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WD 2.3 by wsadzxcqe
Fast_Cru_SB by JohnRusher
Pickit_DHSC by thegunny
Barb 2.4 by Tyrael
PickItv2 Barb - Monk - Wiz by sinotek26
123 by jesung84
[楷] Endgame ~ Pickit 2.3.0 by hungkai
monk by marus1987
Izu Pickit by izu
Basic by gazekeepo
Zzzzz by Chirkinjsh
ks 4.28 /rev 2.0 by ksdding1978
Ryan's Pickits by Tarent
Barb by mttgbsn
Hoonie Pickit V2 2.2ver by Hoonie
putrid by jonnyputrid
Krider and stuff by allianc3
Darius' Pickit EXtreme by kodadahg9
[Wei] Endgame ~ Pickit (2.3) by wei