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2.122 released: End of Early Access period

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Mon, 01/09/2017 - 13:55 #1

New users please read carefully and DO NOT RUSH

  • I can’t find any information; I’m lost, I need help!!

  • How do I download?

  • It has a VIRUS!! Are you trying to hack me?

No, pal, we don't care enough about you to WANT to 'hack you'.  Check the Virustotal report RIGHT NEXT TO THE DOWNLOAD LINK. Please DISABLE your anti-virus during download and/or 'ADD EXCEPTION' to the extracted folder of your choice!

  • The BOT got deleted, WHY?

Read above, again.

  • Where do I extract the bot .zip file to?

Anywhere your heart pleases, I'd suggest root of the C: partition (ie. C:/my-bot/), but DEFINITELY NOT in the DIABLO3 FOLDER!! 

  • Is the BOT free?

YES, read more in next link:
Bot will remain free-to-use except for a one-month period after each major patch. There is a Premium option that grants (among others features) access to the bot within this paid-period.

How to get premium:


Premium Licenses

Premium licenses (460 coins/month/license) are needed to run the bot while in early access mode. They include the following extra features and are valid for 30 days.


  • Can I use an OLD version, or can I use old version for free?

NO, old versions are NOT COMPATIBLE with new versions/patches of D3.

  • Can I get banned? Is using the BOT bannable?

YES, YES you can and probably will be BANNED eventually.

  • I have a problem; how do I make the BOT ____?

  • BOT won't run!!

  • How do I get the BOT to work?

  • How do I ge the BOT to pick stuff?

  • What’s a good starter pickit (1-70)?

  • What’s a good advanced pickit (PREMIUM ONLY)?

[angewei] All Class Ultimate EndGame Pickit with Properties Filt...


[angewei] All Class Ultimate Seasonal StartGame Pickit Patch 2.4...

All Class Pick It

Ancients Patch 2.4.2

Monk Pickit 2.4.2

  • BOT is selling everything, WTF??

Your stash is full, empty it once in awhile. OR you have an ERROR in your pickit!  You MUST use 'KEEP' before any SELL/SALVAGE steps in pickit order!!

  • How do I setup a VM?

Ultra low settings for d3. • /r/Diablo

Here are some ultra low settings for diablo 3. Works great on laptops/ older gpus. It goes into your Documents > Diablo III > D3prefs. Make sure...


  • the BOT runs but I can't find my characters!!

When you (manually) login to the game after the BOT starts D3, make sure you select the right region! This is not set by the BOT or a BOT issue!

  • BOT got stuck at _______, doing _______, fix it, dammit!!

We will but we need you to do some checking for us first, by submitting a bug report here:

  •  Where can I find a good script/pickit?

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Mon, 01/09/2017 - 14:02

A good guide, that can be seen as an alternative to the official Getting Started

NO support by private message.

Support must go through forums
Support - Beta

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Wed, 02/08/2017 - 14:54

when i have closed the game once then i cant get it up again :S normaly the game open when i start up the bot but not now :S

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Sun, 04/02/2017 - 11:18

need to add for lost "seasonal achievments" that solution

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Mon, 04/03/2017 - 05:59

i pay 1h ago 5euro and i dont have this on my account :(