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When can I get a new updated version of ROS-BOT? ​

When can I get a new updated version of ROS-BOT?

Now new patch added in the Diablo III game,
So It dose not work old  ROS-BOT anymore,

So could I get to know when can I get a new updated version of ROS BOT?

Thank you guys for your contribution for amazing...


please update version


Additional options for "Move arround" (to make it rather "Move away"

Current version of rosbot is always acting too tanky to hit main attack target. But its sometimes good to take little distance against the target to survive. Most of single ranker player doing this like in the following movie.



Improved Pickit Editor

Hey guys.
Like the most other people I hate making pickits. The current editor is functional but elaborate. If you want to make a Pickit, that contains Items for one Build of one class, that is fine. But once you want to make more complex Pickits that contains all Bis Items for the major...


Diablo III startet nicht

Ich muß weiter ausholen. Ich starte zuerst Diablo III. Klicke auf spielen und starte dann den Bot. Der Bot beendet Diablo III und will Diablo III neu starten und das macht er nicht. Er beendet Diablo III einfach und gibt die Fehlermeldung : Diablo III must be launched und da liegt der Fehler...


Item pickit property - overall item stats

It'd be great if, in addition to existing properties, we could see the following ones added:

Overall item stats: compares the item's stats with the maximum possible stats for this item. The filter greater than would then allow us to require items which are, for example, 80...





Why is this error happening?

Why is this error happening?


an unexcepted error occurred : operation canceled

an unexcepted error occurred : operation canceled.

It does not proceed even if Ross-Bot is not executed or executed as the above statement appears.

The symptoms started suddenly yesterday and it is difficult to switch on the VPN.


Improving Vendor Loop

A Vendor Loop consists of the following activities in sequence (with some actions optional as per user's specification):
1. Identify items (optional)
2. Salvage items (if there are items to salvage as specified in the pickit)
3. Stash keepers (if there are items to keep as...