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Update text on website home page.

The text on the home page states: 

"Runs rifts, bounties and ubers

Got some rift keys ? Ros-Bot runs rifts for you. Have no rift keys ? It runs bounties also with over 428 bounties handled !"

1. there are no more rift keys
2. bounties no...


Complete all 5 acts of Bounties, then wait in town.

I know this was brought up in the past, but I don't know if its still in the works.

The bot currently does a great job at completing all 5 bounties in 1 act and then sit in town with delay on.
We really need it to complete all 5 in each act and THEN sit in town with the delay on....


Buff Stack Tracking

I am playing a Sunwuko monk and the 6-piece bonus relies on having the Sweeping Wind buff up.  Due to gear it stacks up to 9 but we lose stacks while attacking and gain stacks when out of melee range for 1 second.  It would be great if we could program the bott to move out of melee range if the...


Homing pads

Well was thinking about the homing pads on a LoN LTK Monk, would be kinda nice if the homing pads would work with the bot!


Gem upgrade count.

Adding this to the HUD would be a great QOL feature, at least just show how many times a gem has been upgraded in a session.