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Make us able to search for pickits

As the title suggests, being able to search for pickits and also sort them would be really great.
Being able to choose class would also be awesome.

Pretty much how we do it on the "Scripts" page


dervish weight or avoidance

please comman can you add dervish avoidance or add dervish weight to density settings so we can edit our script with an action to deal with them?

those dervishes ruin us demon hunters



Add when to pick health globes settings.

My Necro script has problems with Pick globes, for the build to work right you need to pick globes and to help with resource generation I run the Life from Death passive that has a 20% chance to spawn a globe on Devour.  When you hit Land of the Dead globes pop up everywhere and sometimes it...


Sound Alert based on XP earned.

It would be useful to implement a sound alert system on the ros-bot, so when the hero earns X or less than X exp within Y minutes, the sound alert to be triggered.

X (exp value) and Y (minutes) variables to be available for configuration by the ros-bot user.

This feature is...


Fix Wizard Archon TP and Wall detection

Probaly best choice atm to fix archon tp issue and wall detections since Wiz is going stuck pretty much at walls if you are in archon mode.
TP issue only seen on rift yet

Atleast this would help all Wizard players

Thank you


Rainbow gob path

Can you add the best way : 
upper of realm of cursed fate 

Just the begenning it's the best way for farm rainbow gob