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Based on:https://www.ros-bot.com/custom-script/241-bulbireusesting-444345


5/30 UPDATE!   Hi all!  If you've been following the script thread then you've probably seen a few us talking about a new build we've been testing with the script... This is another GR XP speed farming build that uses Tal's 6-piece and Vyr's 4-pc along with the mighty In-Geom.  We're still in the early testing phases so don't ask which build is best for XP cause we don't know yet! :p  But if you want to help us find out which is "best" the D3planner link below has been updated with the new build so check it out!

Change Log:

  • 6/4: moar teleport adjustments... Had a good day of testing today that's furthered my understanding of how ROS-BOT handles move actions.  The end result was a small change to the teleport move 40-70 actions... They are now teleport move 40+ with max range of 250 yards.  I know this sounds weird, but there's a reason for it that's a little too long to explain in the change log.  End result is, you should see the bot using teleport more often increasing your average clear times and even a slight increase in xp/hr.  Enjoy! :)
  • 6/1: added new "Experimental Beta Stuffs" section... see below for details.
  • 6/1: added Storm Armor to script buff actions
  • 5/30: D3planner link updated, removed In-Geom #1, renamed original 2 builds (FB6 and FB6/Vyr2), added new build: Tals6/Vyr4, minor tweaks to original build configs
  • 5/30: More teleport adjustments, increased minimum distance on teleport move and approach actions, shortened max range on A_Teleport: Evade to keep wiz closer to RG when avoidances kick in. 6/3: this change has been reverted as it was actually causing more harm than good (increased deaths vs. RGs)
  • 5/25: Teleport fixes, attack and scan distance adjustments
  • 5/25: added Energy Armor to script buff actions
  • 5/19: added In-Geom speed build variant to D3planner link
  • 5/18: added Familiar to script buff actions
  • Greatly improved trash skipping: bot should no longer stop and attack trash mobs while in archon, it can still get body blocked by mobs but will continue to try to break free and/or teleport.  If archon wears off, bot will attack with arcane torrent (even if no elites are around) to cooldown archon before it starts moving again.
  • Greatly improved finishing off elite packs: bot should stick with elite packs fighting them until they're dead much better now... I can't promise it won't ever skip a pack again... But it should happen a lot less frequently now!

I hope you all enjoy the latest updates and as always feel free to report back with your sexy XP/hour screenshots, bug reports and feedback.  Happy hunting.


Screenshot from a GR 77 run with FB6/Vyr2 by stu123 (plvl 3k+):


Builds/Gear: http://www.d3planner.com/920438077

Note: all 3 builds are in the planner link (FB6, FB6/Vyr2 and Tals6/Vyr4) look in the lower left-hand corner


Additional Build Options:

In-Geom instead of OoiD for FB6: great for GR ~75 speed runs! Swap out Explosive Blast with Frost Nova - Bone Chill (or Deep Freeze).

Furnace instead of OoiD for FB6: if you choose this option, swap out Explosive Blast with Frost Nova - Bone Chill (or Deep Freeze) for added damage or Blizzard - Snowbound for faster Archon cooldown.

Blur instead of Illusionist for any of the builds: the main reason I suggest illusionist over blur is because every time it resets your teleport cooldown, that's one less skill getting in the way of zodiac cooling down archon.  Blur is still a solid passive option though.

Bane of the Powerful instead of Esoteric for FB6 or FB6/Vyr2: If you're doing low level speed GR's and have great gear with high toughness, try this swap for ever moar DPS powah!



Link to Replicate for Premium Account Profiles: https://www.ros-bot.com/firebirds-archon-greater-rifts-424114
Note: Avoidance settings for GR's only.  Turn off avoidances for TX.

