How To: PickIt V2

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How to: Create my first PickIt
Go to My Account
Click Edit
Click PickIts
Click the green button 'Add New PickIt'
VIDEO- Making first PickIt

How to: Set basic parameters for my new PickIt
Once you have created your PickIt, you need to Name it.
Decide if you want to share your PickIt with the world(community), I would recommend not sharing your first PickIt, it may not be the most optimal one you ever make. :)
Scroll down and choose options. These options are basic parameters for the bot to follow when running around. Read Everything!
VIDEO- Setting Basic Parameters

How to: Edit my PickIt after I save it
Once you have saved the basic parameters of your new PickIt, you will be on the 'View' tab, just click the Edit button next to it, to go back to creating your new PickIt.
VIDEO- Edit my PickIt

How to: Make a filter for Legendaries I want to keep
This filter needs to be the first one you make. Filters are prioritized based on the order in which you weight them. An item needs to pass through one filter to be touched by another. 
What this means: If you set an item to be salvaged in your first filter, it won't be available to keep on a later filter.
VIDEO - Keeping every Legendary
VIDEO - Keeping Specific Legendaries

How to: Make a filter for Ancients I want to keep
This filter can be first or second.
VIDEO - Keeping every Ancient

How to: Salvage Common, Magic and Rare items(crafting materials)
This filter needs to be after your Legendary filters.
VIDEO - Salvaging Common, Magic and Rare items

How to: Keep crafting materials and Gifts and Gems
You need to have another filter to keep the crafting materials once you have salvaged them.
This filter will also Identify and KEEP your Ramaladni's Gifts. It is improtant to identify them for stacking.
VIDEO - Keeping Mats and Gifts

How to: Salvage all my leftover Legendaries and Keep them
This filter should be last
VIDEO - Salvaging all leftover Legendaries

And that's it! Every basic PickIt should have 5 (0-4) filters, otherwise, you are going to either sell some items, or not pickup some items, or other non-efficient things. PickIt V2 isn't quite as simple as our first one, but once you learn it, you'll find it has many great qualities.

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Beforehand, Ithought, another crappy video, but damn Mario music got me hooked. Guide video great for those whom are a little behind on P.I.2

Good work.

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great guide

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when salvaing for materials, is it still bugged to salvage individually rather them salvage all?

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Thanks for this guide. My bot now do exactly what I want to pick up and salvage.

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Yes, but this is coding side, not anything we can change currently.

They are working it out to make the Vendor sequences more efficient.

Thanks for all the appreciation, I really do hope this helps make things easier for everyone :)

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Great , thanks ;)

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So when do we use "don't Pick up from the ground" option, never?

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Currently that option is to ensure you salvage leftover legendaries, used/shown in the last How To video

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Nicely done, but you need to add some more clarifications such as:
1. In general, the bot will collect everything if you didn't create a filter with "Do not pick off the ground" option checked.
2. The bot will sell everything that is not either in "Keep" or in "Salvage" filter so if, for example, you create a filter to "Salvage" the garbage legendaries (with "Item name" black list) you will need to create the following filter wich will "Keep" the remaining good legs since without creating the second filter the bot will simply sell the remaining good legs out.

I don't understand why do we have "Sell" destination filter if, from my experience, bot sells everything which is not filtered out anyway.
In addition it is not clear why do we have the "Do not pick off the ground" option available for every Destination.

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In addition it is not clear why do we have the "Do not pick off the ground" option available for every Destination.

If you have 100,000 Yellow Crafting Mats, surely you DO NOT WANT to pick any Yellow Armor off the ground.
Yet you still want to SALVAGE any Yellow Armor that it accidentally picks or gambled from kadala.
Therefore, "Do not pick off the ground = true" for yellow armors is needed. You cant do this in V1.

I don't understand why do we have "Sell" destination filter if, from my experience, bot sells everything which is not filtered out anyway

Anyone who INTENDS TO SELL anything that is left in the Backpack and RELIES on RosBot's default to sell is a FLAWED PICKIT LIST.

If you intend to Sell, then put a SellFilter even if RosBot will sell it for you anyways.
If you intend to Salvage, then put a Salvage Filter.
If you intend to Keep, then put a Keep Filter.
Do not be ambiguous.


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Pickt v2's Filter is executed TOP DOWN! This concept seems to elude many botters.

If you have a Filter that reads Salvage Legendary & Set, and the next Filter reads "Keep Furnace", RosBot will Salvage that Furnace. If you reverse the order then it will Keep and not salvage it.

Order is Important. It is a precise Instruction you gave Rosbot.

If an Item for process does not match a Filter, RosBot will proceed to the next filter for matching. If every Filter fails to match, then that Item will be SOLD (current default action for unmatch items).

It is therefore IMPERATIVE that you create your PickIt to be able to Match All possible Conditions. If you see it selling unintentionally, then your Pickit has a LoopHole!


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Remember guys, this is a very BASIC model and how-to of V2 PickIt creation.

You can always expand on the basic options once you understand them, but if you never get the basics down, you'll never get much further down the rabbit hole.

For example:
BK's PickIt has 861 filters. MrNiceGuy's PickIt has 5.
BK and MrNiceGuy both have the same problem with their PickIts. They keep selling Ancient Furnaces and keep normal ones. Now this is a big problem, since they both want the same girl and that girl only wants a man with a really nice Ancient Furnace. MrNiceGuy is pulling the rest of his hair out trying to find the filter that is forcing the bot to sell his Ancient Furnaces, because this girl is really hot. Here's a picture, you know you want her.

While our hero, BK, who took some time to learn how the PickIt worked, found where his problem was right away, despite having 861 filters.

Now I know that was a really upsetting story, with MrNiceGuy not getting the girl, but no matter how cool you are with your leather kilt and Spartan mantle, if you don't know the basics, those type of girls will always be out of your reach.

Good luck, boys. Good luck.

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I have a question, if i put a base filter that keep any set legendary.
Then put a other specific set item that i whant to keep only for Ancient version.

(I try to inverse those 2 in priority to see if one set up gonna salvage the specific normal set that i whant to keep onyly in ancient)
Can anyone help me with this setup?

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If I want to pickup all rare and salvage all but 1-hand mighty weapons. How do I make that?

First filter: Salvage -> Rare -> do not pick of ground 0
second filter: Keep -> Rare -> do not pick of ground 1

I thought this would work but IT didn't. It salvaged everything and stashed the material.

any thoughts?

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Thx for the guide ive just finished watching all the vids also nice music lol

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Hi, thanks for the awesome guide !

Do we need to relaunch ros-bot when we modofy our pickpit list, we use in real time?


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those are all about what ros bot can do
 can you make it simple step by step?
make a video plz!

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fou: YES, you MUST relaunch

6:  just use one of the poular pickits if you can't figure if you cannot figure it out.  

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Why cant i simply filter by item type to keep?

For example: I want to keep all kinds of legendary belts, rings, amulettes, and the rest is to be salvaged. According to the video i have to select specific items manually...

and where exactly must i put a filter to keep specific rare item, as our member "ScarFace" already asced in a post above?

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replying as a reminder to read this later

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is there a way to NOT pick up anything but riftkeys ?