 and 400
  • GUI: Fix: User message to select d3 installation folder
  • Navigation: the new navigation layer is available. It handles obstacles
  • Salvaging should not try to salvage anything unsalvageable
  • Overlay: fixed a nice memory leak issue (memory used by the bot process should be lower)
  • Moved to VS2013. Need to uninstall Redist C++ 2012 and install x86 Redist C++ 2013. Get it here:
  • Keystroke numbers: fixed as badly read keystate: Channeling skills will keep producing high number of events. This is exepected
  • Added a GoldTimeout feature
  • Fixed: shift keydown
  • Book piles are now considered obstacles
  • Goldtimeout now activates cptimeout
  • Vibrato on gizmo & pickit
  • Fixed: breakable ignore after 10 timeoutcount
  • Fixed: keyboardHook
  • F6: pauses the bot
  • F7: stops the bot

Known issues

  • Inventory full while run has already been broken results in TPing to next map, and loss of non picked items
  • Breakbles and chest may be clicked the wrong way. This is why we brought the "vibrato" feature back
  • Affix avoidance is not back. Menu is not grayed anymore by mistake

Ros-Bot Team

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thanks for the Affix Avoidance option :)

gonna try it now

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Affix avoidance IS NOT included
Menu is not grayed anymore by mistake (we were having tests)

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Support must go through forums
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Mon, 06/02/2014 - 17:17

i'm having a problem with battlefield run! it keeps clicking on the wrong npc when it wants to repair. which makes the game stuck

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Mon, 06/02/2014 - 18:06

Awesome, appreciate your hard work.