BigGuysDetectionDistance = 10
BigGuysDetectionLifeLimit = 80
EliteDetectionDistance = 10
EliteDetectionLifeLimit = 70
MonsterDetectionDistance = 5
MonsterDetectionLifeLimit = 65
ArcaneDectectionDistance = 25
ArcaneDetectionLifeLimit = 85
CreepMobArmDectectionDistance = 12
CreepMobArmDetectionLifeLimit = 85
PlagueDectectionDistance = 15
PlagueDetectionLifeLimit = 85
FrozenPulseDetectionDistance = 10
FrozenPulseDetectionLifeLimit = 85
MoltenExplosionDistanceAvoid = 22
MoltenExplosionDetectionLifeLimit = 100
MorluMeteorDistanceAvoid = 20
MorluMeteorDetectionLifeLimit = 85
MortarDistanceAvoid = 10
MortarDetectionLifeLimit = 85
OrbiterDetectionDistance = 7
OrbiterDetectionLifeLimit = 85
ThunderstormDetectionDistance = 15
ThunderstormDetectionLifeLimit = 85
FrozenDetectionDistance = 22
FrozenDetectionLifeLimit = 100
DesecratorDetectionDistance = 7
DesecratorDetectionLifeLimit = 85
MagdhaFireFliesDistance = 10
MagdhaFireFliesDetectionLifeLimit = 80
GhomGasCloudDetectionDistance = 15
GhomGasCloudDetectionLifeLimit = 90
DiabloRingFireDetectionDistance = 10
DiabloRingFireDetectionLifeLimit = 80
DiabloBonePrisonDetectionDistance = 10
DiabloBonePrisonDetectionLifeLimit = 100
DiabloExpandingFireDetectionDistance = 10
DiabloExpandingFireDetectionLifeLimit = 90
ZoltunKulleTwisterDetectionDistance = 10
ZoltunKulleTwisterDetectionLifeLimit = 85
ZoltunKulleBubbleDetectionDistance = 15
ZoltunKulleBubbleDetectionLifeLimit = 85
ZoltunKulleFallingRocksDetectionDistance = 22
ZoltunKulleFallingRocksDetectionLifeLimit = 100
EmberMeteorsDetectionDistance = 22
EmberMeteorsDetectionLifeLimit = 100
RG10YCirclesDetectionDistance = 13
RG10YCirclesDetectionLifeLimit = 90
RG20YCirclesDetectionDistance = 23
RG20YCirclesDetectionLifeLimit = 90
CorpulentsLifeLimit = 100
CorpulentsDetectionDistance = 15
Algorithm = StayInFight
SafeZoneMaxSearchRadius = 50
AvoidanceMovetimeout = 750
DeactivateUnderConduit = False
DeactivateUnderShield = True
SafeZoneSearchRadiusDelta = 5



Link to Replicate for Premium Account Profiles: https://www.ros-bot.com/fast-mode-settings/firebirds-archon-greater-rifts-424121

Fast mode tolerance = 1
Minimum duration = 2000
Life limit = 0
Scan range = 50
Density limit = 40
Elite weight = 40
Minion weight = 15
Warden weight = 40
Goblin weight = 40
Normal monster weight = 2



Experimental Beta Stuffs!  

I've been working on a new build configuration with the goal of maximizing XP by lighting up elite packs without killing them allowing the bot to move on and melt trash mobs with the 50 stack Firebird's buff.  It still uses In-Geom because often times there are enough trash mobs nearby that the bot won't move on until the the elites are dead and there are also times when the bot leaves but the elites still die off screen from the Firebird's DoT.  For times when we don't get the In-Geom buff, the build uses Aether Walker in the cube with calamity to help cooldown archon faster.  In my testing, I found Furnace was causing the bot to kill elites so fast it wasn't able to take advantage of the 50 stack buff very often so Aether Walker seemed like the next logical choice.  If you're interested in helping me test out this setup, here is the build and settings I've been using:

Build/Gear: http://www.d3planner.com/685040710
Avoidance: https://www.ros-bot.com/beta-firebirds-archon-gr-speeds-426918
FastMode rev1 (looks for 18+ trash mobs): https://www.ros-bot.com/fast-mode-settings/beta-firebirds-archon-greater-rifts-431548 
FastMode rev2 (looks for 12+ trash mobs): https://www.ros-bot.com/fast-mode-settings/beta2-firebirds-archon-greater-rifts-432369
FastMode rev3 (looks for 15+ trash mobs): https://www.ros-bot.com/fast-mode-settings/beta3-firebirds-archon-greater-rifts-432880

6/4 Update: made a small change to FastMode rev3... Tuned the search radius down to 45 from 48 which is what I've been running the last couple of days with pretty good success and reasonable number of failed games.  I'm still on the fence about APD's vs. Nems as far as BiS bracers. Also updated the d3planner to arcane torrent flame ward instead of static discharge which is what it should have been all along... My bad.  :-/

Screenshot from my last test run, p24XX, GR73's, running rifts for pools:

Note: this was using FastMode rev1 with APD's.


Easy - Vyr's Archon 1.0
Imoiran - Vyr's Archon 2.0
dodongo - Testing
demonhunter1980 - Testing
hfitzhugh - Testing
Buzzoid - Assistance with Teleport Optimization
Music - Assistance with Teleport, Attack and Scan Distances

General settings
Global Monster Distance Scan: 
Minimum life percent: 
Avoid monsters (Deprecated field): 
Avoid affixes (Deprecated field): 
Keep exploring: 
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Do you plan on making some kind of dedication to the manald heal build?

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  • Greatly improved finishing off elite packs: bot should stick with elite packs fighting them until they're dead much better now... I can't promise it won't ever skip a pack again... But it should happen a lot less frequently now!

I skips nearly every elite.

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I can only guess its because I don't have all the gear yet, so its trying to use Archon abilities etc i dont have ATM, but as i stand, when I try to use this, it does the job, but there's also a whole lot of standing around doing nothing especially while in Archon.