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【德发】圣教军付费K精简拾取 by elleluinous
【Ver0.319 Updated 04.27】[猎魔人] - 多重 -- 三刀 - 装备专用拾取规则 by ewj1102
保留:远古+旅者套+全能+对剑+对戒+克戒+法师冰奥戒指+国家队套装手+牛斧+鬼面+卡兰+黄道+神目+劝诫+天谴盾[TJ's Pickit] by wangxiaoye
[공유] 픽잇 2.5 by i bot to get ca...
【德发】圣教军免费K精简拾取 by elleluinous
多重,天谴 {快速悬赏拾取(小龙)}自用 by bkvkd
High End Game Pickit With All Ancients Including Primals by wkolditz
武僧法师稳定版(按词缀分类,套装保留远古,留随从装,分解垃圾太古) by iopjklnm
[Crusader] S5 Gearing (LoN, Invoker, Seeker, Roland & associate builds - NO zDPS) by Axtorage
[Rat's] Strict Multi Purpose Pickit by RatMan
【全职业】2019.2.25.全职业保存规则(小强版) by 401252181@qq.com
2.2 hungkai's End Game Pickit by hungkai
【风神】存远/太古+完美词缀首饰+帝国宝石+材料/分解白蓝黄传奇 by serenewind
2.6.0 All-in-one Necromancer Pickit! Sets & Legendaries (gems, cube items & craftingmaterials) by mLgz0rn
[免费K]保留所有太古远古、牛刀黄道神目机械对戒罗盘套流氓套全能打孔 by defendx
通用拾取规则 by yuyangfan
my ultimate by lunamanx
[2.4] Wizard best builds by alkpone by alkpone
2.4.1 Wizard Archon / Energy Twister / WoH Pickit by PiroxTester
[Season 16] End-game DH ONLY(MS, Impale, N6M4, T13 speed) + Stat specific filtering by nologicz