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Our french (or french speaking) users will be pleased to learn that the french support is now provided by the french community. GMS Temple community has been active for years now, for playing and botting (D2, D3, and to a lesser extent, Hearthstone, Path of exile, WoW). They still have an ongoing D3 opensource bot project (autoIT based), check it out !

Many french people were lacking a real french community for support. On their D3 Ros-Bot section, you will find everything in french, pure french, 100% french.

Guides will still be translated to french here, download and custom scripts stay here on the website, but the french localized section will be read-only and will redirect users to their website.

Voila !
Ros-Bot team

Note: feel like your website could host some other localized support board ? Contact us

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Sat, 09/27/2014 - 19:06

Set your Skills as you like, this Custom Script supports every vailable build. The bot uses only available skills.

Optional Gear Changes (not in the Guide):

  • You can wear (4) Innas Set Bonus without Sweeping Wind but you lose a lot of damage
  • You should wear Harrington Waistguard in T6 or lower
  • You should wear Strongarm Bracers when playing with Cyclone Strike on T6 or lower

Required Skills:
Way of the Hundread Firsts - Fists of Fury
Mantra of Healing - Time of Need
Epiphanie - Desert Shroud

Recommendet Skills:
Breath of Heaven - Infused with Light (with Eye of Peshkov)
Sweeping Wind - Inner Storm (more Spirit = more damage)

Optional Skills:
Sweeping Wind - Master of Wind (need some cc?)
Epiphanie - Insight (for lower T levels)
Mystic Ally - Fire Ally (better than Air Alli imo because 20% dmg > "a bit more" spirit)
Mystic Ally - Air Ally (copy&change the build if you want to use)
Dashing Strike - Radiance (even more ias / spirit = more damage)
Dashing Strike - Blinding Speed (need some additional survivability?)
Dashing Strike - Way of the Falling Star (For Bountys only)
Inner Sanctuary - Forbidden Palace (need some survivability + dmg?)
Serenity - Ascension (needs some survivability?)

Required Passives:
Seize the Initiative
Beacon of Ytar

Optional Passives:
Harmony (best 4th passive but you need the Same Single-Resistance)
Transcendence (for Grifts, should add some Health Globe Grant)
Sixth Sence (for Grifts if you havent Same Single-Resistance or health Globe Grant)
Unity (when playing in groups)
Fleet Footed (for Bounties or lower T Level)

Avoid affix settings:
5y for Arcane on 100% Life
25y for MoltenExplosion on 100% Life
8y Orbiter on 70% Life
0y on anything else !

Sweeping Wind is set to 150 cost, its intended.
The Bot uses Mantra of Healing and Sweeping Wind on Densety now, means he have to calculate monsters around the player and cant use the skills 100% perfectly when its available because the density calculation takes a few ms. So if you play without Sweeping Wind you will lose a lot of damage. There are 2 options to play without Sweeping Wind:
1. Remove the density from Mantra of Healing, the bot will spam it then constantly in nerly perfect timings but anyways in some situations you will lose damage because you have to much spirit with Eye of Peshkov
2. Change Eye of Pashkov to your Set Helm, then you have much lesser Spirit and dont need Sweeping Wind anymore, but you will lose a lot of damage