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dear sir , at 19 th april i send you 10 euro , but still my payment dont exist at my account


Speed Witch


add skills command skeleton and corpse lance to pick it filters

the skills command skeleton and corpse lance are not in the picket filters


Repeat / sequence attack skills function implementation

Since attack is not just a chaotic pressing of the skills buttons - how about actual bot system implementation with the repeat / sequence actions functions?
(F.e. for EQ Barb: (leap x3 then slam) and repeat - cause this build can't work properly with any other sequence, etc)


can not open overlay

can not open overlay。


Please - density system based on mob progression, no simply number of mobs

It would help immensely with farming XP to be able to measure density in terms of rift progression and not simply the number of regular, elite, minion, and treasure goblin mobs. Let me know if you need help reading these progression numbers.  Thanks!


exit combat density

enter combat at density 8
exit combat density 4


Manual of errors with solutions

I'm trying to reinstall and got stuck at the time the files should be copied from the game's forward, always displaying a screen saying the following message "RoS-BoT needs to extract data." Diablo III * AND * launcher should be shutdown before extracting data. "I would like to know...


why dont we have some nice scripts/profiles for sale????

as a new user, really getting tired of testing one by one and adjust. why don't we have some nice scipts for sell? or allow those master users to sell their well designed ones to get some coins in exchange? think it might be a win-win-win situation.


J'un probleme

Je n'arrive pas à lancer Ros Bot, ma licence n'est pas expiré, je fais bien tout les manipulations comme d'habitude.
Le message d'erreur : Le code d'état de réponse n'indique pas la réussite : 504 (Gateway Time-out).