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is there a way to delete my free key and create a new one?

my free key is used both in my VM and my pc ,then  my PC changed a cpu and  the key can not be used in VM,but PC still ok
so i wander if there is a way to delete my free key and create a new one so that my pc and VM can both use it


Add an "Item Type" field to Bot Logs page

I'd like to see an additional "item type" field added to the bot logs page, so that we can search for specific item types which have been salvaged and use that info for fine-tuning our pickits. The specific reason I ask is that I have a number of pickit filters for CoE rings and I'd like to see...


The Vault > Prevent using Ancient Puzzle Rings

Since next season will open Specia Vaults vor Ancient and Primal Puzzle Rings it would be nice to have an Option to NOT use the Ancients with the bot :)