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Oculus Circle

Can u add on teleport options (where we choose "to walk", "evade") -->  "Oculus". When de circle is on, TP into circle?... that its possible?


Armory change-follower swap

You may have already had dozens of requests similar to this, but in setting up the armory change feature, could you possibly add the ability to switch followers when changing from rifts to grifts?

It would be very nice to have a templar for rifts and scoundrel for grifts.


Game Stats show on website

I would think it would be a great addition if we could get the stats which appear on the GUI to reflect on the webpage. This way we can check XP per hour, deaths etc etc.


한국 사용자는 이제 VPN 우회접속 아니면 불가능 하네요

통신회사에서 강제로 차단한다고 하네요


An unexpected error occured 오류 어떻게 해결하죠

잘되다가 오늘 갑자기 그러네요


모바일 휴대폰 드랍템 전송 시스템



일반 모험가 나침도 원소의 회동 보관방법

일반 모험가 나침도 원소의 회동도 다 보관하고 싶은데
픽잇에 이것저것 만져보고 보관목록 일반전설 추가도했는데 고대탬을 팔아버리네요
아무리 짱구를 굴려봐도 모르겠습니다. 알려주세요..ㅠㅠ

[All Classes][Patch 2.6.1] Ancients + Primals only...


Pay with Paysafe dont have paypal

it would be really nice if u can add Paysafecard please :)


Public grifts

Just make a public grift script so that the bots accept the grifts being inserted. Would be really helpful to have 4 bots running in the same game even if they might not run together. huge xp buff.

DemonBuddy have a grift party system, but we dont need it with a leader etc etc. just...


Bounty Cache Request


I would love to see RoS bot allow somoene to finish all 5 acts without closing them out. Would be nice to have the bot make a pop message stating bounties are completed and then F7. This would allow someone to bring on 3 buddies to get the rewards. I also see this being a nice...