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Joined: 04/30/2019 - 06:17
Sat, 05/11/2019 - 13:22 #1

What is your planning to bot in season 17? (:
Im thinking between wizard and necro also did think WD too.
What are your toughts on season 17 builds?
Pros / Cons ?

Wizard was thinking to go wand of woh "flash fire" build but I dont know if there is enough toughness.
Necro LoN mage build but I dont know I did try it this season and I died after 200 games. (pets didnt save :( )
WD well this seems intresting cause of amount of pets :)

Monk (pet build) / Crusader probably best for botting cause u can make nearly unkillable these 2.
I have had most succees with DH N6M4 0 deaths but I wanna play something else this season than DH.